Sunday, October 24, 2010

Smallville S10E05 - Isis

Ooohhh. So Lois accidentally stole the necklace way back in Egypt. Then how'd no one notice until it got time to display it? Don't they have manifests?

Hey! It's Jo for Eureka! Hi crossover actor.

Helmet? Their insurance doesn't cover the grappling gun. Yes, practical considerations.

Green Arrow Girls?

The curator's name is Adrianna? Who wants to bet me her last name is Tomaz? Hi comics shout out!

Can we give Ollie a sidekick? Name him Roy Harper and call him Speedy? I think it'd be like giving him a puppy. Something to watch out for and take care of. Not that he did so well with Roy in the comics of course...

Why does Lois sometimes dress like a nut? I mean I get it in the context of the show, but who would wear that outfit? Why theme dress up to cover the event? Is it a costume museum exhibit? No. No it is not. So why? Not that she doesn't pull off the outfit, of course. But still.

Well, Lois really needs to clean out her purse more obviously.

On an unrelated note, I love Tim Gunn.

Of course Ollie speaks Egyptian.

Heh. Clark can always one up his own big news.

'she dumped you.'

'hey! we broke up!'

And the epic love of Clark and Lois is mentioned.

It's cute that Lois is trying to be domestic. Well as domestic as she gets anyway. She brought donuts.

And I still hate Cat.

Hey Lois! You do kind of look/sound like all you're wearing is the jacket and the boots.

Someone make Ms. Perky go away!

Geeze Lois, just pee on the whole area why don't you?

Wow. Apparently being possessed by Isis blows off a buttoned and tied coat *and* redoes your make-up. Who knew?

Confused Clark is cute.

See? If you could fly you could follow her, dufus.

Really Clark. You're an idiot apparently.

I have to agree with Ollie here. Tess cannot be trusted. At all.

So she's been searching for thousands of years and his heart that Set made sure she could *never find* just happens to be in Metropolis?

Oh, Cat. Such a moron.

I loved her cat eyes!

Dear Tess: Sending Alexander to a mental health facility will not end well. He's Lex and you do not need him resenting you later for this.

Tess will kill you to cover for Clark. She's that level of crazy.

It's cute when she laughs Cat out of the office.

Cat's so earnest and stupid all at once. How does she manage that?

Tess needling Ollie is also amusing. She finishes his sentences.

Again, why make the leap from priest of Osiris to actual Osiris? Meh. Comics logic taken to it's worst extreme here.

So who took Osiris' body and replaced it with dirt? Carter? Would he have known who it was? Or Seth?

And here's the lecture on love from a crazy goddess.

Nice speech. But here's the thing. You won't be bearing the cost for resurrecting Osiris. The rest of the world will.

And there's Clark being vulnerable to magic.

I am confused as to how this will bring back Osiris. If she doesn't have the body she can't reunite the heart with it. I could see if she was sacrificing Clark to reanimate the body once it was all together, but no body, no...oh. Hey, exposition explains it. So Osiris' body turned to dirt? Ummm...hello embalming anyone? The Egyptians were kind of awesome at it and have you seen the depictions of Osiris? He's a mummy. Anyway. *sticks fingers in ears* lalalaaaaaaaaaa

Oh! 'Teth-Adam' Hi Black Adam! And Kahndaq. You get to be dictator there for a while!

Hee! Why's there always an empty sarcophagus around when you need one?

When did someone put the heart back in the canopic jar?

Also, dear villains: please do not monologue. Just do your evil bit. Monologue allows the hero to get one over on you. See 'Evil Overlord List'.

Funnily enough I miss nothing about Chole. Move on and get with Dinah!

Tess as Watchtower. There's no way this ends well.

Huh. So Lex is staying with Tess. I see no way that this ends well either. He totally needs to be watched. Budding super villain here! But I admit that the face of evil is adorable at this stage.

OW! Cat stabbed Lois! Clark you should have let Lois punch her! *sigh* Cat's such an idiot. She had to spell out sex? Really? She does have a son. She somehow managed to have sex but be unable to say it?

*squee* The Clark tells Lois/Finds out Lois knew all along scene? A-freakin-dorable! Her little run and tackle? Yeah.

Though I do wanna know what they're shredding at the Planet that leaves big round gold confetti lying around.

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