Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashion Advice Needed!

So, I have a wedding to attend on October 10. Yes, the wedding date is 10/10/10. The bride jokingly said it was the only way the groom was going to remember their anniversary, and it sort of just happened. Anyway. Because I am still losing weight and have no real desire to spend any money on an outfit that I will likely not be able to wear in another couple of months, I am trying to put together something out of my non-work wardrobe.

It's a second marriage for both of them, and an afternoon wedding, so not formal in an insane way at all. Plus, I'm neither *in* the wedding, nor related to either party, so I don't feel the need to go crazy with the fancy.

One outfit I thought might work is the black and white one ya'll've seen before, but I took a new picture:

White top with the black and white skirt. In case you can't tell, the pattern on the skirt is flowers and leaves done in white. I also tried it with a black jacket, but I think the jackets a little much.

This is the only outfit I really thought all the way through. The shoes I was considering are this nice dark metallic blue pair I have, illustrated below:

And for jewelry I was thinking my opal necklace/earring set.

While I was rummaging, I found this red top which I thought might be better with the color, but I really don't think so. Yet I include because of my own fashion impairedness.

And for my last option so far, the same skirt with a black top that I love very much, but haven't ever worn anywhere because, well, I don't go out much and it's not a 'work' top. Now, don't think that I'm stuck on the skirt - I do have other skirts, but I didn't feel like changing into all the different skirts tonight. And I think this one actually looks good with the top.

My Dad says I need a clunky necklace with it, but the only one I own is my amber necklace, and I'm not sure about that both from the fashion side of it, and the fact that it's one of my few real pieces of jewelry, and I'd probably kill someone if something happened to it.

Oh! Bonus points to anyone who spots the change that I've made to myself since the last picture. :)


  1. I actually like the white shirt, black jacket, and skirt. It flatters your figure and it creates a bit more of a waist than the other options. Plus its a little different, which I like :)

    If you like the others Id add a wide black belt over the shirt just for a little flair, and it dresses up the outfit a little.

  2. I like the black jacket as well. I can't tell the material and you said it was "a little much," but I actually thought it looked good. I personally like black because it's more slimming than white so I wear black quite a bit. (Ever notice my Syrian pics with all black pants? :-D)

    The red top is pretty (I love red) as is the last black top. I don't like plunging necklines on me - not brave enough, but I think they look fine on people who have the confidence for them. Instead of a chunky necklace, I wonder what a lightweight scarf would look like. Then again you are in FL ... but I'm thinking REALLY lightweight.

    Cute shoes although I don't usually pair black and dark blue together. But I'm not a fashion expert .. just giving my two cents since you asked. :)

    Eager to see what you choose!

    What other skirts do you have? :)

  3. OH theyre Blue! Yeah you can totally do that. Try echoing the dark blue up top with a necklace or something. That will tie it together. Or a belt!

    I like belts lol

  4. I thought you'd gotten a haircut but wasn't sure. But since you commented that you changed something, I'm gonna guess that's it. :D It's cute, I like it.

    The last one is definitely my favorite. Very pretty. The top with or without the jacket as second choice. I like the red top but not with that skirt.

  5. I like the last one as well, but the white with jacket also looks nice.

    Ah, you tucked your hair behind your ear??

    Love the shoes!

    You can buy a nice freshwater pearls necklace. Or maybe just dangling earrings of some kind?

  6. LK,

    The jacket isn't too much black? That's what I thought when I said it might be 'too much'.

    Hmmm...I don't own any wide belts.

    Hah! Yes, the shoes are a dark blue. at first they look black, but when the light starts to hit them you can see that they're just a very deep blue. I love them, but they have absolutely no traction, so I need to fix that if I decide to wear them.

    I'll have to check but I don't think I own any dark blue jewelry. Not that I can't find some, of course. :) Hmmm...

    My sister actually likes the third outfit (the black top), maybe with the black jacket, and my chunky amber necklace. But then I think I'd have to just wear black heels. Which isn't a problem, of course.

  7. Susanne,

    It's not the material so much as me thinking maybe it was too much black. :) The coat itself is actually a very simple, thin thing.

    I like that red top, I just don't think it works with the skirt now that I actually looked at it. But I included the picture because I thought I should put the idea out there.

    All the scarves I have are, I think, way too big to be worn around my neck unless it's cold! I bought them with hijab in mind after all. :)

    I like the shoes and think that they can go pretty well with black, personally, but then again I'm not a fashion expert either!

    I have *lots* of skirts. Many colors, and most of them have floral patterns. I have a few solid color skirts - mostly black, if I'm remembering correctly, with one or two solid browns. I'd have to rummage through the closet to be certain.

  8. Actually I think your shoes will pair well with black. They sound cool! I should have clarified that I don't like navy and black, but dark blue especially how you described the shoes sounds pretty charming. :)

  9. sanil,

    *dingdingding* And sanil wins the points! I'm not sure what you can use the points for, but you've won them. :)

    I got my hair cut shorter. :) It's the shortest I've ever had it I think, and I really love it!

    Secretly, I think the last is my favorite too. :) My sister thinks she likes that last one, but maybe with the jacket. I haven't tried it out yet though, so I don't know how it looks.

    The red top is nice, but not with that skirt, no. :)

  10. Suroor,

    The last one seems to be the favorite out of everyone I've asked. I made my family do the fashion show thing last night. :)

    Ah, you tucked your hair behind your ear??

    Well, yes, that too! Though that's more habit than a change, I think. :) I got another two or three inches chopped off.

    Love the shoes!

    Aren't they just fabulous? I have another pair that I love, navy and white stripped, with a little tan strap/buckle near the toe, but sadly my feet appear to actually be shrinking, and I keep walking out of them. Since they're 3 inch heels, this is a problem. *mourns the awesome shoes*

    You can buy a nice freshwater pearls necklace. Or maybe just dangling earrings of some kind?

    I actually have a pearl necklace, but they're pink pearls (a very light color of pink, but still definitely pink).

    I do have plain skirts, but I'm pretty sure that I only have either black or brown in plain. Everything else has patterns on it.

  11. Susanne,

    You don't like navy and black? It's kind of a classic, isn't it? I think it might just be a little dark for your tastes!

    Really, I'm just looking for an excuse to wear these shoes. :) I don't get to wear them often, and I'm afraid that with the foot shrinkage that's going on, I won't be able to wear them much longer.

  12. if your shoes are slippery you have a couple options

    1) put duct tape on the bottom. It creates traction

    2) scuff the bottoms with a knife

    3) find that tread material used on ramps at a hardware store and stick it to the bottom of your shoe. It really works well on stage LOL

  13. Praise the Lord.

    I personally love the combination of the red top with that skirt. But the black top at the bottom has a wonderfully figure-flattering effect. I wonder if there isn't a way to achieve a similar effect - via the use of accessories - with the red top? Hm...

    God bless you

  14. I like navy and black, but not together in MY clothes. I always think they are too close and clash. :/


  15. I think the black top looks awesome!

  16. I vote for the black top with the skirt. The entire time I was reading the post, I was thinking, "she needs a black top with that skirt." The white is too summery, although you are in Florida.

    Cute hair cut.

  17. LK,

    We're actually going to scuff the bottoms with sand paper. It gives great traction. The only reason I haven't done it to these shoes before is because I only wear them rarely, and it's always been to places that I already know have carpet. But the place the wedding is being held is tiled. :)

  18. caraboska,

    Thanks. I'm not sure we could get the same effect with the waist line with the red top. I experimented a bit, but nothing worked. The black top is the hands down favorite, so that's what I'm going with. Now to accessorize!

  19. Susanne,

    *nods* That's what I meant. :)

  20. Sarah,

    Thanks! I'm definitely going with the black top. :) I'm going out in a bit to shop and one of the things I'm looking for is a dark blue necklace. We'll see what I come up with.

  21. Alana,

    Black top it is. I like the white top, but yeah, the black works better. And thanks, I love the new hair too. :)

  22. I like the second one with the vest and the last one best. Maybe you could buy a couple accessories to finish the outfit. Those will continue to be useful with weight loss. A waist belt, purse or necklace to go with the shoes?

  23. Candice,

    I'm going with the black top. :) I'm not really a belt person, but I did go out and find a necklace and earrings to go with the shoes. :)


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