Saturday, September 4, 2010

*flail* BOYS!


Crap. Now I have to go do yard work, and then go get a new cell phone battery. Wait for me, Season 4!

Oh, hi Pamela. I liked you...and Cas didn't mean it. Really.


  1. BEST MOMENT IN THE SERIES. (At least until I watch the rest and find other favorites. :D)

  2. Hah. I just saw you did a post on this scene too! It's awesome!

    I have to say, the hug, but before that, the look on Sam when Dean shows up at his door. That shift from hopeful to pain back to hopeful, while he's fighting with himself, telling himself that it *can't* be Dean, and steeling himself to have to attack and kill something that looks like his brother! *smishes them*

    Castiel's entrance is awesome too, but not as emotionally satisfying as the HUG. I think the boys really just need to hug more, over all.


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