Saturday, October 30, 2010

Smallville S10E06 - Harvest

This whole Vigilante Registrations Act thing? Is such a rip off of the Marvel storyline. Moving on.

I like the run down of all the weird things and how Clark's all...'Kryptonian.' over and over again.

I can't figure out what Lois is saying when she's whining about Clark getting them assigned to the cherry festival. It sort of sounds like 'chop-block' but that doesn't make any sense...

Of course there's no reception. This is supposed to be a kind of creepy horror ep I assume. Being so close to Halloween and all.

Lois, honey, have you ever seen Children of the Corn? Yeah.

*snicker* I do like Clark and Lois as a couple. Mostly because Lois is so sarcastic and snarky and Clark's just plain whipped.

And oh, hey, look, Lois had horse and buggy girl have disappeared.

You know, they pulled over almost right next to the horse and buggy. There's a sign propped against the buggy so it's not like she just drove up. Clark should have seen it and not done super-changing the tire tricks. Moving on from the blatant issue...

Hey look, commercial for Supernatural! I need to go watch the beat down again when I'm done with Smallville.

Clark! If there was no service before, there's still going to be no service!

Oooh...magic must be afoot. Clark's cut and bleeding.

And the deputy is suspicious acting. It's like every horror movie ever.

And how did you miss the primitive stop stick, super sight?

*throws hands in the air* From 'you're a suspect' one second to, 'ooohhh...buggy tracks! you must be right!' the next. I think people in tv land are just dumb...

And another thing! Why'd Clark superspeed right back up to the car? The girl could have still been there and how're you going to explain that?

And why, if Lois left willingly, did she leave the car door ajar?

Hey! 'Ruth' is Mrs. Evil God from 'A Very Supernatural Christmas'!

Did Tess buy friends for Alexander?

Alexander is creepy. Really he is.

And Tess, I think you're too late.

Blue kryptonite. I guess it's not magic. Whatever.

And, hey, look, of course the deputy's in on it! One of us! One of us!

Look, Lex is gonna escape. Color me shocked.

Didn't they already say at the beginning that the clones have Lex's memories? So why is she surprised that Alexander knows the S symbol of the House of El? I mean sure, maybe it's all jumbled up, but it's all in there.

Dear Tess: You're kind of an idiot. I know you mean well, but he's actually a tiny, evil genius. You should act accordingly.

Oh, look, human sacrifice! Again, shock. Really.

See, lines like that are *always* creepier when delivered by cute little kids. It's why they do it!

Who leaves people unbound in houses where they might be able to escape? Stupid villains, that's who.

Is this the ep where Lois proves she's tough? Cause we kind of all already knew that.

Hi Clark! You are a muscley hunk of man, aren't you? But I actually think Padalecki is more ripped.

See? Lex's memories. But all twisty.

Also, creepy kid! I keep telling you! Kids are *creepy*!

Hey! Tess just slapped the evil kid! For a second there I like you better. And then you got on your knees beginning the little psycho. Never a good plan.

S'up with the scarecrow masks?


Though, you know, Clark's hair looks kind of awesome as he's laying on his side bleeding to death.

How'd they manage to set the meteor on fire? *That's* a neat trick.

'Our lord has shown us the light'

He Who Walks Behind the Rows!

So has that meteor been burning for 20 years? Why?

Lois, you can't reason with fanatics.

'Faith has nothing to do with blindly following this misguided messiah. I believe in knowing right from wrong.'

Huh? What just happened? With the blue and then flowing yellow? *is confused* Clearly Clark has his powers back. Maybe...immunity?

Hi Clark with a shotgun!

So...not all his powers? He healed, and the blue kryptonite fire didn't kill him... But he's not all super...

*giggle* I really do love Lois!

Hey, it's messiah Clark! Cause Superman wasn't enough of a messianic figure before. Everybody remember the falling from the end of last season? Yeah.

Oh, hey, super speed. So his power *are* all back. It just didn't look like he was superspeedy when he ran to save Lois. Plus, if he had been, they would have avoided the fire all together. So the powers came back on line slowly I guess.

Except now Alexander is Lex. And we don't want him cured.

Oooh! Hey, I know who the doc is now! Lexia Doig! She's Michael Shanks' wife. I knew I recognised her from somewhere.

That reminds me. I think Katee Sackoff was on CSI this week. *totters off to check* Yep! I liked her detective. I hope they can bring her back.

Oh, hey, look, Lois and Clark are having sex. Anyone ever read that whole Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex 'article' by Larry Niven? I can never unthink those thoughts.

Is it...not quite. But at the rate he's aging, they *could* bring back Michael Rosenbaum. Please? Please please please? With sugar on top?

And now to rewatch the beat down! Ta!

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