Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Job Is Nuts

Just for the hell of it. The main part of my job is entering legal notices to be run in the paper. Much of those are foreclosures. The above picture is my actual, physical inbox. The huge stack on top? The one actually making the metal tray bend? Is all foreclosures to be entered. And that's just for *one* county in Florida.


What was that again about the economy getting better? I couldn't hear it through the muffling wall of all that paperwork.


  1. I'm more disturbed by the incredibly old computer in the background O_O

  2. *snort* That's actually just been sitting there for I don't know how long. The reporters have *long* been using laptops and our IT department has...I don't know, been playing WoW up in their office? They're finally getting around to removing all the ancient computers that no one's used in a million years. :)

  3. Wow, what a stack! I heard Bank of America has suspended foreclosures for a time. I wonder if that will make your stack shrink. Hope so! :)

  4. It's actually grown since I took that picture!

    BoA and a few others are supposed to suspend foreclosures but so far that hasn't really impacted my work load yet. I know that they're cancelling them at the clerk level but so far I've only gotten one list of about 20 sales to cancel. I was really hoping for more at this point, but we'll see. The clerk told me they went from having 3 cancellations on Monday to 39 on Tuesday and they expected it to keep going up. It's a lot of paperwork though so the trickle down to me will be slower I think.


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