Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Life Is So Exciting

Dad and I spent 30/45 mins rescuing a snake that had gotten itself tangled in the bird netting we have over the chicken pen.

We were eaten alive by mosquitoes and probably have malaria *and* encephalitis now.

Hopefully the snake will be okay, since he'd gotten himself *really* tangled and we're not positive we got it all off, since he took off as soon as we cut him free. We got at least 99% of it though. Dad was very careful to get it off without cutting the snake more, and the snake was very docile about the whole process.


  1. Wow! I never heard anyone do that before. I am in awe really.

    You are such kind souls. God bless! I know so many people here who would have just killed the snake.

    I love reading such anecdotes; they show me the beauty of human beings.

  2. I hope you don't get malaria! Was it a black snake? They are good to have around the property. Thanks for sharing about this exciting event!

  3. Its a snake a snake Ooooooo its a snake!

    lol. Hope you and the snake are ok. That was so nice of you and your dad to free it from the fence.

  4. Suroor,

    Seriously, it wasn't a big deal. Snakes have just as much right to live as the cute and fluffy animals! I felt so bad for the poor little guy though. I don't know how long he was stuck in there, but he was still pretty lively so it can't have been all day.

    To be honest, if he'd been a poisonous snake, I would have killed him. There'd have been no way to get him out without getting bit. And if he'd been too badly cut up, I would have killed him because otherwise it would have just been leaving him to die slowly somewhere. So it's really just good luck on his part that he was harmless and not wounded badly. :)

  5. Susanne,

    Yep. Friendly neighborhood black snake. I used to catch them with a friend when I was a kid. We'd catch them, play with them a bit, and then release them. They were never aggressive and neither was this one. Though he didn't quite get that holding still would have been more helpful and kept trying to pull himself out of the net which was just making it worse. :)

  6. LK,

    We have lots of snakes out here! Once a neighbor killed a rattler that stretched all the way across their front lawn when they laid it out. *Those* are scary.

    Dad and I made it, and the snake looked okay too when he booked it for the trees. :)


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