Friday, October 22, 2010

Supernatural S06E05 - Live Free or Twihard

Are they going to kill sparkly vamps? Cause that would make me really, really happy.

Okay, first? I respect everyones right to express themselves how they like, re: tattoos, piercings and the like. However, I do not get it. I find it unattractive when pierced in the face, etc.

Hey, guy kinda looks like Tom Welling. He's *not*, but I think he kind of looks like him when he was younger.

How much you wanna bet he's not a vampire? But she is. Preying on the Twi-hard-morons.

Meh. Okay I was wrong about that. You know, I like that Supernatural's vamps look more like the 30 Days of Night vamps. All the teeth. :)

Oh Lisa. Still cute. Why do I like you so much?

'these aren't vampires, man, these...these are douchebags.' and Dean sums up the Twilight pile o'crap in one sentence.

'he's watching her sleep. how is that not rape-y?' YES! Really.

Efficient vamps are efficient.

Also, if Dean is turned, how are they gonna change him back?

Biker boys kiss! Oh, SPN, you just made me go a little splodey! *pause for rewind*

Dude. Is Dean gonna get vamped because he's the prettiest?



*splutter* Sam was totally into it, I mean, really, did you see the look on his face? That's not Sam. It's not. It *can't* be.

Oh Dean, sweetie. That is a bad idea. I mean I get it, but still. BAD. IDEA.


And...creepy 600 yo is hitting on Dean so hard.

I think daddy's pissed.


Oh, look creepy twin girls. Hi Stephen King!

That was sufficiently trippy.

Dean. Pretty and bad ass. I need a cap of him backing away on the balcony with the machete. That was gorgeous.

Yeah Dean. There's something seriously fucking wrong with Sam.

This whole scene is painful. Really. That is not Sam. I don't know what is going on, but that's not Sam.

preview: Hi Cas! I'm thrilled about seeing you, but more pleased that we'll be getting an explanation about WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH SAM WHO IS NOT SAM! He let his brother get raped while he watched and SMILED!


  1. Oh hey, he does kinda look like Tom Welling. Didn't notice that.

    Yes. There is something very extremely wrong with Sam. We had better find out what it is next week. I think part of me is afraid they're just making us think we'll find out, but I will be SO MAD if I'm right about that.

    The fact that Sam knew about the cure made it a little better, like maybe he just had enough faith in Dean that he was willing to risk it because he didn't actually expect it to be a risk at all? But he still had that super-creepy smile on his face, so NO.

    ...How did I miss the biker boys kissing? SHEESH, I look away for two seconds. Ah well, it should be online soon so I can watch it again.

  2. I was all for thinking that Sam was just traumatised from hell and all, but now I know there's something very wrong with him. That is not Sam.

    I don't think they're jerking us around on this one. At least they'd better not be. *frowns at them sternly*

    No. I don't care that he knew about the cure. It was bad and wrong and evil.

    Yes. Biker boys kissing. It pleases me!


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