Friday, October 29, 2010

Supernatural S06E06 - You Can't Handle the Truth

In which we get answers. Come hell or high water!

Oh! Before we start, I just heard that there'll be a Supernatural anime! 22 eps of bishie Dean and Sam! Bishie Cas maybe?

Okay, gah. That smirk on not-Sam's face when Dean's being vamped? Still creepy and wiggy.

And on that note I will never eat in a restaurant again.

Wow. That little kid is a serial killer. The hell.

Yay blood splatter! I'm sick. I know.

'Screw him.' Oh, Dean. We all know you have.

Bull shit. You drove her to suicide. I mean, it wasn't your fault, I think, cause there's mojo going on. But still. You cannot lie to not-Sam.

Dude. not-Sam's got bitch-smug face going on. Stop it not-Sam.

OMG. Dentist guy! You're- that's actually *wrong*. Not the dentist killing the guy for molesting his daughter, obviously. But the molesting. I'd totally kill him too.

Dean needs hugs!

Look, when Dean volunteers to do the research? Things are wrong.

Dear Dean: If you don't at least leave the page you're on before you put the computer on standby then when it's opened again that page will show up. And not-Sam will know. Kay?

Gabriel's Horn! Okay, not really. But you know. It's there somewhere. Which means...Balthazar? Threesome!

This scene! 'You dick!' *loves* Pour your honey a drink. He's going to need it. Then jump him! Emotional scenes go better with sex! Hey, Cas needs hugs too! If Cas and Dean hug, then they both get the hugs they need!

'What're you talking about, you were gone for like two seconds. Where'd you look?'

'Everywhere.' *grin*

So if it's not Gabriel's Horn, what is it? 

I swear after listening three times that the dentists name is Dr. Giggles. I swear that's what not-Sam says.

And Dean's in a bar. Really Dean? Not actually helpful. I find the tv lady suspicious.

Ack! Dean said a truth-based sentence! Doom! Doom! Danger Dean Winchester!

LOL! Oh Dean.

Oh god, Bobby likes Tori Spelling! And the pedicure story! I had to rewind because while Bobby was taking off his boot I thought he said 'this nice Vietnamese boy' And Dean's his favorite! Hee!

Oooh...could a ghost be doing it? The 'patient zero'?

Ack! Lisa! Dean don't go there!

Umm....Lisa? Dear? I like you much less than I did a minute ago. Don't mess with the Sam/Dean relationship!

Grrr. You know, one friend and I were arguing whether or not Lisa had what it took. If she could develop into an 'Ellen' type woman. The answer is definitely NO. Lisa's too much of a...I can't think of any word that's not extremely derogatory here.

Bullshit not-Sam! I don't believe you! I think you might be immune to the mojo. We all saw that smirk! Lying liar who lies! LIAR!

Hey! Who wants to bet me the chick on the tv is the goddess? I WIN!

oohh..glowey eyes! Always a sign of evilness!

I like her car though...

Who lives in houses like that? All that glass front. I hate that.

Hi kitties!

The 'creep' is always downstairs. Always.


Is she pulling out his...yes. Yes she is. I wonder what the prop department used for that? And how many takes it took...

Of course it would take a goddess to make them tell the truth. *headdesk*

'he's being me.' Um...yes. But there's more to it. There has to be. Cause of the smirk!

See! He's immune! I knew it!

Tell us what the fuck is going on!



Seriously? Dean. Punch him. A lot.


preview: Cas is doing that soul touching thing. Wait, what? Sam's soul is gone? How's that even work? Is the black guy threatening Sam Raphael? I'm going to assume that he is. So...if Sam came back without a soul then I'm not feeling the whole Chuck brought him back thing. If Chuck brought him back I'd think he'd remember to put the soul in...


  1. The smirk is bugging me, too. Do you think the soul story is all there is to it? It just doesn't explain to me his total...creepy pleasure-y look. I could be wrong, maybe that really is all they were going for there. But it seemed darker to me. *shrugs* We'll find out, I'm sure. Eventually.

    Have you seen the art for the anime? :) It's not...what I think of as typical anime, but it's pretty. I like it and I'm looking forward to it.

    Ha! I hope you are right that the dentist is Dr. Giggles. I didn't notice.

    ...What derogatory words would you use for Lisa? :D I actually still like her. What was the turning point for you?

    If Chuck brought him back I'd think he'd remember to put the soul in...

    :D One would hope. I wonder who/what did bring him back? Assuming he actually is back and that is actually Sam. I'm not convinced yet.

  2. The smirk is a sign of badness. I'm not sure. I mean, how is he walking around sans-soul? And if he has no soul, who has it? The smirk is just...I can't believe that a lack of soul gave him that *pleasure* at seeing his brother suffer. Cause that's what it was. I think there's more, but what do I know?

    I have not. Do you know where could I see it? I just got the SPN mag and saw the little blurb, so I haven't seen anything else about it.

    I swear Sam called him Dr. Giggles. I turned the volume *way* up and played it a couple times. And I guess it could still be something else, but I'm going with Dr. Giggles since I find it so amusing. :)

    I do still like Lisa, actually. Just less than I did before. I get that it's some sort of spell and clearly Veritas turned it so that only nasty truths came out and in the worst ways possible. But I was hoping...I don't know. I want her to be stronger than I think she's turning out to be. I like her pissedness over Dean shoving Ben. That's a mom for you. I think I was falling for my friends idea that Lisa could be Ellen-ish, even though I argued against it. But now...I don't think so. But I'm going to have to get some perspective on it. The magic Veritas used was twisted and it twisted the truth. Maybe we shouldn't use this as a character judging point? And by 'we' I mean me. :)

    And it's not that I wanted to call Lisa names, really more that I wanted to say that she was being a bitch and a pussy and that's not fair. So I didn't. But that's what I wanted to do. She caved on Dean! And I hate people letting Dean down. But it's not her fault here. Really. *takes deep, calming breaths*

    :D One would hope.

    I mean I know Chuck drinks a lot, but *that* I think he'd notice, y'know?

    *Chuck pokes at unconscious, recently resurrected Sam*

    'He seems a little...light.' *counts limbs, fingers, etc. pokes him a little.* 'All the bits are there....' *knocks on Sam's skull, lightly* 'Brain...what did I forget? I *know* I'm missing something!' *shrugs and poofs out to see Becky*

    *6 mos later*

    *sits up in the middle of the night next to a sleeping Becky who is clutching the unpublished ARCs of the Winchester Gospels*

    'His SOUL! CRAP!' *snaps fingers, dropping soul back in* 'Whew.' *rolls over to go back to sleep*

  3. Oo, thought. Would his demon-y side (not the Satan-y side, but from Azazel) still be there? Like, he would still have all his experiences. So without a soul, he might be left with demonic impulses and desires that aren't being held back by his humany side anymore? In which case it really would be "just" that he doesn't have a soul anymore, but that implies a lot more that they haven't realized yet.

    Anime trailer - Enjoy!

    Ahh, that makes sense. Yeah, we'll see how Lisa does when she's herself again.

    I think that might be the best scene that will sadly probably never actually be in the series. :D Good job!

  4. That is brilliant! I didn't think about the demon blood from Azazel at all. We have to assume that those changes are permanent and being brought back from the cage wouldn't have removed them. So...yeah. I like that. Soulless he's more prone at the least to the promptings of his darker side, the demon blood! Yes!

    Yay! I like it. The animation style reminds me of Cowboy Bebop a little, and Vampire Hunter D. Which makes sense since the same studio did Vampire Hunter D. It's a harsher style than the usual anime, but I think it'll work really well with Supernatural since it's a harsher and darker show. Yay!

    *bows* Thank you, thank you. :)

  5. Yay! I hope that is it. 'Cause then he's still Sam and can be fixed! :)

    Oh, it does look like Cowboy Bebop. I haven't seen that in so long I forgot. And I never saw Vampire Hunter D, for some reason.

  6. Yeah. The first shot of Sam I was like, 'hey, that's Cowboy BeBop hair!'

    You should see Vampire Hunter D. It's a great movie and the sequel, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is also great.


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