Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lesson I Suspect I Will Learn From PA2

All guests will secretly be fed Holy Water and surreptitiously forced to walk over both a devil's trap and several salt lines.

*drums fingers on table* I won't get to go see it until Sunday. My movie buddy works nights. Buggery.


  1. :D

    I will not be seeing this movie, because I am very easily scared and I like being able to sleep. But have fun!

  2. Heh. I understand. When we went to see the first one my movie buddy couldn't sleep. She called me at 3am because she was hearing noises in her house. O.O But she loves scary movies. So it's going to be me and her, maybe one of her friends and maybe one of the women from work who likes scary stuff too.

    To be honest I kind of expect to need my dog to sleep with me after seeing this. If I can sleep without the comforting doggy presence, then the movie wasn't scary enough! :)


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