Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The *best* holiday of the year is here! Most of my day has been pretty ordinary, but I'm going to go get dressed for my friends party.

I'll be hanging out there most of the night, having fun, watching horror movies - some good, some bad.

I'm going as Temari from Naruto:

The right hand outfit, not the left. It's sort of a recycle from a couple of old costumes, though I did have to make the headband and the giant fan. No, the giant fan is not an actual giant fan. I'm not *that* dedicated to the costume. Maybe if I was cosplaying her, but not right now. My only issue is her hair. I can't get my hair quite that pointy! There's not enough hair gel in the world, apparently. :)

But anyway. Party, handing out candy to the Trick or Treat-ers, then home because I have to go back to work tomorrow. Though I don't know how much sleep I'm actually going to get. I assume that I'll still be up at midnight because I never miss Halloween's midnight! And then I can start on my NaNoWriMo. :) So much fun!

It's MINE!

Prompter's reply to my request:

'OMG IF YOU WRITE THAT I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER. FOREVER! *cough* Hi, nice to meet you, no I wouldn't mind at all'

*insert mad scientist laughter* Okay! We're good to go!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

My NCIS Pretties

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally a Gibbs/Tony girl. But Abby is something else. She and Tony are just so cute together!

Oh, hey, to round out the hotness...

Mmmm...Gibbs and Tony. *eyes go glassy* If you'll excuse me, I'll be over here.

Why yes I am watching NCIS dvds. Why do you ask?

Under the Heading of Breaking News

I am a control freak. I didn't think I was, but I am. Pardon me while I go ponder the implications of this new and fascinating fact.

NaNoWriMo Begins Soon!

So, I'm going the fanfic route again this year. But instead of doing Anita Blake fic, like I usually do, or comics fic, I want to do Dresden Files fic.

Remember that awesome prompt where Marcone takes over the supernatural world? I want to write that. Since it's not *actually* like a prompty prompt, sent out on a community or anything but something posted on a personal lj under the heading of 'fics that need to be written by someone who is not me' I just posted asking the author if they mind if I try to write it. Hopefully they won't mind and I can try my hand at it. If not I've got a couple of other ideas. But not in Dresden-verse since this one has sort of taken over my Harry/Marcone muse.

*kicks feet idly*

A Little Bit On Icons

'We do not make obeisance to the nature of wood, but we revere and do obeisance to Him who was crucified on the Cross...When the two beams of the Cross are joined together I adore the figure because of Christ who was crucified on the Cross, but if the beams are separated, I throw them away and burn them.' - Leontius of Neapolis

'Of old God the incorporeal and uncircumscribed was not depicted at all. But now that God has appeared in the flesh and lived among humans, I make an image of the God who can be seen. I do not worship matter but I worship the Creator of matter, who for my sake became material and deigned to dwell in matter, who through matter effected my salvation. I will not cease from worshipping the matter through which my salvation has been effected.' - St. John of Damascus

Iconoclasts, by rejecting all representations of God fail to take full account of the Incarnation. They seem to regard matter as a defilement - they want a religion free from contact with the material world. They lose the sense and understanding that it's not just our soul that must be saved and transfigured but our bodies as well. God, as Incarnated in Christ Jesus, deified the flesh. He redeemed matter. The world, material, is not evil in and of itself.

Smallville S10E06 - Harvest

This whole Vigilante Registrations Act thing? Is such a rip off of the Marvel storyline. Moving on.

I like the run down of all the weird things and how Clark's all...'Kryptonian.' over and over again.

I can't figure out what Lois is saying when she's whining about Clark getting them assigned to the cherry festival. It sort of sounds like 'chop-block' but that doesn't make any sense...

Of course there's no reception. This is supposed to be a kind of creepy horror ep I assume. Being so close to Halloween and all.

Lois, honey, have you ever seen Children of the Corn? Yeah.

*snicker* I do like Clark and Lois as a couple. Mostly because Lois is so sarcastic and snarky and Clark's just plain whipped.

And oh, hey, look, Lois had horse and buggy girl have disappeared.

You know, they pulled over almost right next to the horse and buggy. There's a sign propped against the buggy so it's not like she just drove up. Clark should have seen it and not done super-changing the tire tricks. Moving on from the blatant issue...

Hey look, commercial for Supernatural! I need to go watch the beat down again when I'm done with Smallville.

Clark! If there was no service before, there's still going to be no service!

Oooh...magic must be afoot. Clark's cut and bleeding.

And the deputy is suspicious acting. It's like every horror movie ever.

And how did you miss the primitive stop stick, super sight?

*throws hands in the air* From 'you're a suspect' one second to, 'ooohhh...buggy tracks! you must be right!' the next. I think people in tv land are just dumb...

And another thing! Why'd Clark superspeed right back up to the car? The girl could have still been there and how're you going to explain that?

And why, if Lois left willingly, did she leave the car door ajar?

Hey! 'Ruth' is Mrs. Evil God from 'A Very Supernatural Christmas'!

Did Tess buy friends for Alexander?

Alexander is creepy. Really he is.

And Tess, I think you're too late.

Blue kryptonite. I guess it's not magic. Whatever.

And, hey, look, of course the deputy's in on it! One of us! One of us!

Look, Lex is gonna escape. Color me shocked.

Didn't they already say at the beginning that the clones have Lex's memories? So why is she surprised that Alexander knows the S symbol of the House of El? I mean sure, maybe it's all jumbled up, but it's all in there.

Dear Tess: You're kind of an idiot. I know you mean well, but he's actually a tiny, evil genius. You should act accordingly.

Oh, look, human sacrifice! Again, shock. Really.

See, lines like that are *always* creepier when delivered by cute little kids. It's why they do it!

Who leaves people unbound in houses where they might be able to escape? Stupid villains, that's who.

Is this the ep where Lois proves she's tough? Cause we kind of all already knew that.

Hi Clark! You are a muscley hunk of man, aren't you? But I actually think Padalecki is more ripped.

See? Lex's memories. But all twisty.

Also, creepy kid! I keep telling you! Kids are *creepy*!

Hey! Tess just slapped the evil kid! For a second there I like you better. And then you got on your knees beginning the little psycho. Never a good plan.

S'up with the scarecrow masks?


Though, you know, Clark's hair looks kind of awesome as he's laying on his side bleeding to death.

How'd they manage to set the meteor on fire? *That's* a neat trick.

'Our lord has shown us the light'

He Who Walks Behind the Rows!

So has that meteor been burning for 20 years? Why?

Lois, you can't reason with fanatics.

'Faith has nothing to do with blindly following this misguided messiah. I believe in knowing right from wrong.'

Huh? What just happened? With the blue and then flowing yellow? *is confused* Clearly Clark has his powers back. Maybe...immunity?

Hi Clark with a shotgun!

So...not all his powers? He healed, and the blue kryptonite fire didn't kill him... But he's not all super...

*giggle* I really do love Lois!

Hey, it's messiah Clark! Cause Superman wasn't enough of a messianic figure before. Everybody remember the falling from the end of last season? Yeah.

Oh, hey, super speed. So his power *are* all back. It just didn't look like he was superspeedy when he ran to save Lois. Plus, if he had been, they would have avoided the fire all together. So the powers came back on line slowly I guess.

Except now Alexander is Lex. And we don't want him cured.

Oooh! Hey, I know who the doc is now! Lexia Doig! She's Michael Shanks' wife. I knew I recognised her from somewhere.

That reminds me. I think Katee Sackoff was on CSI this week. *totters off to check* Yep! I liked her detective. I hope they can bring her back.

Oh, hey, look, Lois and Clark are having sex. Anyone ever read that whole Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex 'article' by Larry Niven? I can never unthink those thoughts.

Is it...not quite. But at the rate he's aging, they *could* bring back Michael Rosenbaum. Please? Please please please? With sugar on top?

And now to rewatch the beat down! Ta!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Supernatural S06E06 - You Can't Handle the Truth

In which we get answers. Come hell or high water!

Oh! Before we start, I just heard that there'll be a Supernatural anime! 22 eps of bishie Dean and Sam! Bishie Cas maybe?

Okay, gah. That smirk on not-Sam's face when Dean's being vamped? Still creepy and wiggy.

And on that note I will never eat in a restaurant again.

Wow. That little kid is a serial killer. The hell.

Yay blood splatter! I'm sick. I know.

'Screw him.' Oh, Dean. We all know you have.

Bull shit. You drove her to suicide. I mean, it wasn't your fault, I think, cause there's mojo going on. But still. You cannot lie to not-Sam.

Dude. not-Sam's got bitch-smug face going on. Stop it not-Sam.

OMG. Dentist guy! You're- that's actually *wrong*. Not the dentist killing the guy for molesting his daughter, obviously. But the molesting. I'd totally kill him too.

Dean needs hugs!

Look, when Dean volunteers to do the research? Things are wrong.

Dear Dean: If you don't at least leave the page you're on before you put the computer on standby then when it's opened again that page will show up. And not-Sam will know. Kay?

Gabriel's Horn! Okay, not really. But you know. It's there somewhere. Which means...Balthazar? Threesome!

This scene! 'You dick!' *loves* Pour your honey a drink. He's going to need it. Then jump him! Emotional scenes go better with sex! Hey, Cas needs hugs too! If Cas and Dean hug, then they both get the hugs they need!

'What're you talking about, you were gone for like two seconds. Where'd you look?'

'Everywhere.' *grin*

So if it's not Gabriel's Horn, what is it? 

I swear after listening three times that the dentists name is Dr. Giggles. I swear that's what not-Sam says.

And Dean's in a bar. Really Dean? Not actually helpful. I find the tv lady suspicious.

Ack! Dean said a truth-based sentence! Doom! Doom! Danger Dean Winchester!

LOL! Oh Dean.

Oh god, Bobby likes Tori Spelling! And the pedicure story! I had to rewind because while Bobby was taking off his boot I thought he said 'this nice Vietnamese boy' And Dean's his favorite! Hee!

Oooh...could a ghost be doing it? The 'patient zero'?

Ack! Lisa! Dean don't go there!

Umm....Lisa? Dear? I like you much less than I did a minute ago. Don't mess with the Sam/Dean relationship!

Grrr. You know, one friend and I were arguing whether or not Lisa had what it took. If she could develop into an 'Ellen' type woman. The answer is definitely NO. Lisa's too much of a...I can't think of any word that's not extremely derogatory here.

Bullshit not-Sam! I don't believe you! I think you might be immune to the mojo. We all saw that smirk! Lying liar who lies! LIAR!

Hey! Who wants to bet me the chick on the tv is the goddess? I WIN!

oohh..glowey eyes! Always a sign of evilness!

I like her car though...

Who lives in houses like that? All that glass front. I hate that.

Hi kitties!

The 'creep' is always downstairs. Always.


Is she pulling out his...yes. Yes she is. I wonder what the prop department used for that? And how many takes it took...

Of course it would take a goddess to make them tell the truth. *headdesk*

'he's being me.' Um...yes. But there's more to it. There has to be. Cause of the smirk!

See! He's immune! I knew it!

Tell us what the fuck is going on!



Seriously? Dean. Punch him. A lot.


preview: Cas is doing that soul touching thing. Wait, what? Sam's soul is gone? How's that even work? Is the black guy threatening Sam Raphael? I'm going to assume that he is. So...if Sam came back without a soul then I'm not feeling the whole Chuck brought him back thing. If Chuck brought him back I'd think he'd remember to put the soul in...


One of my favorite races from the Codex Alera series is the Canim. They're basically wolf-men.

Here's official art of one of them:

I'm actually not usually a 'were' fan. I mean they're okay (and I like them better than I used to) but I've always been a vampire girl. Of course the Canim aren't actually shapeshifters. They're just giant 8 foot plus wolves who can walk and talk, play ludus (which is like 3D chess from Star Trek as near as I can tell) and wear armour, build and sail ships, use weaponry, use magic and pretty much conquer anything that they can be bothered to try to. :D They're bad ass.

'"Range is important," Gradash said seriously. "The territory one claims and defends is important. We understand that. The leviathans understand it. So we respect their claim."

"It must make for some complex sailing routes."

Gradash shrugged. "Respect is elder to convenience."

"And besides," Tavi said drily, "if you didn't respect them, they'd eat you."

"Survival is also elder to convenience," Gradash agreed.'

And I just include that because I like this exchange. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

So Much Cute! - Behind the Scenes Vid from Weekend at Bobby's

Oh, god, they are all so adorable!

'I could use more love scenes.'

Fencing Around the Mysteries

"These councils fulfilled a double task. First, they clarified and articulated the visible organization of the Church, crystallizing the position of the five great sees or Patriarchates, as they came to be known. Secondly, and more important, the councils defined once and for all the Church's teaching upon the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith - the Trinity and the Incarnation. All Christians agree in regarding these things as 'mysteries' which lie beyond human understanding and language. The bishops, when they drew up definitions at the councils, did not imagine that they had explained the mystery; they merely sought to exclude certain false ways of speaking and thinking about it. To prevent people from deviating into error and heresy, they drew a fence around the mystery; that was all." - Bishop Kallistos Ware, The Orthodox Church

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I need to stop reading prompts...

'Marcone(/Dresden?) - John gets fed up of everything in the Supernatural world being so damned messy and melodramatic AND TAKES OVER. Every supernatural entity out there goes from disbelieving scorn to gibbering terror. Harry is like "I told you so", and doesn't know whether to be scared, furious or amused by the fact that Marcone overthrows the White Council in an underhand fashion. If Harry accidentally ends up as spoils-of-war in the process, that would be hilarious.'

I...kind of want to write this fic. It'd definitely be Marcone/Dresden if I did.

Cas is a BAMF

Someone made a Casifesto. Proving that he is not an emo angel, but rather a BAMF sneaky angel of awesome. I may love this person.

On the same level of love as the person who made the Inception gun manifesto.

'Unknown and yet well known' - 2 Corintians 6:9

'All Protestants are Crypto-Papists...To use the concise language of algebra, all the West knows but one datum a; whether it be preceded by the positive sign +, as with the Romanists, or with the negative -, as with the Protestants, the a remains the same. Now a passage to Orthodoxy seems indeed like an apostasy from the past, from its science, creed, and life. It is rushing into a new and unknown world.' - Alexis Khomiakov

I'm reading (again) the book The Orthodox Church by Bishop Kallistos Ware. This book is split into two parts, the first is history and the second is a short overview of Orthodox theology. The theology gets expanded in his other book, The Orthodox Way, which I have also read multiple times. :)

Anyway. I really like this first quote from the introduction. I think it really does express a certain level of truth about the difference between the West and the East. It's not even so much about Roman Catholic v. Orthodox, though that was the 'beginning' certainly. But since Protestantism grew out of Roman Catholicism they share certain patterns of thought. Certain focuses and concerns. There's a very Western, scientific drive to understand and quantify and know things in detailed and controllable ways that drives, in my opinion, much of Western theological thinking.

Now a Protestant and a Roman Catholic (or even varying flavours of Protestant) may ask the same question and get different answers. They do, obviously, most of the time. :) But because of the thinkers that they learn from. Because of their traditions of thought they do ask the same questions.

Orthodoxy though doesn't share the same thought patterns. The questions themselves are different. It's an almost entirely different way of looking at the world. The neat thing is (or at least I've found this to be true) that you can study Orthodox theology and keep going, 'Well, yeah! That's what I've thought/believed all along.' Even if sometimes you couldn't quite put it into words. Or you come across things that didn't quite click before and they're explained slightly differently, maybe with a different emphasis or a different understanding of the meaning behind it and it makes perfect sense.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I should be in bed, really. It's past my 'bedtime'. But guess what?


Not gone anywhere, mind. Just not going to work. Which is the best vacation, imho. No packing, no planning, no worrying about times and cars and whose got what and what's on the motel bedsheets and checking under the bed/in the box springs for a body (don't look at me like that, it really happened! I saw it on a true crime show once!). Just home, sweet home. And my dogs. And the kitten from hell (aka Penny) who refuses to integrate into the rest of the pride and so will continue to live in my sister's room until we get her declawed and fixed. I was originally worried about the dogs hurting her, but given the amount of blood I've lost trying to get her in and out of the room with the others I'm more concerned about her taking out one of the dog's eyes at this point. Devil kittie is insane!

So I'm just hanging out, going to the gym, reading bad porn LKH novels, and watching movies while playing with the pets.

Oh! I saw a black snake chase a frog today. It was pretty neat. The frog hopped for his froggy life and the snake was booking it trying to catch him. The frog got away though.

My nonfiction reads haven't been blog-y stuff recently. I read a collection of gnostic scriptures which were weird, and a book by Stephen King on writing (actually called On Writing) which was fascinating, and reminded me why I love the man and his work so much. Now I'm reading a book of ghost stories from the city two cities north of where I live. I actually work with the woman who wrote it. :)

I should probably turn off Naruto and go to bed now, but I won't. I want to finish Blue Moon, since I'm so close and then I can get out of the 'Richard' book. Blegh. Richard. I have always hated you. Ooohhh...Family Guy is on. And the Daily Show. Good timing, actually. The dvd just finished. So I'll switch to live tv and watch something. Aren't you all thrilled I have a blog to tell you such important things?

SPN Preview Clip - OMG SQUEE

CAS! The drink pouring! ALL OF IT! They are so freaking married!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Smallville S10E05 - Isis

Ooohhh. So Lois accidentally stole the necklace way back in Egypt. Then how'd no one notice until it got time to display it? Don't they have manifests?

Hey! It's Jo for Eureka! Hi crossover actor.

Helmet? Their insurance doesn't cover the grappling gun. Yes, practical considerations.

Green Arrow Girls?

The curator's name is Adrianna? Who wants to bet me her last name is Tomaz? Hi comics shout out!

Can we give Ollie a sidekick? Name him Roy Harper and call him Speedy? I think it'd be like giving him a puppy. Something to watch out for and take care of. Not that he did so well with Roy in the comics of course...

Why does Lois sometimes dress like a nut? I mean I get it in the context of the show, but who would wear that outfit? Why theme dress up to cover the event? Is it a costume museum exhibit? No. No it is not. So why? Not that she doesn't pull off the outfit, of course. But still.

Well, Lois really needs to clean out her purse more obviously.

On an unrelated note, I love Tim Gunn.

Of course Ollie speaks Egyptian.

Heh. Clark can always one up his own big news.

'she dumped you.'

'hey! we broke up!'

And the epic love of Clark and Lois is mentioned.

It's cute that Lois is trying to be domestic. Well as domestic as she gets anyway. She brought donuts.

And I still hate Cat.

Hey Lois! You do kind of look/sound like all you're wearing is the jacket and the boots.

Someone make Ms. Perky go away!

Geeze Lois, just pee on the whole area why don't you?

Wow. Apparently being possessed by Isis blows off a buttoned and tied coat *and* redoes your make-up. Who knew?

Confused Clark is cute.

See? If you could fly you could follow her, dufus.

Really Clark. You're an idiot apparently.

I have to agree with Ollie here. Tess cannot be trusted. At all.

So she's been searching for thousands of years and his heart that Set made sure she could *never find* just happens to be in Metropolis?

Oh, Cat. Such a moron.

I loved her cat eyes!

Dear Tess: Sending Alexander to a mental health facility will not end well. He's Lex and you do not need him resenting you later for this.

Tess will kill you to cover for Clark. She's that level of crazy.

It's cute when she laughs Cat out of the office.

Cat's so earnest and stupid all at once. How does she manage that?

Tess needling Ollie is also amusing. She finishes his sentences.

Again, why make the leap from priest of Osiris to actual Osiris? Meh. Comics logic taken to it's worst extreme here.

So who took Osiris' body and replaced it with dirt? Carter? Would he have known who it was? Or Seth?

And here's the lecture on love from a crazy goddess.

Nice speech. But here's the thing. You won't be bearing the cost for resurrecting Osiris. The rest of the world will.

And there's Clark being vulnerable to magic.

I am confused as to how this will bring back Osiris. If she doesn't have the body she can't reunite the heart with it. I could see if she was sacrificing Clark to reanimate the body once it was all together, but no body, no...oh. Hey, exposition explains it. So Osiris' body turned to dirt? Ummm...hello embalming anyone? The Egyptians were kind of awesome at it and have you seen the depictions of Osiris? He's a mummy. Anyway. *sticks fingers in ears* lalalaaaaaaaaaa

Oh! 'Teth-Adam' Hi Black Adam! And Kahndaq. You get to be dictator there for a while!

Hee! Why's there always an empty sarcophagus around when you need one?

When did someone put the heart back in the canopic jar?

Also, dear villains: please do not monologue. Just do your evil bit. Monologue allows the hero to get one over on you. See 'Evil Overlord List'.

Funnily enough I miss nothing about Chole. Move on and get with Dinah!

Tess as Watchtower. There's no way this ends well.

Huh. So Lex is staying with Tess. I see no way that this ends well either. He totally needs to be watched. Budding super villain here! But I admit that the face of evil is adorable at this stage.

OW! Cat stabbed Lois! Clark you should have let Lois punch her! *sigh* Cat's such an idiot. She had to spell out sex? Really? She does have a son. She somehow managed to have sex but be unable to say it?

*squee* The Clark tells Lois/Finds out Lois knew all along scene? A-freakin-dorable! Her little run and tackle? Yeah.

Though I do wanna know what they're shredding at the Planet that leaves big round gold confetti lying around.

Paranormal Activity 2

Well, we all survived. My movie buddy has a tendency to elbow me in scary movies when she jumps, or toss her popcorn so the survival thing is sometimes questionable. However she kept a good grip on her popcorn tub and managed to not hit me even once. All is well!

The movie actually starts two years before the first one. The sister of Katie from the first movie, Christie and her husband Dan bring home their newborn son Hunter. Dan's daughter from his first marriage, Ali, a German Shepherd named Abby and a nanny/housekeeper named Martine around out the household. Hunter is a squishy adorable baby! Of course Aunt Katie and Uncle Micah make appearances and the movie then skips ahead to when Hunter is about 2. This is still three months before the first movie happens.

Oh, as an aside I learned how to pronounce the name Micah from these movies. I always thought it was said 'My-kah' but it's 'Me-kah'.

So around this point the house gets trashed. Like, just decimated. But nothing is stolen. Lots of damage to everybody's stuff, furniture thrown around and over turned, piss in the basement. But Hunter's room is left untouched. So Dan has security cameras installed. One in Hunter's room, one in the kitchen, one in the living room, one facing the front door, one over the front door to cover the outside and one covering the pool.

Freaky stuff proceeds to happen. Sometimes it's subtle - lights going off and on when everyone's asleep. The mobile over Hunter's crib spinning slowly behind Christie's back. The pans over the island in the kitchen like to swing. That sort of stuff. Hunter and Abby are obviously seeing things that no one else is, and you hear steps all through the house and in the basement a lot. The pool vac keeps getting out of the pool in the middle of the night, which if you know about pool vacs you know they just don't do that.

One night everyone's out but Martine and Hunter and there's a huge slam like someone dropping a piano on the roof. Martine runs and grabs Hunter and proceeds to cleanse the house - smudging sage and praying. Of course that's when Dan and Christie get home and flip out about the sage being bad for Hunter. *rolls eyes* So the next day Dan fires Martine even as she's trying to explain to him that there's something bad in the house and she's trying to help.

Ali is pissed that Dan fired Martine. The activity gets worse, of course. The pans start falling off of their hooks which is kind of impossible with the hooks they have. They're very deep hooks and the pans quite clearly would need to be lifted up off the hook before they could be dropped. But Dan just decides that Christie put them on wrong.

Christie argues and tries to convince him that there's something else going on. She brings up the pool vac issue and how is it getting out every night? None of them are taking it out. So they go watch that handy video they've had running. Turns out the pool vac is, in fact, just deciding to climb out of the pool on its own every night and toddle on over to the door to the house. And I repeat: they just don't *do* that. Pool vacs are based on the pool pump and suction. Once you take them out of the water they stop running. Even if a pool vac could defy gravity and climb out of the water and run along the side of the pool and get over the lip and onto the deck once it's sucking air, it 'd stop moving. But whatever, Dan decides that he's got it 'set too high'.

Later on Dan and Christie go out to dinner, leaving Ali in charge of Hunter. She has her boyfriend come over and they play with a Ouija board. For the record? Always a bad idea. Ali thinks that the 'ghost' is her late mother and wants to talk to her. At first the boyfriend is messing around. Ali asks what the ghost wants and he uses the cursor to start spelling out 'p-u-s-s-' and then Ali catches on and thinks he's hysterical! But while she's laughing the cursor starts moving again and Ali still thinks he's doing it, but he swears this time it's not him. And it's spelling out 'h-u-n-t-'

Later that night Ali wakes up on the couch and heads up to bed only to find the front door open. So she closes and locks it and starts back up the stairs. And someone knocks on the door. So she looks out through the windows over the door and sees nothing. Then she goes to look through the peephole and sees nothing. And like every idiot in every horror movie ever she then opens the door. Of course there's no one out there and she steps outside thinking it's her boyfriend messing with her and the door slams shut and then locks and deadbolts itself behind her. Leaving the baby all alone in the house. There's this one scene where the baby is actually getting pulled out of the crib that is pretty awesome because it just looks so absolutely wrong and freaky.

When the parents get home they're pissed at Ali and Dan refuses to believe that there's anything going on even when Ali shows him the security footage of the door slamming shut and locking behind her. He insists it's the wind.

Ali decides that it's definitely not her mother and turns to the all knowing internet for answers. She figures out that it's a demon and stumbles across some information that says that some people make deals with demons and the price is the soul of their first born male. (Which, okay, I get that it's fiction but you can't sell someone else's soul. If you could then that's what people would be doing. But you can't because you don't have rights to it. You only have rights to yours. You can't bargain with things that you don't have. But moving on...) Ali figures out that since Katie and Christie's great-grandmother Hunter is the first male child to have been born. So she thinks that that's what the demon is after. Trying to claim it's payment.

Things get worse and Katie advises her sister to ignore it and not talk about it because paying attention to it made it stronger when they were kids. So that's what Christie tries to do even when she's sitting in the kitchen making a pot of tea and every door in the kitchen flies open. I actually like that part because she runs away which everyone would do but then has to come back when the tea kettle whistles. A little bit of reality. Because unless the ghost is going to take it off the heat you do still have to deal with that. :)

That night everyone is asleep in bed when the basement door opens up. Abby the dog runs down and starts fighting with something you can't see, and then gets yanked and starts whimpering and crying. We don't see it but it sounded like she got thrown into a wall or something. (Not for real, obviously. I hate seeing animals get hurt even though I know they're not really hurting them in the movies.) Ali and Dan run downstairs and find Abby having some sort of seizure on the floor and rush her to the emergency vet, leaving Christie home with Hunter. Hours pass and Christie has just spoken to Dan, learning that Abby is going to make it and goes to check on Hunter before getting back to sleep. She's just about to leave the room, hears something, turns, and gets yanked off her feet and pulled down the hall, and down the stairs. She grabs the banister and is screaming to be let go. It does and she runs back upstairs. She gets to Hunter's door way and is yanked off her feet again, down the stairs, through the living room and down into the basement.

Another hour or so passes and she comes back out in a very familiar sleepwalker/zombie attitude. The next day Dan goes to work leaving Ali in charge of Hunter and a 'sick' Christie. (Again, a question: Does Ali never go to school?) Christie is, of course, acting freaky and keeping everyone away from Hunter. As the only intelligent person in the house Ali goes and watches the night before's security tapes and sees Christie get dragged all over hell and back.

She calls Dan, hysterical, begging him to come home. Once he's there she shows him the tape. *Finally* convinced that something is wrong he calls Martine. She shows up and fills them in. Apparently she tells them that they can transfer the demon to another blood relative of Christies. Ali hates this (like I said. Only smart person in the house.) but Dan overrules her and goes through with the ritual to transfer the demon to Katie. This does not go smoothly, but it does eventually get done and Christie has no memory of the possession.

Jump forward a bit and now Katie is having some 'trouble' over at her house.

You get a title card informing you that Micah Sloan was murdered on October 6, 2006. And then we're on October 9, 2006. And guess who's in the house?

A bloody Katie of course! She snaps Dan's neck and then goes upstairs to where Christie is putting Hunter down to bed and throws her into a wall. Then she takes off with Hunter. Happily Ali and (one assumes since there was no barking and the dog was never shown and I choose to believe that she was with Ali and therefore safe) Abby were not home that night and Ali is the one who finds the bodies later. Katie and Hunter are 'still missing'.

End movie!

I Need to Find a Way to Work This Quote Into a Conversation

'This plan is insane. You are insane. I'll need some pants.'

Why do I not have conversations where this would seem natural? Clearly my life is not awesome enough.

For the record the quote is from Captain's Fury by Jim Butcher. All hail the Butcher!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Making Spaghetti Amber Style

We start with the basic sauce. It's two cans of diced tomatoes and a can of Prego spaghetti sauce. I know that somewhere there's someones Italian grandma rolling in her grave, but I'm German and my ancestry doesn't care that I use premade sauce. :) The Prego has mushrooms in it, and I'd love to add more but Dad doesn't like 'fungus' so I suffer without huge chunks of yummy mushrooms in my sauce.
Sauce out of a can is boring. So we need one each of red, yellow and green peppers. An onion and a clove bulb of garlic.
You have to clean the seeds out of the peppers. The easiest way is to cut the plug out, kind of like carving the lid of a pumpkin to make a jack o'lantern. Then you can cut the pepper in half and clean out the seeds.
This is everything that goes into the sauce. Half of each of the cleaned peppers, half the onion and one of the little bit thingies off the garlic. Lobe? I don't know what it's called. The whole thing is a clove, but I don't know what that piece it breaks into is called. a clove of garlic. The whole thing is called the bulb and the little bit is the clove. Thanks sanil!
I'm just using the first pepper as an example. We have this nifty chopper thingy which makes dicing really fast and easy. Everything gets chopped into fine pieces.
Everything all chopped up and mixed into the sauce base.
We use ground chicken instead of burger whenever we can. I seasoned it with garlic powder, onion powder and Oregano. You just 'brown' in in the pan, which with chicken means that it turns that cooked chicken white color. Not brown brown like you get on beef.
Then I add the chicken to the sauce, cover, and leave to simmer for about two hours. The noodles and garlic bread don't take long at all. Just heat the oven for the bread and cook for 6 min. And the noodles just require about 6 min in boiling water.
The finished product.
Dad getting ready to eat my experimental spaghetti. I'm happy to report that as of 9:20 this evening he's still alive. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Supernatural S06E05 - Live Free or Twihard

Are they going to kill sparkly vamps? Cause that would make me really, really happy.

Okay, first? I respect everyones right to express themselves how they like, re: tattoos, piercings and the like. However, I do not get it. I find it unattractive when pierced in the face, etc.

Hey, guy kinda looks like Tom Welling. He's *not*, but I think he kind of looks like him when he was younger.

How much you wanna bet he's not a vampire? But she is. Preying on the Twi-hard-morons.

Meh. Okay I was wrong about that. You know, I like that Supernatural's vamps look more like the 30 Days of Night vamps. All the teeth. :)

Oh Lisa. Still cute. Why do I like you so much?

'these aren't vampires, man, these...these are douchebags.' and Dean sums up the Twilight pile o'crap in one sentence.

'he's watching her sleep. how is that not rape-y?' YES! Really.

Efficient vamps are efficient.

Also, if Dean is turned, how are they gonna change him back?

Biker boys kiss! Oh, SPN, you just made me go a little splodey! *pause for rewind*

Dude. Is Dean gonna get vamped because he's the prettiest?



*splutter* Sam was totally into it, I mean, really, did you see the look on his face? That's not Sam. It's not. It *can't* be.

Oh Dean, sweetie. That is a bad idea. I mean I get it, but still. BAD. IDEA.


And...creepy 600 yo is hitting on Dean so hard.

I think daddy's pissed.


Oh, look creepy twin girls. Hi Stephen King!

That was sufficiently trippy.

Dean. Pretty and bad ass. I need a cap of him backing away on the balcony with the machete. That was gorgeous.

Yeah Dean. There's something seriously fucking wrong with Sam.

This whole scene is painful. Really. That is not Sam. I don't know what is going on, but that's not Sam.

preview: Hi Cas! I'm thrilled about seeing you, but more pleased that we'll be getting an explanation about WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH SAM WHO IS NOT SAM! He let his brother get raped while he watched and SMILED!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Love of Commas

LK do you remember a while back when you volunteered to beta my little Inception fic and you said that I 'really liked commas' or something to that effect?

At the time I was like, 'well, okay, maybe I went overboard on the commas on this one since it's been so long.'

I've been reviewing a couple of old, unfinished Anita Blake fics that I'm thinking of reworking for NaNoWriMo. And contemplating (with some bits here and there for aide in the contemplation process) an A-Team kink meme prompt that seems to be calling to me.

And holy crap you're right! I REALLY like to use commas! I've been doing it all along! I've had three or four different betas throughout my 'career' and none of them have ever mentioned it! I did have one who told me I liked to use '...' too much, which yeah, I did. But no one ever brought up the forest of commas!

So thanks! I'm even noticing that I do it when I'm typing up posts. I'm trying to cut back, really. But I have no idea when this twitch happened and it's apparently ingrained at this point.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lesson I Suspect I Will Learn From PA2

All guests will secretly be fed Holy Water and surreptitiously forced to walk over both a devil's trap and several salt lines.

*drums fingers on table* I won't get to go see it until Sunday. My movie buddy works nights. Buggery.

Ittie Bittie Teenie Weenie...

Snake! I was on facebook tagging pics from the party when BabySis im'd me that my mother had almost stepped on a snake on our pool deck. My dad hadn't been able to find it, so when I got home I decided to look. I didn't want anyone to get bit or for the snake to get stepped on in the middle of the night. Turns out he was hiding under a flipflop.

So I caught him under the pool skimmer.
I dropped him in an old mop bucket my dad had in the 'dog house'.
And took him *way* out back and chucked him over the back fence and into the swale back there. Last seen he was crawling happily away into the brush.

Genus Loci

The genus loci (or genius loci) of a place is the feel, the essence, really the personality of a place. It used to, properly, refer to the actual guardian spirit of a place but that usage isn't as common anymore. Whether or not the guardian spirits like this change in usage is a matter for someone else. :)

Every place has a certain feel to it. I'm not sure if everyone notices it or not, but I've found it to be true. You can walk into a place and get an immediate impression of what goes on there and what has gone on there in the past. I'm not just talking about the external things - the lights, the signs, the decor (though all of that does give it's own impression too) - but something must deeper and more basic than that. It's a *feeling*. You can walk into a place and feel welcome despite it being an empty shell of a room. Or you can walk into a room that looks like it should feel welcoming and feel uncomfortable.

For example: I have never felt uncomfortable in our current house. Even when we just moved in and all the noises, etc. were new and there should have been moments of unfamiliarity, there were none. I'm so aware of my rooms (to a lesser extent the rest of the house) and the feeling there that I know without question when someone has been in them, let alone touched something or added or moved. It's actually become a game in my family. My parents or sister will bring something into the house, or go into my room and move an item just *slightly* and wait to see if I know. We've lived here for five years and they've yet to get anything by me. I just *know*, because I know what the place should feel like and movement disrupts the feeling. *shrug*

However, in our last house there was always the feeling of someone moving around in the house, even when no one was there. It was unsettled. Not unpleasant or unwelcoming, but restless. And to a further extreme, there was one church that I went to quite often the year we lived in Wisconsin. I'm not sure *why* - I think maybe it was an after school program or something, but I don't remember exactly. I do remember that it was a cute old church - very pleasant looking. And I was *never* comfortable there. I spent the entire time I was there, every time, with my back to a wall because there was a distinct feeling of 'go away, you're not welcome'. I never discussed it with the other kids but I assume that they all felt the same since we all hi-tailed it out of there as soon as we could every time (we'd even rather go play in the graveyard adjacent than hang out in the brightly lit rec rooms with their cushy couches, tvs, and games). So, see? The look of the place didn't match the feel.

Place can be...I guess the word I want is infected by the things that happen there. There's a reason that houses where murders or suicides have taken place feel different than those where none has. And I know, I know, some people think 'well, it's only because you *know* about it.' And I'm sure that some of the time that does have an effect. But not always. People have long reported walking into a place and feeling the wrongness of it only to find out later about the bloody death that occurred.

I sometimes wonder if it's the genus loci of the place that causes the bloodshed in some cases. For instance I read recently of a place where three murders took place. Each about 20 years apart. Not only in the same building (which had different functions in each instance) but in the same corner of the same room. Is there something there that causes people to be more prone to certain kinds of violence? All three of the murders were done with sharp objects. The first was a knife and the other two were both broken bottles. Or was the land okay until the first murder and then that stain was so profound that it twisted the genus loci and subtly encouraged the other later attacks?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Smallville S10E04 - Homecoming

I'm tired, so all you get is:


Okay, I lied. Also, floating! Which is a step away from ACTUAL FLIGHT YOU MORON! And don't think you can get away with saying futureClark flew and call it all good, show. OUR Clark must fly! And have Batman.

Preview: Sooo...Isis. Does that mean Black Adam? I *like* Black Adam. Which would also necessitate Captain Marvel. Billy Batson! Whee!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Die Familie...

...gelassen das Gebäude.

This is a pic from the 80th birthday surprise party. It's all the members of my grandmother's family that could make it. A few cousins are too ill to travel that far, and my other uncle and his two sons live in Germany and couldn't make it in either, but we Skype'd them in, so it was all cool.

And the above pic pretty much expresses my sister's and my relationship. Toward the end of the party we sat down after running around all day and argued about who has the better taste in tv shows. For the record, she watches Jersey Shore. So, yeah. I win on principle alone!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Naruto = Awesome

I'm on a Naruto manga kick this weekend apparently.

I've already read 10 volumes and will likely catch up to what I own before the weekend is out. Which means...a trip to the bookstore so I'm all caught up with everything that's been released!

Yay vacation in a week!

Mmm...the KyuubiNaruto form is cool. It gets even better the more tails he manifests!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Supernatural S06E04 - Weekend at Bobby's

As an aside, this is the ep that Jensen Ackles directed. :) This pleases me.


Montage of some of the awesome that is Bobby. Really, it's all about Bobby's relationship with Crowley and then a little Dean/Sam wangst.

Oooh...I remember this bit from the ComiCon vid!

Bobby rings up Crowley, his bff...

'Bite me.'

'If that's your thing...'

'I'd hate to see what you'd call celebrating.'

'Yes you would.' *smirk*

Bobby mocking Crowley with a British accent? Awesome.

Always read the fine print boys. ooohhh....Crowley inscribed part of the contract on Bobby's naughty bits? *giggle* 'Come to daddy.'

Hee. How is Bobby awesome? The black light devil's trap is a good example. *Of course* Crowley brought the dog. Duh. He's *Crowley*. Seriously? Show, you're just making it too easy. Though I think I might have just felt the last twinge of, 'oh, my, that might be wrong' thinking about Bobby/Crowley.

Heh. Bobby just broke into the library. And I think blonde chippie might like Mr. Singer. Who blames her? Not moi.

See, see how much the boys can rely on Bobby? *loves*


Ugh. Boys? You're taking Bobby for granted! He's going to run away with Crowley!

Dude, she *works* for Crowley. Why's she gonna roll on him?

Huh. That's new.

*giggle* See? Crowley is also awesome. King of Hell. Yes!

Dammit. They best not kill Crowley off this ep. I shall be displeased!

Who thinks Marcie is Crowley in disguise so he can woo Bobby?

Just me then?

Fergus McCleod? Really? 'Lucky the Leprechaun'? Bobby, dear, he's not in his original body. What makes you think he can't be Scottish because he speaks with an English accent.

Bobby needs an assistant.

Hi Rufus!

When was Bobby in Japan? I need Bobby backstory! Write me a book series!

Of course Bobby one ups the shovel to a million with a backhoe. He's Bobby!

Rufus knows his alcohol. :)

Two grumpy old men. It's cute!

*grin* I like seeing the boys from outside angles. It's a thing...

How much of the town is conspiring to keep Bobby's secret?

Marcie! Who is probably Crowley in disguise! In my *mind*!

He's gonna chipper the okami! Still awesome!

Oh, there's something wrong with me. Marcie covered in blood is fucking hilarious.

Awwwwwww.........Marcie doesn't wanna play anymore. Give her a little time. She'll come around.

'oh, okie dokie. woodchipper. well, that pretty much trumps...everything...'

I wanna pet Dean's little head! You know, I get that Bobby is the father figure here, but he's having major problems and no one knows! I get that he hasn't told anyone about the Crowley reneging deal, but still.



You have to tell them you need help. I mean, it's a valid point. Bobby's not big on the whole admitting he can't do it all thing.

Hee. Crowley is awesome.

Hmm....blackmail Crowley?

*giggle* Crowley wanted a bigger dick?

I'm not sure killing Crowley would return Bobby's soul.

How'd they get Dean on the plane to Scotland?

Whee! Crowley lives! to have sex with BalthazarBobbyCasEVERYONE!

'I had a fork!'

It's the Bobby appreciation ep! About damn time!

The two of them in that tiny car!

D'oh! I remembered where the name 'Frank Castle' is from. It's the Punisher. Duh!

preview: Vampire Dean? Um...okay. I still find him hot. I'm sick, I know it. I embrace it!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

CLEARLY this is not my fault

I broke the bike at the gym again. The same bike, the same part - the pedal. They *just* fixed the pedal I broke the last time, and this time it was the replacement for the pedal I broke at the beginning of the year.

Since I can use *every other* piece of equipment at the gym with no problem, including all three of the other recumbent bikes I have decided that the problem is not me.


Inception is now available! *rushes over to order* Give it to me noooooowwwwwwwwwwww!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Job Is Nuts

Just for the hell of it. The main part of my job is entering legal notices to be run in the paper. Much of those are foreclosures. The above picture is my actual, physical inbox. The huge stack on top? The one actually making the metal tray bend? Is all foreclosures to be entered. And that's just for *one* county in Florida.


What was that again about the economy getting better? I couldn't hear it through the muffling wall of all that paperwork.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best. Movie. Ever.


Guess what was on last night? God I love this movie to *bits*. There is no part of it that is not awesome.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pictures From My Friend's Wedding

First, this is me after showering from the gym. I snuck into the gym first thing that morning and got in an hour workout before I had to head home to start cleaning up. It takes more time that you'd think! Men have it so freaking easy! 'Look, I put on clean pants! I'm good to go!' :p

Hair and make-up and jewellery all done. And here's one of me in natural light. Of course since it's Florida I had to throw on the sunglasses. :)

You can see I didn't do a whole lot with the hair. It's hard to tell, but I gave it some volume with a blow dryer and curling iron. The problem with my hair is that it's very fine and very thick. So really no matter what I do it falls flat after any amount of time. Hairspray and gel fear me! Once, I got a perm (I was in middle school). I looked like Bozo the Clown for 24 hours and then it fell flat. :p

Oh! Here's a full body shot. It came out kind of blurry, actually, but you can see the whole outfit. I did take a short jacket in case it was cold at the club, but it wasn't so I didn't use it.

Here you can see my nailpolish. It matched the shoes and funnily enough I realized that it also matches my car! :)

Right then. Only a couple pictures from the actual wedding/reception.
This is the happy new Mr. and Mrs. after the ceremony walking back down the aisle. I like these blurry action shots for some reason. :) And even in the blur you can see the *huge* grin Holly (my friend) has!

Her father was supposed to give her away but he died a little over a month ago from throat cancer. It was quick, which is about all you can say for it. She was always a 'daddys girl' so his death hit her very hard. They lit a candle for him at the very beginning of the ceremony and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! Her daughters wound up walking Holly down the aisle and I swear she was so nervous and tense that it looked like they were holding her upright! Her shoulders were *literally* at her ears! She and Fred love each other but she's a quiet person and after all the stress they've had going on with her dad's illness and then death and her mother moved in with them until she can find a smaller place to live...anyway. Tense. Very, very tense.

Well, once she was up front with the minister (a woman) and Fred her ex-mother-in-law had been running around snapping pictures left and right. Holly is on *excellent* terms with her EMIL - the woman actually did all the alterations on Holly and the bridesmaids and the maid of honor's dresses and made their bouquets! Anyway. She knelt down in the main aisles right in front of Holly and Fred to take another picture and then her knees locked up and she couldn't stand back up! Her husband had to go get her up before she went over on her back like a turtle! It was great because we all started laughing and Holly did too and all the tension went out of her!

The ceremony itself was short but sweet, with both of Holly's daughters giving little speeches before Holly and Fred exchanged vows. :)

These are pictures from the 'cocktail hour' after the wedding and before the reception. The club where the wedding was held is a nice, fairly small one. It's two stories, obviously. The wedding was held upstairs and so was dinner and everything else. What they did was kick us all downstairs to mingle and drink and eat appetizers while they finished dinner, etc. and then everyone went back upstairs to party! In the second picture you see three women in light purple dresses? The one with the bouquet in hand moving toward the corner is Holly's best friend and she was one of the bridesmaids. Fred's sister Lynda (who is also my boss) was the maid of honor - she was the one who introduced Holly and Fred and she also played wedding planner for this wedding. A woman of many talents! I think she was still outside getting the official pictures taken at this point. If you look out the doors you can see the hem of her dress! The other two girls are one of Holly's daughters and Holly's niece who was also a bridesmaid. Holly's other daughter was busy wrangling Fred's son who is five and adorable! He had a little tux and a top hat! But he wouldn't hold still long enough to let me get a picture.

Here's a shot of Holly and Fred! Clearly Holly is the one in the wedding dress, and Fred is the gentleman in the tux to the left of the photo. The woman behind them in the picture in the blue dress? Is the EMIL who is an awesome person. :)

These are the wedding favors.

So, we're all wandering around waiting for dinner to start and the dj comes down the stairs, finds Lynda and I overhear something about the cake. Lynda charges up the stairs, and doesn't come down, and doesn't come down, and doesn't come down. So Holly, who was mingling, decides to go up and check on what's going on. Well, she doesn't come back down either! So I'm sitting and chatting and this big blue truck (the kind that looks like it must come with a Hemi and you could *definitely* take mudding) pulls up in front of the clubhouse and a man and a woman hop out. They rush upstairs with a little baggy of cake things.

Apparently the person who decorated the cake forgot to put in support structure! And since it was a five tier cake with some of the tiers separated by those little columns? The cake was collapsing! So they had to take it apart and have a couple of tiers off to the side like grooms cakes. It was still pretty, and I heard that the photographer actually got a picture when the cake first got there so they'll at least have a shot of the cake as it was meant to be. And the bakery gave them a full refund on the cake, so all was well. I had the worlds thinnest slice of cake (by my own request. The servers were more than generous with the slices, but since I really shouldn't have had *any*, a little slice was just fine.) and it was delicious!

Hmm...the wedding was at noon and we didn't leave the club until seven? Holly and Fred are taking a cruise to the Bahamas for their honeymoon and they left today.

Islam/Muslim Spotting - 3 random things from last week

It's weird. I was with my trainer on Wednesday and she was commenting on how much nicer I looked in clothes that fit and weren't...and I supplied the word 'tents'. We giggled, and then I was telling her about my abaya which I use as a robe and how it really is kind of a tent and I have no shape at all in it. So of course she wanted to know why I had a robe like that, which led to the explanation of what an abaya is, etc. And then she was telling me how bad she felt for 'those women' and how oppressed they are. *headdesk*

In between sweating and grunting as I lifted weights, etc. I tried to explain that not all Muslim women are oppressed any more than all Western women are 'free'. Men can be assholes no matter what part of the world they live in, and societal oppression comes in many forms. But her entire impression of Muslims comes from the media (which just *loves* them, don't you know!) and her one daughter's room mate who is dating a 'Muslim' man. I say 'Muslim' in quotes because though he claims to be Muslim, his actions prove otherwise. He's apparently terribly nasty to her, bordering on abusive, and from what's been described to be he's a Muslim in name only. So that was fun, I spent 45 minutes off and on explaining Islam (to the best of my ability) and defending Muslims as they are not all douchebags anymore than any other religious group. No group is a monolith, okay? There are good and bad people contained under any 'label'.

And on another note:

I watch NCIS:LA. Look, I like Chris O'Donnell, okay? I've forgiven him for the horror that was the Schumacher Batman movies and their psychedelic mess, and I still like him. Got it? Anyway. This last episode involved a Muslim man who was under suspicion for murder. Two of the investigators go to his house to try and find a murder weapon and *whoop* all of a sudden his wife comes from a back room. First, do these people not check the house for occupants before they start poking through drawers? If she'd been a bad guy she could have killed them or escaped or something. Dummies. But that's not the point. When she came out she was wearing hijab. The worlds *weirdest* hijab - she honestly looked more like a nun than anything else. It was all black and white - a white dress shirt with like a black over shirt, and the head scarf wasn't wrapped around her front but was left to hang loose flaring over her shoulders, etc. so it left her throat bare. Odd. But whatever.

The thing that bugged me was the female investigator called one of her team mates who was questioning the husband and informed him that the man was definitely 'devout' and some other words I don't recall, because he had a Qur'an, prayer rugs, and his wife wore hijab. The last one about made me spit out my drink, actually. *He* is devout because *she* wears hijab. I mean, I get that there are some men out there who force (through insistence or whatever, not necessarily abuse or anything) their wives to wear hijab and it's my understanding that they're in the wrong according to Islam. But she just assumed and implied by her words that the wife was merely an extension of the husbands religion and will. That's a very large assumption to make. Having *just* run into the women, *jump* 'she's only wearing it because he wants her to.' No proof, no nothing. Assumption. I found that very irritating.

And, my third random thing: I was at Wal-Mart early in the week picking up some stuff with my mother and we were in the automotive section to pick up the car (we'd left it to get an oil change while we shopped.) And in walks this lovely older woman in a bright red hijab/abaya (it wasn't actually an abaya but I don't know what to call it. It was obviously on over her clothes, like an abaya but it only covered down to her knees - kind of like a large khimar, but she was also wearing a matching scarf for her head/chest, so it wasn't just a really big khimar but something else) set. It had some small pattern on it that I couldn't quite make out, but she was lovely and very happy looking! She was probably grandma age, so her 70s? But a very spry little lady - she was outpacing the younger man who was with her (I'm assuming he was either a younger son or maybe an older grandson). Very cute! (The grandma, not the guy.) And I found myself grinning like a loon at her. :) If she saw me she probably thought I was a little nuts, but whatever. The sight of hijabis in their 'natural habitat' still makes me irrationally happy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Smallville S10E03 - Supergirl

Gee, I wonder what this ep's about?

And look, it's that exact. same. shot. of Darkseid.

I still dunno who Godfrey is. DeSaad? Gordon Godfrey.....

Oh, is he supposed to be some kind of host for Darkseid? Meh. Darkseid needs no host!

My god Lois and Clark are adorable in a painful kind of way. *pokes them with a stick*

Lois sent Cat to Alaska? How awesome is that.

Oh, so Smallville is stealing a page out of Marvel's books.

And lookit Kara!

oohhh..sorry. got distracted by the commercial for Supernatural. I know I've seen the ep, but it's CAS! Moving on.

'you and I are the last survivors of the house of el.' - and my brain immediately supplies, 'and we must mate!' I know, I know. But technically, it does make sense. If they wanted the Kryptonian race to survive then they'd have to breed. Or let Lex make clone babies with his and Clark's dna. Whichever.

Oooohhh....threats to Ollie! No deal! I still like Ollie!

Ugh. Chloe flashbacks! Make it stop!

Dear all superheroes: It's *never* a good idea to let your secret identity out. Never.

The hell? That kind of looked like Lois. Waitasec...

a) his voice did change when he said 'DeSaad' b) that is Lois. Dear, pretending to be a maid or a limo driver or whatever really only works if you haven't already confront him as yourself face to face.

'you've been on earth all this time and you can't even fly.'

*points up* WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING!

PUSH HIM OFF! It's like teaching a kid to swim by throwing them in the deep end! It *always* works.

Oh, oh, here's a clue: the key to flying is to throw yourself at the ground and then *miss*.

Hah. Fail. You missed the critical part about not hitting the ground Clark.

What, is there only one Catholic church in all Metropolis? Oh, you couldn't be bothered to dress another set? Oh, okay.

I have to say I do love a woman in a suit.

Also, how the hell does Lois manage these costumes? The doodle on your face ain't foolin' anybody, Lois.

*headdesk* One does not play dark sex games with Darkseid. This will go badly for you, Lois. I mean it.

Seriously? Is everyone in Metropolis a moron?

Latex is overdone. I'm a leather purist I'm afraid.

Also I am rolling my eyes at this whole oh, well done Lois Lane bit.

The handcuffs were not fake Lois.

Why is it always with the elaborate death traps? For fucks sake, if you're a villain, just shoot the bait! Unless you need them alive for some actual reason, kill them. It's so much easier and it makes perfect tactical sense! You're planning on killing them and the hero anyway!

Saved by a girl, Clark. Saved by a girl. Okay, so she's an awesome girl, but still.

Ubergirl, Powergirl, Megagirl?

Powergirl's someone else. Also a Kryptonian, mind. But from a different reality.

Kara's disguise is much more effective than Clark's. Or any of Lois'.

And there goes Ollie to do a stupid thing.

Also, you know, once the idea of doubt in the superheroes is started, removing Godfrey doesn't even really begin to stop it.


The truth is...I am Iron Man!

I am Green Arrow.

Whatever. Copiers.


Also, Misha did the blurb at the end of Smallville for Supernatural. I ALSO LOVE YOU! I have a harem of these men, seriously.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

And the DVR brings hope!

So, I was scrolling through my dvr's schedule because every so often it goes mad and decides to record every episode of both the Daily Show and the Colbert Report even though I have it programmed to only record the new eps and I have to skip the old ones or it records a zillion of the things. Anyway, I saw that it's scheduled to record Supernatural on Friday! And it *is* Weekend at Bobby's!

The description reads:

'Bobby asks Dean and Sam for help after Crowley refuses to return Bobby's soul; a deep secret about Crowley is revealed.'


Who wants to bet me the secret is that he's actually a fallen angel/the serpent from the garden and BalthazarAziraphale is his best friend? Anyone?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Supernatural S06E03 - The Third Man

Ummm...pre-ep squee? CAS! GIMMIE!

See? See? Raphael will be back! He's the only unaccounted for archangel! And Cas called him a little bitch. *loves*

Boils? Plague boils, not the regular kind, mind.

It's wrong that I giggle as this guys skin is peeling off and he's just bleeding out of his skin, right? Right?

That? Awesomely ew.

Hello half nekkid Dean. Please remove the blankets now. Thanks.

Dang. I was hoping Cas would just walk into that dream. Subtext? What subtext?

Grrr. Much as Sam annoys me, hello! And Sam's picking up hookers. Color me shocked. Heh. I like that the hooker wants to meet him on her day off. Sam is a large slice of yummy, I'll give you that.

Oh, hey, the town's called Easter. Imply much?

Heh. Oh, hey, cop gonna die? Nooo....*pastes on innocent look* *Definitely* boils this time. So the first guy wasn't boils. What was that then? I am clearly rusty on my plagues.

'because I lie professionally, that's how'

Sam, the Impala actually saved the planet. It is simply better. No questions.

Was the first guy water to blood? But his whole body turned to blood, not just the water portions.

The boys raced. Of course they did. And Dean won. Because he's awesome like that.

Oh that's not suspicious at all. Also, hey, Sammy, Hulk much? The scraping out the faces thing? Creepy. Just saying.

Did he itch his way into his brain? Cause that would suck. Or did the bugs eat into his brain? Never mind. Locusts. Yeah, okay, I'm sick. I found the locusts climbing out of his head funny.

Bunch of dicks. Hmmm...has Raphael gone and done some variation of Gabriel? Well, less awesomely, of course.

'Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to Castiel to get his feathery ass down here. C'mon Cas, don't be a dick. We've got ourselves a plague-like situation down here. Do you copy?'

'Like I said. Son of a bitch doesn't answer.'

*pause* We can *see* the trenchcoat! Dean sees it.

'He's right behind me, isn't he?'


Cas likes Dean better! 'Dean and I do share a more profound bond. I wasn't gonna mention it.' And that sound would be the sound of a thousand fangirls exploding in joy. And that would be followed by the clicking of keys as fic is written at light speed.

'I think we can rule Moses out as a suspect.' *dies*

Dude. Raphael raided the candy jar.

Seriously. Cas likes Dean better. Also? Yay Cas! *loves him* His little snit fit? Awesome.

Sawed-off Staff of Moses? It's like an angelic shotgun!

He sold his soul to the angel? That's not at all demonic or anything...

Raphael! I'm telling you this without the painful soul reading. It's Raphael.

On the positive side, Cas did leave the kid unconscious.

Balthazar? Who the hell?

See? I told you Raphael's out there being a shit. Civil war in heaven anyone?

Also, Cas is still awesome. Actually, that should pretty much just go as read.

And they killed the plastic toy car Sam's been driving. Silver lining!

How can Raphael put the apocalypse back on track? Lucifer's back in the cage and I assume that he can't just yank him out or he would have. The key to unleashing Lucifer was very specific - Lilith's death. She can only die once, which she's done. So...

What's with the giant frog?

Cas, honey, your friend is *weird*.

And when Cas can tell the joke is bad, it's BAD.

'What's french for 12?'

Oh, yeah, frogs. Gotcha.

Really, Balthazar's more following Gabriel's footsteps than Cas'.

Heeeeeeeereeeeeeeee's Raphey!

MIB's! The bad angels are MIB's. Mwahaha!

*sigh* Cas is badass. Hmmm...Cas has gotten better with fighting, but apparently Raphael's had more practice?

Hee! He turned him to salt!

Umm...crap. Let the Balthazar/Cas fic begin!

'I believe the hairless ape has the floor.'

See? Cas does love Balthazar. Balthazar always wanted Cas, but Cas was too much the good solider to even notice it. And then he got sent to hell and earth and Dean happened, and now Cas loves Dean and Dean loves Cas, but Balthazar still loves Cas, and Cas now realizes it and maybe that he kind of wants Balthazar too. And now he's *torn* and there can be angst. This show gives me so many pairings!

Ben was an accurate wendigo for Halloween. Of course he was!

Yeah, we know Sam's been different. And it concerns us. Actually, you know, this Sam reminds me of the Sam from when Gabriel had killed Dean. Sammy, I'm pretty sure hell tortures *everyone*. It's *HELL*. And therefore you are full of shit.


*giggle* Twilight spoof vampires! 'These aren't vampires, they're douchebags!'

Also, Dean punched Sam! And the truth spell.

Hmm...'soon' means a break. Dammit. I think ep 4 is supposed to be Weekend at Bobby's, which, I believe, is the Crowley ep. And I want Crowley back!

Works With Morons





Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smallville S10E02 - Shield

First, just for the record, S.H.I.E.L.D. belongs to Marvel. So don't go there, please.

Also, I am almost a week behind on tv. I've been busy, and also watching the A-Team movie twice since I got ahold of it. What? H-BAMF is distracting.

On to the show!

Hi Lois!

Tomb of Isis? Black Adam? Hmmm...he's really a Captain Marvel villain, and I don't think we have Captain Marvel here, do we?

Michael Shanks! Can't keep you out of Egypt, can we dear? Daniel Jackson, now Carter Hall. do look good though. Not *quite* so scruffy and unshaven as the last time.

Ack! Cat Grant! I can't stand you already! Oh, that's right, I didn't like you in the comics either...though I do feel bad about what happened with your son.

Is Clark gonna smack a bitch? Sadly, no.

You know, I really can't stand Tess. Or Chloe, for that matter. I hate that they've set her up as WatchTower/Oracle, but she's *not* Oracle, and I don't like her. And she should not be dating Ollie. He's supposed to have a terrible relationship with Black Canary!

Above comment about Carter Halls' scruffiness? Strike that. It was the sand disguising it.

Also, yeah. Carter may beat Lois into a pulp.

Lois is making with the crazy talk. It's scary that she doesn't know that Carter knows, but she's babbling at him anyway. Yep. Get her drunk! *lol* I was never a Hawkman fan, but I do like Shanks' version.

Deadshot? WTF? That was actively hilarious. Cat's look 'seatbelts save lives!' just before her car blows up? Right. Who was that villain?

He has the electronic eye for Deadshot, and the accuracy, but it's the cowboy theme that's throwing me.

And I win the villain lottery yet again! God I am GOOD! But *why* the cowboy outfit? I mean, I get that he can't run around in the red and white body suit from the comics, but cowboy? Is that *really* less conspicuous?

And she's wearing a bulletproof vest.

Who's Godfrey? Inquiring minds want to know. OldLex?

Why would someone on the run, in hiding, become a reporter for a newspaper as big as The Planet is supposed to be? It's a little showy.

Thanks, Carter. Not only are you Hawkman, but Captain Obvious as well! Whatever. Just give me more Michael Shanks! Mebbe shirtless? Mebbe? Please?

Why's she wearing oriental clothes?

Hehehehe....I knew that was coming. Also, please don't make Lois into Shaera or however it's spelled. That makes no sense.

OldLex hired Deadshot?


And yet again the villain walks slowly and catches the running girl. Also having managed to her her into the kill zone. It's like magic!

And there's Cat's crush on Clark. Full blown and still INCREDIBLY ANNOYING!


Hmmm...girl chick assassin. Who's that. Cheshire?

REALLY? Can it be Christmas this early and Chloe really be dead?

Probably not. My luck's not that good.

Damn and bugger. I was hopeful for a second there.

Oh, Suicide Squad. So much fun.

Not Cheshire. Plastique. I don't know who you are. *looks up Plastique* Cheshire'd be cooler.

Nietzsche also had some serious flaws, dear people.

*giggle* Not even as cool as Kon there, Clark. Jacket fail!

Hey look, it's Kara! Hi Kara! Oooh...bald headed guy in the shadows? Is it...OldLex?! Is Godfrey OldLex? *rewinds a bit* Hmmm...bald guy, but not OldLex.

Monday, October 4, 2010

(Un)Conditional Love

This is going to be one of those muddled posts. Fair warning.

I've been thinking, off and on, about childhoods and people who choose religions that are viewed as stricter and more 'rules based' than say your average Protestant faith.

Candice did a poll post a while back which, while aimed at Muslims specifically I think actually might apply to the wider religious convert base.

The basic fall out is that people who had a 'difficult' or abusive childhood seem to tend to convert and then follow stricter interpretations of their chosen faiths than those who had 'normal' childhoods. Of course that's a broad generalization and I've hardly made an actual scientific study of the matter, and there will always be exceptions to the rules. But in general I think this observation bears out.

And I've been trying to think of why that should be. And I say this as one of those people who proves the rule and not by exception. One might think that a person who grew up in a strict household, unhappy, miserable, beaten down and controlled would choose (once they had a choice) to be free. Not to continue to be restricted with rules, but to do whatever they want. And some do that.

But here's the thing that's occurred to me - we are taught, overtly or subliminally, that all the bad things that happen to us are our fault. If we were better, if we were smarter, if we didn't cry so loud or break that toy or need new things for school *then* our parents would love us. *Then* we would be a good child, and bad things wouldn't happen anymore. From the perspective of adulthood we know that this isn't true, but there are certainly some things that run much deeper than just our minds. It's ingrained knowledge at this point. We are *flawed* and there have to be rules and things that we can do to *earn* the love that we see everyone else getting. Because they're good and we're not.

Subconsciously we feel like we have to do things to earn God's love and we choose faiths and interpretations of those faiths that seem like they offer us that opportunity. I'm not saying that that's what those faiths *actually* teach, of course. I'm saying that I think (at least in part) that that's what goes on in our heads.

People talk about 'unconditional love' and we can lip sync along to it. We understand, in theory, what the words mean. But in practice, in our hearts - the words are meaningless. We have no experience of a love that didn't come with conditions. Conditions that we were never able to live up to. And given that the only way we can understand God is filtered through our human experiences the idea that God loves unconditionally - that the rules aren't there to make us jump through hoops to earn God's love but are there to help us in other ways - never really sinks in fully. We cannot understand it because it's an absolutely foreign concept.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Insanity Runs In My Family

This is my grandmother. She will be turning 80 this month. Guess what she decided she wanted to do for her 80th birthday?

It involves a plane. And parachutes. And jumping.

Tandem, of course.

And here we see the aftermath. She looks rather stunned, doesn't she? :)

Now here's a secret.

I wanna do it!

I am *terrified* of heights, but I want to sky dive! So maybe I'm not as scared as I think I am? Whatever. It's now part of my post weight loss plans. :)

ETA: Dad made a video!

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