Sunday, October 10, 2010

Smallville S10E03 - Supergirl

Gee, I wonder what this ep's about?

And look, it's that exact. same. shot. of Darkseid.

I still dunno who Godfrey is. DeSaad? Gordon Godfrey.....

Oh, is he supposed to be some kind of host for Darkseid? Meh. Darkseid needs no host!

My god Lois and Clark are adorable in a painful kind of way. *pokes them with a stick*

Lois sent Cat to Alaska? How awesome is that.

Oh, so Smallville is stealing a page out of Marvel's books.

And lookit Kara!

oohhh..sorry. got distracted by the commercial for Supernatural. I know I've seen the ep, but it's CAS! Moving on.

'you and I are the last survivors of the house of el.' - and my brain immediately supplies, 'and we must mate!' I know, I know. But technically, it does make sense. If they wanted the Kryptonian race to survive then they'd have to breed. Or let Lex make clone babies with his and Clark's dna. Whichever.

Oooohhh....threats to Ollie! No deal! I still like Ollie!

Ugh. Chloe flashbacks! Make it stop!

Dear all superheroes: It's *never* a good idea to let your secret identity out. Never.

The hell? That kind of looked like Lois. Waitasec...

a) his voice did change when he said 'DeSaad' b) that is Lois. Dear, pretending to be a maid or a limo driver or whatever really only works if you haven't already confront him as yourself face to face.

'you've been on earth all this time and you can't even fly.'

*points up* WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING!

PUSH HIM OFF! It's like teaching a kid to swim by throwing them in the deep end! It *always* works.

Oh, oh, here's a clue: the key to flying is to throw yourself at the ground and then *miss*.

Hah. Fail. You missed the critical part about not hitting the ground Clark.

What, is there only one Catholic church in all Metropolis? Oh, you couldn't be bothered to dress another set? Oh, okay.

I have to say I do love a woman in a suit.

Also, how the hell does Lois manage these costumes? The doodle on your face ain't foolin' anybody, Lois.

*headdesk* One does not play dark sex games with Darkseid. This will go badly for you, Lois. I mean it.

Seriously? Is everyone in Metropolis a moron?

Latex is overdone. I'm a leather purist I'm afraid.

Also I am rolling my eyes at this whole oh, well done Lois Lane bit.

The handcuffs were not fake Lois.

Why is it always with the elaborate death traps? For fucks sake, if you're a villain, just shoot the bait! Unless you need them alive for some actual reason, kill them. It's so much easier and it makes perfect tactical sense! You're planning on killing them and the hero anyway!

Saved by a girl, Clark. Saved by a girl. Okay, so she's an awesome girl, but still.

Ubergirl, Powergirl, Megagirl?

Powergirl's someone else. Also a Kryptonian, mind. But from a different reality.

Kara's disguise is much more effective than Clark's. Or any of Lois'.

And there goes Ollie to do a stupid thing.

Also, you know, once the idea of doubt in the superheroes is started, removing Godfrey doesn't even really begin to stop it.


The truth is...I am Iron Man!

I am Green Arrow.

Whatever. Copiers.


Also, Misha did the blurb at the end of Smallville for Supernatural. I ALSO LOVE YOU! I have a harem of these men, seriously.

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