Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I need to stop reading prompts...

'Marcone(/Dresden?) - John gets fed up of everything in the Supernatural world being so damned messy and melodramatic AND TAKES OVER. Every supernatural entity out there goes from disbelieving scorn to gibbering terror. Harry is like "I told you so", and doesn't know whether to be scared, furious or amused by the fact that Marcone overthrows the White Council in an underhand fashion. If Harry accidentally ends up as spoils-of-war in the process, that would be hilarious.'

I...kind of want to write this fic. It'd definitely be Marcone/Dresden if I did.


  1. LOL Im still waiting for Supernatural to appear in my mailbox from netflix...but I also have Six Feet Under and no free time anymore lol. Can't wait to watch it so I have some clue as to what you are talking about lol

  2. sanil,

    I REALLY WANT TO! But I've never written for the Dresden Files before, and I'm not sure I can do this prompt justice.

    But I'm trying to figure out when to set the story. And how Marcone takes over. :)

  3. LK,

    Oh, I loved Six Feet Under! And Supernatural will be worth the wait. But it wouldn't help you with this one. Despite the capitalized 'supernatural' in the prompt it has nothing to do with the tv show Supernatural. It's actually based off a book series, The Dresden Files. Which is an incredible series that I love.

  4. OH I actually have the DVD for Dresden Files LOL I haven't watched it yet...I think its Dresden Files dunno got it from my old office lol

  5. Oooh...the show is loosely based on the books. The books are much, much better. I enjoyed the show, but it's not the same.


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