Saturday, October 2, 2010

Insanity Runs In My Family

This is my grandmother. She will be turning 80 this month. Guess what she decided she wanted to do for her 80th birthday?

It involves a plane. And parachutes. And jumping.

Tandem, of course.

And here we see the aftermath. She looks rather stunned, doesn't she? :)

Now here's a secret.

I wanna do it!

I am *terrified* of heights, but I want to sky dive! So maybe I'm not as scared as I think I am? Whatever. It's now part of my post weight loss plans. :)

ETA: Dad made a video!


  1. Awesome! First, your grandma looks so young! I hope I look that good if I make it to 80! :) I was looking for you at the end. I think I heard your voice and definitely your name, but maybe you were behind a camera?? Was that your sister? Thanks for sharing this family insanity - love it!

  2. I managed to stay out of the camera's range, actually. :) Dad was doing the filming. But yeah, I was making color commentary (most of which was not included, since we will show Grammy this video eventually) so you can hear me. I never shut up!

    Hmmm...I don't know which one you're talking about. The lady who walks by the camera toward the beginning, with the Kermit the Frog hat? Is my mother. Toward the end, when my grandmother is landing there's a woman with long dark brown hair and a white t-shirt closer to the camera? That's Baby Sis.

  3. Oh, good to see your mom and the back of your sis (yellow shorts, right?). I was actually talking about the very end -- there is a lady beside your grandma along with a man. I heard your name in that segment too. :)

  4. Susanne,

    Yellow pants, but yeah. :) Oh, that lady is the wife of the friend of my parents (I assume she's a friend too, of course.) who helped to arrange the sky diving.

  5. This was fantastic! Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday to your Grandma! I want to grow old like that. She is so sweet and full of fun. Loved it!

  6. Suroor,

    I'll argue the 'sweet' part ;), but yeah, she's full of fun. It's neat watching her do it knowing her age and all. The guy who jumped with her (the one actually controlling the parachute and all) said that he was 70!

  7. Candice,

    Yeah, that's a word for her all right. :) I asked her if she was going deep sea diving next year, and she just rolled her eyes and laughed at me. :)


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