Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Photographic Experiment

Below are two pictures. The only difference (aside from my dog apparently being the devil in the first one, hello!), is my pose.

Try to look at both pictures almost as though you don't know me. What are your impressions of the girl in the pictures? Are they different for each picture? The same?


  1. So pretty! But to answer your questions...You look happier and more approachable in the second picture. Less like you're posing...though that may just be because you're looking away from the camera. It's hard not to pose and feel self-conscious when you're looking at a camera.

  2. I agree with Sanil. First of all, cute outfit! Secondly, you have a lot of books, huh? ;-) :-D

    The body language speaks volumes. First picture says, "What do you want now?" or simply stare down because you just heard the most idiotic thing. Or it's a demand my rights type of thing - almost. Though the face might be a bit angrier for that.

    The second one looks more feminine, playful, flirty (if I may), "aw shucks, thanks." Approachable as Sanil said. Friendly, cheerful.

    I think it has to do with the facial expression (smile vs. stare), posture (hands on hip vs. more casual). I would think I'm bothering you if I saw number 1, but if I saw number 2, I'd find it easier to say, "Nice weather we're having, isn't it?"

    I'd be more likely to strike up a conversation with Amber 2 than Amber 1.

    So, yeah, great experiment. Fun, too!

  3. Another look a bit more confident in picture 1, whereas in pic 2 you look a bit more shy.

    I tend to prefer a bit more shy people than in-your-face confident so I'd be more likely to approach the second lady than the first. The first looks like she is waiting for an errant child to come after playing too long with the neighbor kids. I might get scolded if I spoke to her. ;)

  4. me likey number 2. love the skirt, beautiful print.

    looking good Amber!

    so what is the picture for? or is that another post???

  5. You look good in both pics :-) I love that skirt!

  6. You've been tagged! See my latest blog post for details:

  7. Thanks guys! I appreciate the compliments, too. :)

    Anyway. The point of the post was to test something a friend of mine told me. She said that women are culturally supposed to hold a specific pose, in photos, or in public a certain attitude, the 'girly pose' is what she called it. In photos, it's supposed to be weight on one leg, the other sort of cocked, raised, spine curved, emphasising the hips, eyes not directly looking at the camera. It's the feminine position. When we don't hold that, when we hold the masculine position - firmly planted on both feet, eyes meeting the camera (the eyes of whoever's looking at the picture), people find it off putting.

    p.s. Susanne, I'm actually smiling in both pictures. But you can see it better in the second one. :p

    p.p.s. Thanks caraboska!

  8. That's a smile?? :-O

    Oh, I liked what you shared. Hmmm, I think that makes some sense as the first picture DID make you seem less approachable and, I guess, aggressive somehow. Or aggravated. And definitely the second picture looked more girly/feminine. So it seems your friend had a good point. :) I think I mix it up. I often will look at the camera, but I also tend to not have that firm stance. actually I need to review my pictures and see about that.

  9. Well it was *meant* to be one...

    I was trying for a small, natural smile, not one of those huge, cheesy ones. :p


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