Monday, October 25, 2010

SPN Preview Clip - OMG SQUEE

CAS! The drink pouring! ALL OF IT! They are so freaking married!


  1. Ha, yay. I saw this yesterday, it was cute. Dean's so angsty and grumpy, though. Not that he doesn't have reason, but yeah.

    "You were gone for two seconds, where did you look?!"


    I didn't even think about the drink pouring. Even though the person I saw post it yesterday specifically commented on it. Huh. It's such a cute, random detail. Yeah, I'm definitely starting to think they broke things w/Lisa so he could be free for Cas. WOO.

    So excited for Friday! :)

  2. It is both cute and sad with Dean being all grumpy and worried. And it does worry me that not even Cas knows what's wrong with Sam. But assuming we can take Cas's word for it (not that he would lie about this but that he knows what he's talking about) then at least we know it's not Lucifer. Maybe some residual stuff from that though? Or mind control! Your mirror universe theory sounds better and better...

    Oh! And did you catch that the artefact Cas thought might be the problem of the week was Gabriel's Horn of Truth?

  3. I did! Yay truth! Must know secrets...


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