Thursday, September 16, 2010

CW Smoosh

1. ONE WEEK TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Well, okay, like, a week and a day. Whatever. I saw the trailer for Season 6, and oh, gods, it was beautimus! (Though, worryingly, I think I saw Lisa get shot, and much as I am not a fan of the Dean settling down idea, I kind of like Lisa, and do not want her dead. Kay?) I got my blurays, and will be having an season 5 marathon with added Ghost Facers!

2. Vampire Diaries - you bear little to no resemblance to the books. I don't understand why, after Damon tried to kill the kid brother, everybody's just all, 'oh, it's *Damon*' and trusting him and letting him run about town anyway. I hate Bonnie. Period. Please make her go away. Also, cease dicking around with the werewolf storyline. Everyone gets it by now. It's not a surprise. 'Kay?

3. Smallville - I demand two freaking things of this final season: 1) FLIGHT, YOU BASTARDS! 2) BATMAN! You have the freaking Justice Society, and most of the League, and I very damn well want BATMAN.


  1. They already said when they first started Smallville that Clark will not fly. They already pushed it with putting him in the suit. So sadly, I dont think he'll fly till they decide to end the show.

    But yes, Batman should come hang out. Though Green Arrow was a nice touch. I heart Ollie.

    BTW check my other blog. There is a music video you have to see...for the geeks and gamer girls :)

  2. *grr* I don't remember that. Maybe they've changed their minds? This is the last season after all. It doesn't make any sense to *not* have him fly. I mean, any other Kryptonian who shows up gets their powers and can fly in like two minutes. Clark's been on earth his whole life and he doesn't get off the ground?

    Yeah, I'm happy about the inclusion of Ollie, though the whole Chloe/Ollie thing is blegh. I want him with Black Canary, people. I'm even thrilled that they had Michael Shanks to play Hawkman, even though I'm not a big Hawkman fan (I am a big Michael Shanks fan though). But I am first and foremost a Batman girl. And they need to have Batman. C'mon, it's the World's Finest!

  3. I thought they established that Damon was hypnotic. Did I imagine that? He just smiles at people and they go all melty and let him do what he wants. :D

    I haven't seen much of Vampire Diaries, I think I had class during it or something. But I like what I've seen! Never read the books, though.

    I will not watch Smallville again until Lex comes back. And I think that means "never."

    But yes, SUPERNATURAL! Very very soon!

  4. Damon has the ability to hypnotize like all the vampires, but these are people that he can't hypnotize, like Stephan and Elena (she's wearing the vervain, which keeps the mojo from working on her.) And Elena *saw* him snap her brothers neck! I mean, come on!

    I like the show, really. It's good, but it's just not the books, which I read and loved when I was a little teeny-bopper. It's kind of like True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books it's based on. I like them both, but I have to remember not to compare the two, because they are both too similar and too divergent at the same time.

    He might come back like, at the end of the show, maybe? I haven't heard anything like that, but it would make sense since when they had the Legion eps, they mentioned that Lex was Clark's greatest enemy...wishful thinking on my part, maybe. I love Michael Rosenbaum.

    The countdown has begun! *twitches* Give it to meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


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