Saturday, October 30, 2010

NaNoWriMo Begins Soon!

So, I'm going the fanfic route again this year. But instead of doing Anita Blake fic, like I usually do, or comics fic, I want to do Dresden Files fic.

Remember that awesome prompt where Marcone takes over the supernatural world? I want to write that. Since it's not *actually* like a prompty prompt, sent out on a community or anything but something posted on a personal lj under the heading of 'fics that need to be written by someone who is not me' I just posted asking the author if they mind if I try to write it. Hopefully they won't mind and I can try my hand at it. If not I've got a couple of other ideas. But not in Dresden-verse since this one has sort of taken over my Harry/Marcone muse.

*kicks feet idly*


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