Sunday, June 9, 2013

*spins around in chair*

Alright, as some of you may recall, I write fanfic as a hobby.

For those who don't know what fanfic is, that's probably for the best, but the short story is that there are people out there who write stories for other peoples' characters. There's no money involved, just the practice of writing and the joy we get from the readers' responses.

Anyway. I've gotten slack lately, and I've decided that since my Beta is on vacation for a couple of weeks that I'm going to have some pieces ready for her when she gets back.

It's going to break down like this:

My ongoing, oh, my god, why did you turn out so long, you were only meant to be 10k words, why are you breaking 30k and not even remotely done, I blame my Beta SO MUCH, why???? fic, aka: The Art of Breaking. It's ongoing, and I try to break the chapters into 5k words. I want to have another chapter of that ready for her, so the goal is 5k. The current count is.... 500 words: 500/5,000

The you damn well better be much shorter, I'm not telling the Beta about you, no, no, not until you're done because she's actually my evil twin and will make it all worse fic, aka: The Only Thing You Save. I don't really have a mental word count for this one, but let's call it 10k just to give us a goal. The current count is: 727/10,000

And the holy crap no, no, I'm not writing a Star Trek fic, go away ideas, please...but lookit that cute little plot bunny...fic. But that one's unstarted and we'll call that a bonus round.

The goal is to write at least 500 words a night on both of the stories, with maybe some ST:ITD fic if the mood strikes.

Expect whining about how Writing Is Hard for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully mixed in amongst Posts of Actual Content.
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