Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smallville S10E02 - Shield

First, just for the record, S.H.I.E.L.D. belongs to Marvel. So don't go there, please.

Also, I am almost a week behind on tv. I've been busy, and also watching the A-Team movie twice since I got ahold of it. What? H-BAMF is distracting.

On to the show!

Hi Lois!

Tomb of Isis? Black Adam? Hmmm...he's really a Captain Marvel villain, and I don't think we have Captain Marvel here, do we?

Michael Shanks! Can't keep you out of Egypt, can we dear? Daniel Jackson, now Carter Hall. do look good though. Not *quite* so scruffy and unshaven as the last time.

Ack! Cat Grant! I can't stand you already! Oh, that's right, I didn't like you in the comics either...though I do feel bad about what happened with your son.

Is Clark gonna smack a bitch? Sadly, no.

You know, I really can't stand Tess. Or Chloe, for that matter. I hate that they've set her up as WatchTower/Oracle, but she's *not* Oracle, and I don't like her. And she should not be dating Ollie. He's supposed to have a terrible relationship with Black Canary!

Above comment about Carter Halls' scruffiness? Strike that. It was the sand disguising it.

Also, yeah. Carter may beat Lois into a pulp.

Lois is making with the crazy talk. It's scary that she doesn't know that Carter knows, but she's babbling at him anyway. Yep. Get her drunk! *lol* I was never a Hawkman fan, but I do like Shanks' version.

Deadshot? WTF? That was actively hilarious. Cat's look 'seatbelts save lives!' just before her car blows up? Right. Who was that villain?

He has the electronic eye for Deadshot, and the accuracy, but it's the cowboy theme that's throwing me.

And I win the villain lottery yet again! God I am GOOD! But *why* the cowboy outfit? I mean, I get that he can't run around in the red and white body suit from the comics, but cowboy? Is that *really* less conspicuous?

And she's wearing a bulletproof vest.

Who's Godfrey? Inquiring minds want to know. OldLex?

Why would someone on the run, in hiding, become a reporter for a newspaper as big as The Planet is supposed to be? It's a little showy.

Thanks, Carter. Not only are you Hawkman, but Captain Obvious as well! Whatever. Just give me more Michael Shanks! Mebbe shirtless? Mebbe? Please?

Why's she wearing oriental clothes?

Hehehehe....I knew that was coming. Also, please don't make Lois into Shaera or however it's spelled. That makes no sense.

OldLex hired Deadshot?


And yet again the villain walks slowly and catches the running girl. Also having managed to her her into the kill zone. It's like magic!

And there's Cat's crush on Clark. Full blown and still INCREDIBLY ANNOYING!


Hmmm...girl chick assassin. Who's that. Cheshire?

REALLY? Can it be Christmas this early and Chloe really be dead?

Probably not. My luck's not that good.

Damn and bugger. I was hopeful for a second there.

Oh, Suicide Squad. So much fun.

Not Cheshire. Plastique. I don't know who you are. *looks up Plastique* Cheshire'd be cooler.

Nietzsche also had some serious flaws, dear people.

*giggle* Not even as cool as Kon there, Clark. Jacket fail!

Hey look, it's Kara! Hi Kara! Oooh...bald headed guy in the shadows? Is it...OldLex?! Is Godfrey OldLex? *rewinds a bit* Hmmm...bald guy, but not OldLex.

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