Monday, October 25, 2010


I should be in bed, really. It's past my 'bedtime'. But guess what?


Not gone anywhere, mind. Just not going to work. Which is the best vacation, imho. No packing, no planning, no worrying about times and cars and whose got what and what's on the motel bedsheets and checking under the bed/in the box springs for a body (don't look at me like that, it really happened! I saw it on a true crime show once!). Just home, sweet home. And my dogs. And the kitten from hell (aka Penny) who refuses to integrate into the rest of the pride and so will continue to live in my sister's room until we get her declawed and fixed. I was originally worried about the dogs hurting her, but given the amount of blood I've lost trying to get her in and out of the room with the others I'm more concerned about her taking out one of the dog's eyes at this point. Devil kittie is insane!

So I'm just hanging out, going to the gym, reading bad porn LKH novels, and watching movies while playing with the pets.

Oh! I saw a black snake chase a frog today. It was pretty neat. The frog hopped for his froggy life and the snake was booking it trying to catch him. The frog got away though.

My nonfiction reads haven't been blog-y stuff recently. I read a collection of gnostic scriptures which were weird, and a book by Stephen King on writing (actually called On Writing) which was fascinating, and reminded me why I love the man and his work so much. Now I'm reading a book of ghost stories from the city two cities north of where I live. I actually work with the woman who wrote it. :)

I should probably turn off Naruto and go to bed now, but I won't. I want to finish Blue Moon, since I'm so close and then I can get out of the 'Richard' book. Blegh. Richard. I have always hated you. Ooohhh...Family Guy is on. And the Daily Show. Good timing, actually. The dvd just finished. So I'll switch to live tv and watch something. Aren't you all thrilled I have a blog to tell you such important things?


  1. Hurray! Enjoy your vacation time. :)

  2. Yeah, actually I am glad. I like this sort of thing. You are so funny just in your general writing. LOL that you are reading bad porn, dealing with a devil kitty and watching a snake and frog! Cool!

    O_O about the dead body you mentioned.

    Oh your books seem good! Glad you are enjoying a nice vacation. I agree the no packing thing would be great. I hate packing!

  3. Susanne,

    My life is just so exciting, isn't it? But I enjoy it so that's that. :)

    I know. That show ruined me for hotels. I'm convinced one day I'm going to find a body. I just don't really need that.

  4. Praise the Lord

    Do not declaw kitty. It is inhumane. It is like cutting off someone's fingers. And it seriously alters the cat's balance when it walks. And there are other health consequences as well. And there are other ways of dealing with the problems claws present. More info here:

  5. caraboska,

    If we do declaw Penny she'll only be the second cat we've ever had to do it to, it will only be the front claws, and I promise that it has nothing to do with furniture being clawed or anything. With her it is honestly a concern for the safety of the other animals. She is incredibly hostile and if a solution can't be found that keeps the other animals safe - where we can leave them alone unsupervised while we all go to work - then our only other option would be to take her to the shelter where they have way too many cats and she'd likely wind up being put down.

    I don't like it. Honest. We're still working on trying to integrate her normally. The declawing would happen when we take her in to have her fixed and that's a ways off because of the cost, so if we can get her to accept the other animals then problem over. But so far, no joy. We've done this six other times, and never had such an issue with it. Declawing is our option of last resort because as much as I don't want to have to have her declawed I also don't want to come home and find she's taken out one of the dogs eyes. And that's an actual, real concern with her at this point.


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