Saturday, September 11, 2010

Even My Subconscious Is Fashion Impaired

The actual content of the dream doesn't matter - it was just mundane, every day stuff. I either dream of boring real life things, or monsters and severed heads. My brain is odd.

However, for once I remembered what I was wearing in the dream, and it's actual clothes that I own!

I woke up and thought, 'hell, I was the niqabi Joker!' and had to pull everything out and put it together as proof that I cannot be trusted to shop alone:

In case you have a hard time telling, this is my brown jilbab paired with a purple scarf (in the dream I had it draping down sort of like in the picture), my black full-face niqab, and the green scarf as hijab.

The purple and green is, essentially, the Joker's color scheme.

Seriously. Why can't my subconscious have better taste?


  1. Bismillah. Very amusing. I am surprised to find out that you own a niqab :) Are we allowed to know how that came about?

  2. LOL Joker Niqabi will send evil toys after us! And play evil jokes! AHHHHHH!

  3. LOL! That's hilarious! I get where you're coming from, though. I swear, when the "style and fashion" gene was handed out, I was absent. XD

  4. caraboska,

    Low impulse control? *lol* It was on sale, and I wanted it!

    I actually own three niqab, two half-niqab and this one that's the full face, plus it has three layers, so if I put them all down, you can't even see my eyes.

    I kind of secretly want to be a niqabi sometimes, honestly. I like the idea of being totally anonymous sometimes. When I bought this one, though, I joked that it was my 'emergency' niqab. Like, if I was somehow magically transported to Saudi Arabia or somewhere where I needed a niqab, I'd have it! :) Or if I ever met niqabi's, I could hang out with them in public and blend in!

  5. LK,

    *lol* Apparently I'm a supervillain in my dreams! Who knew? And he's not even my favorite villain!

  6. Heather,

    I don't even think I was absent. I think I ran the other way! I once bought a shirt that was polka dotted, and really, really looked like a clown shirt. And I wore it for *years* until one day I realized exactly how fugly it was. *So* very sad...

  7. Bismillah. I sometimes find niqab tempting, to tell you the truth. But where I am, it would do nothing for me. For one thing, everyone who doesn't know me would think I'm a niqabi drag queen, and for another thing, if I happened upon anyone who does know me, they would know who it is FOR SURE. Kind of comes with being quite as tall as I am and on top of that being just about the only hijabi in town :)

  8. caraboska,

    While I don't have the height issue, it's true that where I live being a niqabi would in no way give me anonymity. Sure, no one who knew me would know it was *me*, but I'd garner a *ton* of attention, since I've only ever seen *four* hijabi in this area in the 27 years I've lived here, and never even a single niqabi. And, of course, if the people did know me, they'd automatically know it was me! :) I think it only gets you anonymity if there's a native niqabi population!

  9. Wait, what's wrong w/the Joker's color scheme? :D

  10. Love this post and the idea of you wearing an ugly polka dotted shirt for years! Funny dream and even funnier that you found the pieces so you could tell us and show us a picture in this post! :D

  11. You are so funny! I love people with a good sense of humour.

  12. sanil,

    Wait, what's wrong w/the Joker's color scheme? :D

    *smiles harmlessly* Nothing... nothing at all... *backs away slowly*

    It's weird - I don't really even think that it clashes (which may or may not be more evidence of my fashion issues...), and I guess that purple and green can work well together. I just so associate it with the Joker that that's all I can think about when I see it! :)

  13. Susanne,

    The shirt wasn't just ugly. It was *fugly*. Which is a whole new level of ugly. I have *no idea* why I thought it was a good idea to buy it and wear it. None.

    Hah. It was just so funny that I knew I had all of these things, and just...why did my brain decide to put all that together? So weird.

  14. Suroor,

    Thanks! I've definitely got a sense of humour, but no more than a sense. :)

  15. Makes sense. For some reason, I always think of the Hulk. I don't even like the Hulk. I never read or watched it, and I saw the movie (the Edward Norton one) once. Whereas I adore the Joker and have seen and read quite a few things with him. Weird.

    Random side note: I just clicked on the picture to make it big. I have that exact same scarf (the purple one)! It is my favorite, very pretty.

  16. I forgot all about it being the Hulk's scheme as well. I've never really been a fan of the Hulk, either. The Joker I know, cause, well, Batman.'s a very nice scarf. I think I got it at WalMart, actually.


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