Friday, October 29, 2010


One of my favorite races from the Codex Alera series is the Canim. They're basically wolf-men.

Here's official art of one of them:

I'm actually not usually a 'were' fan. I mean they're okay (and I like them better than I used to) but I've always been a vampire girl. Of course the Canim aren't actually shapeshifters. They're just giant 8 foot plus wolves who can walk and talk, play ludus (which is like 3D chess from Star Trek as near as I can tell) and wear armour, build and sail ships, use weaponry, use magic and pretty much conquer anything that they can be bothered to try to. :D They're bad ass.

'"Range is important," Gradash said seriously. "The territory one claims and defends is important. We understand that. The leviathans understand it. So we respect their claim."

"It must make for some complex sailing routes."

Gradash shrugged. "Respect is elder to convenience."

"And besides," Tavi said drily, "if you didn't respect them, they'd eat you."

"Survival is also elder to convenience," Gradash agreed.'

And I just include that because I like this exchange. :)


  1. I feel like I should know what Codex Alera this a book series?

  2. Yep. It's a six volume fantasy series by Jim Butcher. Umm....Butcher's kind of one of my favorite authors. So I sort of talk about his stuff a lot. :)

  3. AH HA! Ok, might have to add it to my list :P

  4. ALL things by Butcher should be read. He's just that great. :)


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