Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Movie: The 19th Wife

I really liked this book, and I was looking forward to seeing what Lifetime would do with the material.

I was, sadly, disappointed.

They changed so very, very much of this book. The overall plot was the same, but details were changed, and the changes were not for the better.

Things I did not like:

1. They changed Jordan - he's no longer gay, for one very huge thing.

2. The relationship between Queenie and Jordan. The implications that they had a relationship beside brother and sister. Ugh.

3. The *ending*. I won't say what they changed, for spoiler purposes. But the book did it so much better.

In very short conclusion - read the book, skip the movie.


  1. Oh, thanks for the review on the movie! Sorry it was disappointing.

  2. *pht* I was very disappointed, and almost stopped watching half way through, but I stuck it out just in case I was misreading the actors and they'd 'correct' the characterization towards the end. No joy. Reminded me of why I avoid Lifetime programs in the first place.

  3. I read the book, a while ago and I can honestly say, I think I may have leant something about mormons from the book,how they came to be pioneer wise... but the "flashbacks", were a bit much. so I am wondering how that was incorporated in to the book.

  4. Slice,

    I think I learned from the book too. It was well written and very interesting.

    Hmm...the movie focused on the modern crime more than the historical Ann Eliza Smith stuff. I think there were maybe three or four brief flashbacks. Not much at all.


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