Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smallville S10E01 - Lazarus

Right, this should have been done last week, but I was finishing up the rewatch of Supernatural season 5, and so am behind on everything else. Playing catchup, and I remained unspoiled, so this is all new to me.

Watching Lois give Clark opportunities is funny.

Cadmus = cloning. Duh.

Hey, wait, does this mean we can have Kon? Probably not.

Dear guy playing cloneLex. You're not Michael Rosenbaum. This disappoints me.

Also, shades of Ripley in Alien Resurrection with the destroying the faulty clones by fire.

Oh look, damsel-in-distress-Lois. Hi there. Also shades of season one - and The Friendship. Ah, memories.

I am fairly certain green plants don't burn quite that easily.

Oh, he set fire to the dead corn in the clearing. Why is there a clearing of dead corn in the middle of a live field? And how and when did he have time to set a bomb on the Planet?

Screw you. Not flight. Jumping.

Daddy's mad!

What's the darkness? Eclipso? Naw. He's a lame villain. Darkseid?

Wait, wait, maybe that's not Jor-El. CloneLex was in there. Maybe, no...the Big Scary Dark Villain. Maybe.

Hmmm...nekkid Ollie. Even all tied up and tortured. Nice.

Hey! BabyLex! Yeah, no, that can't end badly Tess.

And the toy solider in the fire is not ominous. At. All.

Did Chloe just do a Stupid Thing? Yes. Are we surprised? No.

And Lois went to Africa. Because she's His Greatest Weakness. Blarg. Whatever. We all know better.

John! Pa! I've missed you, Pa...

Clark, your hallucinations are scarily realistic. You might wanna look into that.

HA! Oh, did I call it or what? HULLO DARKSEID! Wait, wait, wait, does this mean DeSaad? Apocalypse? *makes flaily motions and noises*

Huh. Okay. No flying, and no Batman, but it's only the first ep. Now to watch Ghost Adventures (I know, I know. It's the Bad Crack and I can't stop.) And then to rewatch the premiere of Supernatural. I watched it live, but drunken premiere party with friends does not *quite* make a conducive environment for analyses. However, there is much love for Supernatural's new season. Hi BOYS!


  1. My goodness, is it really season 10? Wow.

    ...Lex? Lex is back? Kind of? Just a clone and not even Michael Rosebaum, which is SAD, but STILL. I love Lex. That might be enough for me to at least check it out again, even if I don't actually keep watching it.

  2. Yep. Season 10, and the Final Season. *makes bumbumbum ominous sounds*

    Lex is...kind of back. There are Lex clones. At least two. One who is aged to about 40? And dying. And running around making trouble at this point. And one who looks about 10? And might be a little psycho in hiding. He's *way* too sweet and all for being baby Lex and (I think) he might actually have all of adult Lex's memories. The other clone does.

  3. Oooo....Yeah, I'm gonna have to watch this. Thanks!

  4. Well if Darkseid is here things will get destroyed lol. I don't really watch Smallville but Im pretty sure Supergirl has been on it right? Because if she hadn't it could mean a Batman/Superman plotline...but I'm pretty sure she has already been introduced :(

  5. LK,

    Yes! Though he's sort of...vapory? Which I don't recall being a Darkseid power, so who knows. But I'm looking forward to Darkseid. He's an awesome villain.

    Yeah, Kara's been on the show already, and is gone again. I don't think they'll go the Superman/Batman plot line. Besides which they've still never introduced Batman to the show, and I'm not sure that would work without them already having a friendship.


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