Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Library

A few posts back, Susanne made the off hand comment that I 'had a lot of books'. My first thought to that was, 'You have no idea.' So I decided to share 'the Library'!

This is the first set of shelves, on the biggest wall in the room. Turning to the right, past the door to my bathroom, we have:

More books! And to the right of that, beneath my tv:

My books on ghosts and magic. Next to that, we have the Comics room:

And because I am nothing if not thorough, the Comics room also houses half of my dvd collection:

To the right of the Comics room is my first short book shelf:

There are books, of course, behind the stack of manga. The manga stacked up there are the ones I haven't read yet. You see part of my bed, and then, to the other side of the bed, my other short shelf:

To the right of *that*, we have my closet. Which houses (aside from my clothes), the other half of my dvds:

And to the right of the closet, we have my last book shelf:

Heh. And my super sekrit hidey hole o'books, Under the Bed!

It's hard to see, sorry, but there are four or five rows of books/manga under there.

So, yeah. I have a lot of books/comics/dvds. My collection makes me very, very happy!


  1. Oooooh, I LOVED this tour of your room to see all your collections! Wow! :D It seems you keep the bookstores in business! Ha, ha! Do you have them separated by genre? Or alphabetized or what? Thanks for sharing. Loved it!

  2. Can I come stay at your house?! lol. I love this...I love all those books. I just posted my reading list for this month after reading your blog. I might even post a pic of my shelves someday.


    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Your library makes me jealous. :D It is very pretty, especially the comic book room.

  4. Its a geek palace!!!! I want to go NOW!

    Comic book room....yum....

  5. And I thought I had a book problem! ;-)

  6. Susanne,

    I swear I've put the Amazon peoples kids through college. And I'm better than I used to be. I honest to God used to have double this number of books, but I had to get rid of half because I had absolutely no place to put them all.

    I have them separated into general fiction (alpha by author, and then each series, assuming it is a series, is ordered into the internal timeline of the series - if it's not a series then the books are just alpha'd by title for each author), then I have specific fandoms together (separate from the general fiction population) - so the StarGate books are all together, and the Star Trek, Star Wars, SPN, Torchwood, etc. either alpha by author/title or in series order, depending. After those come the nonfiction, which are simply alpha by author/title, and then the manga, which is alpha by title. The comics are alpha by title in their boxes, and then in series order, of course and the dvd's are alpha by title.

    Got it? :)

  7. Shell,

    Sure! Everybody can come and we can have a giant book commune! :) should totally share a pic of your shelves! I love looking at books on shelves - there's just something very peaceful and happy making about it!

    Then again, I may be odd. I just love everything about books. The feel, the smell, everything!

  8. sanil,

    Your library makes me jealous. :D

    My work here is done! *lol*

    Actually, the comics room needs cleaned up. That pile down there at the end is all the comics I need to get into the boxes. But it's a narrow room, so I have to haul all the boxes out to get all the way into them. So that waits for vacation days.

  9. LK,

    That was my goal, yes. :) A little slice of geek heaven, all for me!

    *hugs the comics room* I lucked out and wound up with two closets, and God knows I'm not a clothes horse. So I adapted! I remember when I had all those boxes of comics stored in the same little closet with all my clothes. It was hellish. *love her comics room*

  10. Anna,

    And I thought I had a book problem! ;-)

    I view it not so much as a 'problem' as a life style choice! It's all about your perspective. ;)

  11. This is beautiful! I admit, I love looking at people's bookshelves. It really gives you insight into a person. : ) I'll post bookshelves pictures when I get back next year and settled into whatever new place I get. Such a good idea, using short bookshelves as nightstands! Book storage and table space in one. : ) Looking at all your books makes me miss my own library - currently in (ARRGH!!) non-climate controlled storage. : ( Trying to explain the damage heat and cold can do to books - especially older ones - is just impossible when it involves a nonbook person. I have a few boxes of comics, but not as many as you do. I'm going to be doing a lot of praying that none of my books are damaged... : )

    While we're on this subject, check out this article:

  12. Heather,

    I certainly think it's a beautiful sight! :)

    I can't wait! I'll be looking forward to seeing your shelves when you get back and settled. *nods* It's all about maximizing the book space.

    *flail* I feel you pain! There was a while when my books were stored in our shed. Ugh. I was out there *every day* checking on them until I got the shelves up, and then I hauled all the books in myself. I mean, good Lord, I live in Florida! The freaking humidity on my babies!

    I'll join you in praying that your books are safe while you're gone!

    Oh, I love that article. So much truth. I think that should be one of the first things when dating. 'Let me see your bookshelves. I need to evaluate your reading habits!'

  13. Yep, you're right! I can't believe I didn't have "bookish" on my list of things I want in my hubby. : ) After all, if he buys books all the time, too, then he can't say anything about me doing so. : D

    I'm on a books on books kick right now. I'm currently enjoying House Beautiful's "Decorating with Books". I love to look at the pictures and see if I can recognize a book just from the type or design on the dust jacket spine.

  14. That's right. He can't complain if he has the same addiction! :)

    I've done that, looked at the spines of books in pictures and tried to figure out what book they are. I do so love the way they look on shelves. So pretty.


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