Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Need to Find a Way to Work This Quote Into a Conversation

'This plan is insane. You are insane. I'll need some pants.'

Why do I not have conversations where this would seem natural? Clearly my life is not awesome enough.

For the record the quote is from Captain's Fury by Jim Butcher. All hail the Butcher!


  1. Hee. It is a good quote. I hope you find a place to use it!

    I haven't gotten to Codex Alera yet. I will! One day!

  2. It is a great quote! I just can't think of any situation where it'd be appropriate. I may just start throwing it out there and hoping it sticks!

    Codex Alera is very good. It's more the classic fantasy than Dresden Files. It's funny though - Butcher wrote it based on a bet. Somehow he bet someone that they could give him a crazy idea and he could write a best seller out of it. He one upped them and told them they could give him *two* wacky ideas and he could make it work. The 'prompts' they gave him were the lost 9th Legion and Pokemon. And we got Codex Alera out of that. :)

    I'm doing a reread of Butcher leading up to Ghost Story coming out in March. So I've got two more books in Codex Alera and then the Dresden Files begin!


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