Friday, October 8, 2010

Supernatural S06E03 - The Third Man

Ummm...pre-ep squee? CAS! GIMMIE!

See? See? Raphael will be back! He's the only unaccounted for archangel! And Cas called him a little bitch. *loves*

Boils? Plague boils, not the regular kind, mind.

It's wrong that I giggle as this guys skin is peeling off and he's just bleeding out of his skin, right? Right?

That? Awesomely ew.

Hello half nekkid Dean. Please remove the blankets now. Thanks.

Dang. I was hoping Cas would just walk into that dream. Subtext? What subtext?

Grrr. Much as Sam annoys me, hello! And Sam's picking up hookers. Color me shocked. Heh. I like that the hooker wants to meet him on her day off. Sam is a large slice of yummy, I'll give you that.

Oh, hey, the town's called Easter. Imply much?

Heh. Oh, hey, cop gonna die? Nooo....*pastes on innocent look* *Definitely* boils this time. So the first guy wasn't boils. What was that then? I am clearly rusty on my plagues.

'because I lie professionally, that's how'

Sam, the Impala actually saved the planet. It is simply better. No questions.

Was the first guy water to blood? But his whole body turned to blood, not just the water portions.

The boys raced. Of course they did. And Dean won. Because he's awesome like that.

Oh that's not suspicious at all. Also, hey, Sammy, Hulk much? The scraping out the faces thing? Creepy. Just saying.

Did he itch his way into his brain? Cause that would suck. Or did the bugs eat into his brain? Never mind. Locusts. Yeah, okay, I'm sick. I found the locusts climbing out of his head funny.

Bunch of dicks. Hmmm...has Raphael gone and done some variation of Gabriel? Well, less awesomely, of course.

'Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to Castiel to get his feathery ass down here. C'mon Cas, don't be a dick. We've got ourselves a plague-like situation down here. Do you copy?'

'Like I said. Son of a bitch doesn't answer.'

*pause* We can *see* the trenchcoat! Dean sees it.

'He's right behind me, isn't he?'


Cas likes Dean better! 'Dean and I do share a more profound bond. I wasn't gonna mention it.' And that sound would be the sound of a thousand fangirls exploding in joy. And that would be followed by the clicking of keys as fic is written at light speed.

'I think we can rule Moses out as a suspect.' *dies*

Dude. Raphael raided the candy jar.

Seriously. Cas likes Dean better. Also? Yay Cas! *loves him* His little snit fit? Awesome.

Sawed-off Staff of Moses? It's like an angelic shotgun!

He sold his soul to the angel? That's not at all demonic or anything...

Raphael! I'm telling you this without the painful soul reading. It's Raphael.

On the positive side, Cas did leave the kid unconscious.

Balthazar? Who the hell?

See? I told you Raphael's out there being a shit. Civil war in heaven anyone?

Also, Cas is still awesome. Actually, that should pretty much just go as read.

And they killed the plastic toy car Sam's been driving. Silver lining!

How can Raphael put the apocalypse back on track? Lucifer's back in the cage and I assume that he can't just yank him out or he would have. The key to unleashing Lucifer was very specific - Lilith's death. She can only die once, which she's done. So...

What's with the giant frog?

Cas, honey, your friend is *weird*.

And when Cas can tell the joke is bad, it's BAD.

'What's french for 12?'

Oh, yeah, frogs. Gotcha.

Really, Balthazar's more following Gabriel's footsteps than Cas'.

Heeeeeeeereeeeeeeee's Raphey!

MIB's! The bad angels are MIB's. Mwahaha!

*sigh* Cas is badass. Hmmm...Cas has gotten better with fighting, but apparently Raphael's had more practice?

Hee! He turned him to salt!

Umm...crap. Let the Balthazar/Cas fic begin!

'I believe the hairless ape has the floor.'

See? Cas does love Balthazar. Balthazar always wanted Cas, but Cas was too much the good solider to even notice it. And then he got sent to hell and earth and Dean happened, and now Cas loves Dean and Dean loves Cas, but Balthazar still loves Cas, and Cas now realizes it and maybe that he kind of wants Balthazar too. And now he's *torn* and there can be angst. This show gives me so many pairings!

Ben was an accurate wendigo for Halloween. Of course he was!

Yeah, we know Sam's been different. And it concerns us. Actually, you know, this Sam reminds me of the Sam from when Gabriel had killed Dean. Sammy, I'm pretty sure hell tortures *everyone*. It's *HELL*. And therefore you are full of shit.


*giggle* Twilight spoof vampires! 'These aren't vampires, they're douchebags!'

Also, Dean punched Sam! And the truth spell.

Hmm...'soon' means a break. Dammit. I think ep 4 is supposed to be Weekend at Bobby's, which, I believe, is the Crowley ep. And I want Crowley back!


  1. Was the first guy water to blood? But his whole body turned to blood, not just the water portions.

    I might have seen it wrong (I tend to look away during squicky scenes), but it looked like it wasn't entirely blood. We're 70% water, right? Maybe they took that really literally and w/all the water in all his little cells changing, that's what's left? I dunno.

    'I think we can rule Moses out as a suspect.'

    Ha! I missed that line. Who said it? Cas?

    Really, Balthazar's more following Gabriel's footsteps than Cas'.
    I wonder how many know that, though. I'm sure they didn't exactly announce it, and Cas had to dig a bit to figure it out.

    ...The Balthazar/Cas/Dean paragraph is just all around awesome.

    I totally missed that they said "soon" and not "next week." D: CROWLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'll have to go back and look. I *think* there were solid bits in there, but I took them to be pieces of clothing. And I sort of recall Sam saying he'd turned entirely liquid. Please hold.

    Picture is inconclusive...there are solid bits in there, and he seems to be more...spongy than entirely liquid or at least it's a thick liquid. Okay. Sam actually says 'most' of his meat, bones, etc. turned to blood.

    *grin* Yep. Cas said the Moses line.

    You're right. That was more a thought I had than a criticism of the line. As far as Balthazar and most of the other angels (maybe all of them?) know they're following Cas' example. But from this side of the fourth wall, I think Balthazar has more in common with Gabe. :)

    *takes a bow* Thank you!

    I saw the 'soon' and whined. I hate breaks! But yeah, CROWLEY!


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