Sunday, September 26, 2010

Supernatural S06E01 - Exile on Main Street

I liked the opening, the juxtaposition between the apple pie life activities and the things Dean used to do while hunting. I really think it's meant to be memories. Like...all these things remind him of these things he used to do in his real life.

Of *course* he keeps a gun and holy water under the bed. He's still Dean.

Okay, so the title shot. That usually has something to do with the season. Season 1 was sort of metallic, right? Season 2 was fire. Season 3 was demon smokey and lightning. Season 4 was wings. Season 5 was blood in the water. Season 6 is glass shattering? Maybe a mirror? The title is reversed in the shards. What's it MEAN?

It's weird, the whole episode is really brightly lit. It's not natural. *glares at show* Stop that! You're making me suspect that the *entire thing* is not real somehow. I mean, this is my second watching, so I know about the djinn and all, but this is different. It's *too* Mayberry.

Hi yorkie! So cute! Hellhound yorkie strikes again!

Hello girl.

Heh. Lisa is not falling for your shit Dean. This is part of why I think I love Lisa.

Hmmm...I wonder how many times Dean has gotten 'worked up over nothing' in this past year? It's like a solider coming home from a combat zone. PTSD out the yingyang. Lisa and Ben are *good* for Dean. Doesn't mean I want him settling down with them by any stretch.

Creepy bouncing ball...

Hi YED! Original, crunchy flavored no less!

Oh, Dean, you don't ever believe you can have nice things, do you? I blame John.

The *whole* sequence with Sam 'proving' he's Sam is wrong. If a hallucination cuts itself, why wouldn't you hallucinate blood? And how do you know that's really salted holy water? Hmmm? I want it to be Sam, but it's all just a little *too* easy. Something must explode!

Dear Dean - punch Sammy in the face.

Okay, problem: Sam didn't ditch in a field. It was a graveyard. And realSam would know that. And if this is just writer screw up, I will be disappointed. I believe it's a clue! How does Sam know that Dean's always wanted a family? I mean, it's true, but Dean's always portrayed Hunting as what he wants. Suspicious.

And oh, hey, look, I pulled a bunch of Campbells out of my ass.

Hey! Christian is that guy who was supposed to replace Daniel on SG for that one season. Um...yeah. That failed.

Okay, see, so I can see Chuck or maybe even Cas pulling Sam out of the cage. I lean towards Chuck, because Cas would have told Dean, and while an angel is the only thing that can yank a soul out of hell, I think it would require magnitudes more power to yank a soul and a body out of a cage designed to hold an archangel, so Chuck. But why pull down Samuel from heaven? Makes no sense. I call bullshit.

Oh! Maybe Raphael. He's still around, and likely pissed off. Maybe Samuel's working for him?


Assume it's all loaded. Heh. I love Bobby.

*grin* I do love this part where Dean realizes they've all been holding out on him and forcing him to live this life he thought he wanted.

You know, Hunter's don't really retire. The only one we ever saw was the guy in the asylum. Not the best example.

Because a monster always shows up. Dean can't have nice things. Except the Impala. And Sam. And Cas. And you, Lisa, but only on alternate weekends.

Hey! That's it. Do a Persephone thing and split Dean. Half the year with Sam, half the year with Lisa. And Cas can just pop in when the mood takes him.

Sam, I like your car, but the Impala is BETTER. It makes me happy deep inside.

*chuckle* I do like the conversation between Christian and Dean. Kick him in the ass, Dean. 'It's almost like I'm a professional.'

It's long been said that Dean was Mary's son while Sam was John's. I see nothing to contradict that in this ep.

Do not trust the resurrected grandpa!

There go the neighbors. They were creepy anyway.

I love the djinn tattoos. many things may have a personal vendetta against the Winchesters? My guess is a lot. The djinn are just the beginning.

Dean's subconscious brought his childhood boogey man out to play.

I wonder what the Campbell's are going to do with the girl djinn. And what else they might have locked away.

ep 2: was that Cas's voice saying 'he's a monster'? Or am I wish-hallucinating again? Is the baby eating the mom?


  1. I was trying to figure out the title shot too. I've got nothing. But we'll figure it out eventually. I'm very intrigued by your comments about this episode being brighter, and that makes me want to watch it again and look for it, because I didn't notice. But I think that fits with a lot of weird little inconsistencies from the episode (like Sam not knowing where he was buried, as you pointed out here), and I'm sort of loving the idea that none of this is real.

    BOBBY. *smishes* I love Bobby. I changed my mind (from my earlier post where I said I'm never allowed to meet Jim Beaver). I am going to one day save up money, go to a convention, and ask him for a hug. :D He's like a great big human teddy bear.

    Yeah, and even the guy in the asylum didn't really retire. He was still helping out. It is a lifelong job. And beyond.

    Hey! That's it. Do a Persephone thing and split Dean. Half the year with Sam, half the year with Lisa. And Cas can just pop in when the mood takes him.

    I like it! This should definitely happen.

  2. See, I'm wondering if the title shot is helping me to imply that this isn't real. The whole thing is just one or two steps *off*, which I think is on purpose and not new show runner things. So I think all the inconsistencies are on purpose and we'll get there. Ah...I missed all the wild speculation during the off season!

    Heh. I will one day make it to a convention, too. And I will HUG THEM ALL. But with Jim Beaver it will be the hug of comfortableness, because he is just a big teddy bear, isn't he? (All the other hugs will be groping hugs. I admit it.)

    Dean needs a rota for all the people he needs to spend time with.


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