Saturday, October 9, 2010

And the DVR brings hope!

So, I was scrolling through my dvr's schedule because every so often it goes mad and decides to record every episode of both the Daily Show and the Colbert Report even though I have it programmed to only record the new eps and I have to skip the old ones or it records a zillion of the things. Anyway, I saw that it's scheduled to record Supernatural on Friday! And it *is* Weekend at Bobby's!

The description reads:

'Bobby asks Dean and Sam for help after Crowley refuses to return Bobby's soul; a deep secret about Crowley is revealed.'


Who wants to bet me the secret is that he's actually a fallen angel/the serpent from the garden and BalthazarAziraphale is his best friend? Anyone?


  1. HURRAY!

    DVRs are weird like that. Another friend of mine had set his to only record the new Doctor Who eps, and it decided to record none of them instead.

    BOBBY! BOBBY AND CROWLEY! I predict I will just make happy sounds at the tv for most of the ep.

    He is definitely a fallen angel and/or the serpent. :D Or even a not fallen angel...OMG. And now we know angels do sometimes make these kinds of deals and buy people's souls. So he could still be doing the crossroads thing if he was an angel...YAY. Balthazar is totally following his steps, not Castiel's or Gabriel's! :D

    If they are best friends yet they had better be soon. Cuddly best friends.

  2. The dvr has a mind of its own. It's scary. Another step closer to Skynet and Terminator world.

    *grins* It will be a night of epic squee I'm sure!

    Mmm...yes. The not-fallen angel theory has possibilities. For a while last season I kind of thought that they might have Crowley be god, so the angel thing isn't that far off.

    *claps hands* Yes! Cuddly best friends! *smooshes Balthazar and Crowley together repeatedly*


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