Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear self:

Stop reading BNF's tweets and thinking that they're talking about you in a bad way. And even if they are, who gives a shit?

If you annoy them or they don't like what you write, then they can fuck off and just not read your stuff.

Other people like it. Just because they're them doesn't mean shit. And they're probably not talking about you in the first place.

Also, you're going through caffeine withdrawals which are making you cranky and depressive. So, you know, huge grain of salt to your responses to things.


  1. Ugh, I do this all the time. Whenever a blogger or someone else I respect starts talking about a certain practice or type of person, I panic and look for anything I might have said at any time that might have made them think I'm like this. (Even though in my case, most of them have probably never read my blog, or only read a very little bit of it and have absolutely no opinions about me one way or the other.) Yay paranoia!

  2. Ah, I get paranoid about stuff like this too at times. Good pep talk! :)

  3. Awww.... *pats you on back* Weaning yourself off caffeine sucks, huh? If I tried to do it again, I'd feel the same way. I got off caffeine in basic training back in '05 -- no sodas allowed for the nearly 4 months I was there, but there were soda fountains in the chow hall. Sometimes the drill sergeants would walk up to the machine, get a soda, and drink it right in front of us (because drill sergeants are evil like that). It was cruel and unusual punishment. I wish I hadn't gotten started on them again after that. : /


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