Monday, September 13, 2010

You Spin Me Right Round...

Oh, good god! The A-Team kinkmeme has eaten my brain, and I've been obsessively searching through the net for more fic! The Big Bang doesn't come out until December, and I'm not sure I can make it!

For the love of all that is holy, WHY can't the dvds be out yet?!?

And YouTube only has bits and clips! Though Murdock is always awesome...


  1. I saw Inception again yesterday and thought of you....and I still don't understand half of that movie lol

  2. Hah! Third times the charm? What don't you understand? I am more than willing to discuss it. At length. Plus, I have the added bonus of having a copy of something which may or may not be this movie (I'm not saying one way or the other!), so I can review it at will. Badly, since it's not the worlds best copy, but whatever. I have it. All for meeeeeeeeeee!!!! It'll tide me over until *that* comes out on dvd. In extra special format, I am sure!

  3. LOL I have to process to figure out what it is exactly I dont get. But I definitely caught more of the Eames/Arthur relationship this time around

  4. Hee. Yep. It does that. But my offer for discussion stands. I am always willing to talk about this movie. Always. :)

    *nods* The Eames/Arthur is there, and it's not even all that subtle. Boys. I read on a fansite that Nolan stated that both Arthur and Eames had been in the military and knew each other from there. Which helps to explain their utter badassness.


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