Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

Well, we all survived. My movie buddy has a tendency to elbow me in scary movies when she jumps, or toss her popcorn so the survival thing is sometimes questionable. However she kept a good grip on her popcorn tub and managed to not hit me even once. All is well!

The movie actually starts two years before the first one. The sister of Katie from the first movie, Christie and her husband Dan bring home their newborn son Hunter. Dan's daughter from his first marriage, Ali, a German Shepherd named Abby and a nanny/housekeeper named Martine around out the household. Hunter is a squishy adorable baby! Of course Aunt Katie and Uncle Micah make appearances and the movie then skips ahead to when Hunter is about 2. This is still three months before the first movie happens.

Oh, as an aside I learned how to pronounce the name Micah from these movies. I always thought it was said 'My-kah' but it's 'Me-kah'.

So around this point the house gets trashed. Like, just decimated. But nothing is stolen. Lots of damage to everybody's stuff, furniture thrown around and over turned, piss in the basement. But Hunter's room is left untouched. So Dan has security cameras installed. One in Hunter's room, one in the kitchen, one in the living room, one facing the front door, one over the front door to cover the outside and one covering the pool.

Freaky stuff proceeds to happen. Sometimes it's subtle - lights going off and on when everyone's asleep. The mobile over Hunter's crib spinning slowly behind Christie's back. The pans over the island in the kitchen like to swing. That sort of stuff. Hunter and Abby are obviously seeing things that no one else is, and you hear steps all through the house and in the basement a lot. The pool vac keeps getting out of the pool in the middle of the night, which if you know about pool vacs you know they just don't do that.

One night everyone's out but Martine and Hunter and there's a huge slam like someone dropping a piano on the roof. Martine runs and grabs Hunter and proceeds to cleanse the house - smudging sage and praying. Of course that's when Dan and Christie get home and flip out about the sage being bad for Hunter. *rolls eyes* So the next day Dan fires Martine even as she's trying to explain to him that there's something bad in the house and she's trying to help.

Ali is pissed that Dan fired Martine. The activity gets worse, of course. The pans start falling off of their hooks which is kind of impossible with the hooks they have. They're very deep hooks and the pans quite clearly would need to be lifted up off the hook before they could be dropped. But Dan just decides that Christie put them on wrong.

Christie argues and tries to convince him that there's something else going on. She brings up the pool vac issue and how is it getting out every night? None of them are taking it out. So they go watch that handy video they've had running. Turns out the pool vac is, in fact, just deciding to climb out of the pool on its own every night and toddle on over to the door to the house. And I repeat: they just don't *do* that. Pool vacs are based on the pool pump and suction. Once you take them out of the water they stop running. Even if a pool vac could defy gravity and climb out of the water and run along the side of the pool and get over the lip and onto the deck once it's sucking air, it 'd stop moving. But whatever, Dan decides that he's got it 'set too high'.

Later on Dan and Christie go out to dinner, leaving Ali in charge of Hunter. She has her boyfriend come over and they play with a Ouija board. For the record? Always a bad idea. Ali thinks that the 'ghost' is her late mother and wants to talk to her. At first the boyfriend is messing around. Ali asks what the ghost wants and he uses the cursor to start spelling out 'p-u-s-s-' and then Ali catches on and thinks he's hysterical! But while she's laughing the cursor starts moving again and Ali still thinks he's doing it, but he swears this time it's not him. And it's spelling out 'h-u-n-t-'

Later that night Ali wakes up on the couch and heads up to bed only to find the front door open. So she closes and locks it and starts back up the stairs. And someone knocks on the door. So she looks out through the windows over the door and sees nothing. Then she goes to look through the peephole and sees nothing. And like every idiot in every horror movie ever she then opens the door. Of course there's no one out there and she steps outside thinking it's her boyfriend messing with her and the door slams shut and then locks and deadbolts itself behind her. Leaving the baby all alone in the house. There's this one scene where the baby is actually getting pulled out of the crib that is pretty awesome because it just looks so absolutely wrong and freaky.

When the parents get home they're pissed at Ali and Dan refuses to believe that there's anything going on even when Ali shows him the security footage of the door slamming shut and locking behind her. He insists it's the wind.

Ali decides that it's definitely not her mother and turns to the all knowing internet for answers. She figures out that it's a demon and stumbles across some information that says that some people make deals with demons and the price is the soul of their first born male. (Which, okay, I get that it's fiction but you can't sell someone else's soul. If you could then that's what people would be doing. But you can't because you don't have rights to it. You only have rights to yours. You can't bargain with things that you don't have. But moving on...) Ali figures out that since Katie and Christie's great-grandmother Hunter is the first male child to have been born. So she thinks that that's what the demon is after. Trying to claim it's payment.

Things get worse and Katie advises her sister to ignore it and not talk about it because paying attention to it made it stronger when they were kids. So that's what Christie tries to do even when she's sitting in the kitchen making a pot of tea and every door in the kitchen flies open. I actually like that part because she runs away which everyone would do but then has to come back when the tea kettle whistles. A little bit of reality. Because unless the ghost is going to take it off the heat you do still have to deal with that. :)

That night everyone is asleep in bed when the basement door opens up. Abby the dog runs down and starts fighting with something you can't see, and then gets yanked and starts whimpering and crying. We don't see it but it sounded like she got thrown into a wall or something. (Not for real, obviously. I hate seeing animals get hurt even though I know they're not really hurting them in the movies.) Ali and Dan run downstairs and find Abby having some sort of seizure on the floor and rush her to the emergency vet, leaving Christie home with Hunter. Hours pass and Christie has just spoken to Dan, learning that Abby is going to make it and goes to check on Hunter before getting back to sleep. She's just about to leave the room, hears something, turns, and gets yanked off her feet and pulled down the hall, and down the stairs. She grabs the banister and is screaming to be let go. It does and she runs back upstairs. She gets to Hunter's door way and is yanked off her feet again, down the stairs, through the living room and down into the basement.

Another hour or so passes and she comes back out in a very familiar sleepwalker/zombie attitude. The next day Dan goes to work leaving Ali in charge of Hunter and a 'sick' Christie. (Again, a question: Does Ali never go to school?) Christie is, of course, acting freaky and keeping everyone away from Hunter. As the only intelligent person in the house Ali goes and watches the night before's security tapes and sees Christie get dragged all over hell and back.

She calls Dan, hysterical, begging him to come home. Once he's there she shows him the tape. *Finally* convinced that something is wrong he calls Martine. She shows up and fills them in. Apparently she tells them that they can transfer the demon to another blood relative of Christies. Ali hates this (like I said. Only smart person in the house.) but Dan overrules her and goes through with the ritual to transfer the demon to Katie. This does not go smoothly, but it does eventually get done and Christie has no memory of the possession.

Jump forward a bit and now Katie is having some 'trouble' over at her house.

You get a title card informing you that Micah Sloan was murdered on October 6, 2006. And then we're on October 9, 2006. And guess who's in the house?

A bloody Katie of course! She snaps Dan's neck and then goes upstairs to where Christie is putting Hunter down to bed and throws her into a wall. Then she takes off with Hunter. Happily Ali and (one assumes since there was no barking and the dog was never shown and I choose to believe that she was with Ali and therefore safe) Abby were not home that night and Ali is the one who finds the bodies later. Katie and Hunter are 'still missing'.

End movie!

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