Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Love of Commas

LK do you remember a while back when you volunteered to beta my little Inception fic and you said that I 'really liked commas' or something to that effect?

At the time I was like, 'well, okay, maybe I went overboard on the commas on this one since it's been so long.'

I've been reviewing a couple of old, unfinished Anita Blake fics that I'm thinking of reworking for NaNoWriMo. And contemplating (with some bits here and there for aide in the contemplation process) an A-Team kink meme prompt that seems to be calling to me.

And holy crap you're right! I REALLY like to use commas! I've been doing it all along! I've had three or four different betas throughout my 'career' and none of them have ever mentioned it! I did have one who told me I liked to use '...' too much, which yeah, I did. But no one ever brought up the forest of commas!

So thanks! I'm even noticing that I do it when I'm typing up posts. I'm trying to cut back, really. But I have no idea when this twitch happened and it's apparently ingrained at this point.


  1. You do in fact love commas. I love the semi colon though so I can't talk :) Easy way to remove commas: if you don't need a pause, then you probably don't need a comma. Of course, there are rules that don't comply with this but it helps get rid of at least 75% of commas.

  2. It does indeed help. :) I just wish someone had pointed out my comma obsession before this!


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