Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chuck favors the scorched earth approach to cleaning house

I did not make this macro. You can tell by how awesome it is. I found it on my comp, so I dl'd it from somewhere. And it bears *no* relation to this post!

I had a thought. Maybe this whole apocalypse thing was GodChuck cleaning house? The angelic hierarchy clearly misunderstood the concept of free will, which I believe he was trying to get them to use by his absence. So he had them removed from power, basically, and tested Castiel (giving him a crash course in human via Winchester), then when he passed the tests, gave him phenomenal cosmic powers and put him in charge of everything. (Also Chuck is clearly a Cas fanboy.) He knew that Michael and Lucifer would be unable to change (though I think he really was still giving them that last chance to come together as brothers) and so having them both in the pit gives them all of eternity to fight/make up. Plus, the Apocalypse can never happen again. It requires Lilith's death to open the cage, right? Well, she can only die once. So...problem solved. The Apocalypse happened, but didn't really happen. Loose end tied up. Major players (Azazel, Alistair, Lilith, the Horsemen (except for Death, who winds up being kind of cool)) have all been wiped from the board. I think humanity might be the best off supernaturally speaking it's been in millennium. Erm...I swear I had more thought to this, but I'm distracted by Gabriel on the tv. Oh! Also, gave Gabe a chance to 'come home' and redeem himself. Ish. Bring back Gabe!


  1. YES. This makes so much sense. I was very confused w/what Chuck might be up to and frustrated w/his not acting. But I like this explanation. So thank you.

    though I think he really was still giving them that last chance to come together as brothers

    That is my interpretation as well. I mean, if I remember right (and it's been awhile, so it's possible I don't) Sam already had control and was going to get Lucifer locked away when Michael showed up all pouty-faced and took over. I think they've both been really lonely in the few thousand years or however long they've been separated, and even if all they've done since the season finale is fight, it's better than being apart.

    Also, YES, bring Gabriel back. He brought Cas back! I think Gabriel is already back and just relaxing somewhere. Getting involved w/Winchesters never leads to good things, so he's just staying away while he can. Playing tricks on soft drink delivery guys. :D

  2. I just finished rewatching Swan Song. Michael and Lucifer meet and talk and then Dean shows up, and Cas Molotov's Michael, and Lucifer explodes Cas again. But the conversation between Michael and Lucifer is really heartbreaking. I don't know whether or not to believe Lucifer when he asks Michael to just walk off the chess board with him. To not fight. I *want* to believe it, because I want this to be fixable between them. But it is Lucifer...

    Anyway. Yes, by the time Michael shows back up Sam is already in control and getting ready to jump into the pit. It's Sam who grabs Michael and pulls him down with him. Although I think it's also possible that Lucifer was all on board taking Michael in with him because an eternity together is better than an eternity apart. Umm...crap. I may be shipping them.

    Yeah! Gabe is recuperating. Poor baby. *pets his head* Want me to bring you an asshole to torment?

  3. Didn't you say in a way earlier entry that Lucifer doesn't lie? He tells the truth in a really tempting and sort of deceptive way. I took him at his word, I think he wanted to end it. In a happy way, not the "I win" way.

    Ohhh, ok. I didn't remember that scene quite right apparently. Interesting. STILL. They have been my favorite pairing since I saw that episode.

  4. Yep. Lucifer doesn't need to lie. It's more the way he presents the truth.

    I think I just phrased the whole I'm worried because it's Lucifer thing. I'm worried because if he did convince Michael to join him it would mean Michael was rebelling, and Lucifer would totally fan those flames and humanity would crash and burn. But yes, I totally believe that Lucifer wants Michael with him more than anything else.


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