Friday, October 1, 2010

Supernatural S06E02 - Two and a Half Men

Grampa Campbell is still creepy, even in the reviews. Just for the record.

Ooohhhhhh...shapeshifters. Always gooey.

More women in refrigerators! You know why it is? Women are so much more vulnerable, culturally, than men. Have a man run screaming through a house, covered in blood, clutching their baby? We will all mock. Have a woman do it? Instant fear and empathy.

Aww........poor baby. Definitely gonna be traumatised.

I remain convinced that the title card MEANS SOMETHING.

Woop. Happy Home is for rent? Where ya'll headed? *desires to reach through screen and pet Dean's head* Woobie.'s a *new* Happy Home. Gotcha.

I really do like Lisa.

Mmph. Suave Sammy. You do look good in a suit m'boy.

*sigh* Paranoid Dean is paranoid.

'Baby stew' - not a phrase I ever need to hear again. Thanks.

Shit. Now I want to pet *Ben's* head and smack Dean. He really is Dean's kid, I don't care what you say. Also, Dean, honey, keep the keys to your secret arsenal somewhere the curious boy cannot find them.

*sigh* Seriously, Dean can visit on alternate weekends. Cause I like him and Lisa, which is freaky coming from me for this show. I do not like girls with my boys on this show! But I like Lisa.

Dead daddy and mommy, check. Baby?

Here baby baby baby....

You know what Sam? Your floppy hair is a great handhold in a fight. You should cut it.

Oh, hey, guess what? Shapeshifter. In case the flashbacks to shapeshifters hadn't clued you in already.

Maybe this is where we get baby shapeshifter's from? Naw...I think it was mentioned that they all look freaky as kids too....

"I'm out." as he salts the windows and doors. Riiiiiiigggggggggggghhhhhhhhhttttttttttt.

Sammy has a baby! So cute!

Dean is a responsible paranoid person. It's good. Heh. 'no offense, but if you don't walk out that door, I'm going to shoot you!' I really do love Lisa!

Mmm...not the Impala, but the truck. He really does think it's only this one job, doesn't he?

I'm squeeing so hard I think dogs can ear it! Sam and Dean shopping for baby stuff! So freaking awesome! There's totally a fic series based on this. I know I've red it. OMG, just, all of it! Dean crying back at the baby!

Boys, don't be stupid. Yeah, that's what I thought. Laser eyes!

Totally a baby shifter.

He's humming Metallica! Smoke on the Water. Which is *not* Metallica. It's Deep Purple. Which I did not know til I just googled it. The Deep Purple bit, not the not-Metallica bit. I knew Smoke on the Water was not Metallica.

Wait, wait, which one said Bobby and which one said John? *rewinds* Dean said Bobby, Sam said John. Okay. Back to the show!

Dean's good with kids!

He totally is your kid Dean. Ben, not shifter-baby.

You know, the lighting is back to normal now. I may have been wrong about the dream stuff from ep one. Maybe the lighting was just...dream like because the Happy Home was a fantasy that couldn't ever really last?

Can't both go. Baby. *chokes* Whiskey to calm the baby. No, no, nothing wrong with Dean's parenting skills at all.

Baby shifters. I'm telling you, the shifter is running around impregnating women and then killing the parents and stealing his offspring. Baby. Shifters.

Dean's relationship with the Magic Fingers is slightly disturbing.


That's why 6 months. That's when the powers kick in.

Poor baby! I think shifting hurts.

Hey, it's a shifter cult/colony. Wanna bet?

Don't take the baby to Samuel. Really. You don't know them as well as you think you do, Sammy.

And now we're at the Campbell Compound. I am not worried about this at. all.

No! Do not hand him over to creepy not-grandpa!

Dean does not believe your shit.

Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh....Sam needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Thou shalt not tell Dean's secrets to the 'family'. Wait, wait, we're fostering out the shifter baby to creepy Christian?

How's the shifter Samuel? What? Whoops. There goes Mark. It was 'Mark', wasn't it?

And now we've caught an adult shifter. We're expanding our- oh, wait, no. Not so much.

Bobby's panic room is nicer.

Heh. Shifter strength!

Why's it keep shifting?

To be fair, the shifter didn't just kill everyone. Nice.

Alpha monsters?

I don't think it was Sam's plan, but I think it was Samuel's. Oh, don't prove me wrong Sammy.

Who's he talking to? Who's in charge? Samuel's got a boss. The thick plottens.

Lisa's sending him back to the fight! And yes, he really does want Happy Home. He just doesn't know how to have it, and he never will. I'm sorry about that. But Dean was broken in very specific ways by his childhood and everything that's happened. He *wants* Happy Home, but he can't have it full time.

See? Alternate weekends!


Oh, god, the Impala sequence! Shut up! I think I might be actually purring. S'cuse me, I'll be in my bunk.

Preview: Cas! Sorry, sorry, let me do that properly: CAS! Also, yadda, something, plagues, etc. Whatever. CAS!


  1. I love that your alternate weekends idea seems to be working out, and I really really hope Lisa wasn't lying. :D

    You somehow just gave me the theory that Samuel is working for Cas. I...I don't know. That feels so very very wrong. But it's in my head now and won't leave.

    I'm so glad you have the ability to rewind and check that! I was looking away from the screen at the time and was wondering that too. I guessed right, but it's good to know.

  2. Me too! I like Lisa, and I really want her to be doing this for the right reasons, not because she thinks that Dean really doesn't want life with her and Ben. Because he does.

    Huh? What? No. I mean, I'm not thinking that Samuel's working for Cas. I don't want that. Really. Maybe Raphael though. I heard he's going to be back.

    Yeah, see, I love my dvr for so many reasons, but the ability to rewind live tv is up there. I find it interesting about which brother said which 'dad'.

  3. No, I know that's not where you were going with that. :D It somehow occurred to me as a possibility while I was reading and even though I know it sounds weird and doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, Samuel could be on the level, and/or Cas could be sort of a jerk right now since he went back to Heaven. I think it's possible, but I also hope (and mostly think) that it's wrong. I like the Raphael theory a lot better. :)

    Also, my roommate and I were watching "Dark Side of the Moon" last night, and I just realized Ash says he hasn't seen their parents. I wonder if whoever brought Samuel back also brought them back, and maybe they'll be in this season? Hmmmm... (I also figure there's probably already speculation on this that I just haven't seen, and I'll probably go look at some point. But yeah.)

    The first time I wrote this comment, I had a really long analysis of why Dean said Bobby...but it wouldn't let me post for some reason, and I don't think I remember enough to reproduce it. It was probably too long and boring anyway, and almost definitely nothing you haven't seen or thought of before. :D So I'll skip it this time.

  4. sanil,

    I know you know. :)

    Hmm...I suppose that it's possible that Samuel is on the level (I don't think so though - he clearly has some 'master' that he doesn't want anyone else to know about, and that makes him suspicious no matter what else), but I just can't see the reason for Castiel to be having him collect monsters. If Cas is now the head honcho in heaven, what's the point?

    Now, Raphael, him I could see. He's made an enemy of the new boss - big time. He *knew* what was going on (as opposed to the run of the mill angels who were following orders and didn't know that they weren't coming from Chuck anymore) and was all on board with the jump start the apocalypse plan, so he's got to assume that Chuck is less than pleased with him at this point. Cas may have even exiled him from heaven or stripped him of archangel powers, we don't know! I can see him yanking Samuel out of heaven (which, admittedly, if he was stripped of power he would have had to have done before that happened, but I'm not sold on the stripped of power bit - it just came to me) for some schemey purpose of his own.

    But I still think that Chuck must have yanked Sam out of the cage, because I see no evidence that even an archangel has enough juice for that.

    There's always speculation about John and Mary making an appearance, especially JDM. It's possible, I suppose, but I don't see a reason for it. Not that it couldn't happen, but right now I can't figure out a purpose for bringing back the elder Winchesters. I just took Ash's comment that he hadn't seen them as a hint that they were together in their own private heaven. I seem to recall Ash mentioning that some couples, soul mates and the like, got that. Got joint heavens. Plus, at that point, no one knew that the apocalypse *wasn't* going to go off as the angels and/or Lucifer wanted, so I don't think people started getting yanked out of heaven until after the apocalypse that wasn't, wasn't.

    Hmmm...the reasons that Dean said Bobby and Sam said John are fairly obvious, but they also say a lot about the personalities of each brother and what kind of men they really are. I would have loved to have seen your analysis, but I accept that blogger eats things. It's annoying. :p


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