Friday, September 17, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

So they released a poster for this, and I noticed something and now I'm wondering what it could mean.

Take a look:

Examine the poster, please, and let me know, do you notice anything there that shouldn't be, or not there that should? Take your time. It's odd....

I want this movie, please. Here's hoping it doesn't fall flat, because the first one was quite good, I thought.


  1. ..The thing making the shadow should be there? Or the shadow shouldn't be? That was all I could come up with. :D And I had to look at it for a really long time, so I hope that was what you meant.

    Also, is that a mirror behind the dog? It looks like it must be, but I can't see any lines for where it would touch the floor or anything.

  2. Oh! Also! If that is a mirror, the shadow doesn't show up in it, for some reason. :D

  3. Yes, there's the shadow with no person attached. And that is a mirror. If you look in the mirror, it doesn't quite reflect the room it should. Aside from the shadow not being there (which could be an angle issue, perhaps), the dogs tail is tucked in the mirror whereas it's up in the room, and the baby isn't reflected in the mirror and since it shows all of the crib it really should be.

  4. Oh, wow! Yeah, I didn't see any of that. Interesting!

    (I always did really badly at those "spot the differences" games as a kid.)

  5. I spent an inordinate amount of time studying this thing today. I clearly did not feel like working at. all.


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