Thursday, May 9, 2013

I love copying other peoples' post ideas...

But at least I give them credit for it. Malik did a post over here where he showcased the suggested searches for Google. It's based on, as I'm sure we all know, the most run searches with those words. Google is trying to read our minds, basically. 

I do find it funny that you can get different answers not just in different areas but on different devices. I originally did the search on my iPad because I couldn't believe that there were no suggestions to Malik's question of 'Christian women are' and I did get some suggestions on the iPad (which, of course, I can't recall what they were at this point. Because that was yesterday and I'm getting old. So nyah.) but when I ran the search to make these caps, 'Christian women are' on my computer it came up with nothing. 

Weird. *plays Twilight Zone music*

Anyway. In no particular order....


Well I feel loved. I wonder what we're most likely to support though...

Damn straight. *fistbumps universe*

I don't even know what to say to this one. How many of you people are searching 'Catholic women are hot', and WHY?

LOL. Yes. I have all the things going for me. Short and curvy! So I'm prettier and more feminine and smarter and make smarter babies (no lie, that was one of the links that popped up under 'curvy women'. We make smarter babies according to Science! Go team hips!). So why the hell am I still single? Oh...that's right. Men think they all want stick figures that're 11 feet tall. Men.

That one's a bit of a mixed bag, but I am God's gift so I'll take it. ;)

I think I need Tony Stark's help to respond to this.


  1. I am liking this even more :)
    Thanks for the mention and sharing these Google suggestions.
    American women are ... Is very bad for building self esteem. What is going on?
    My favorite is Southern women are God's gift :)

    1. It's an entertaining idea! Thanks for doing it first. :)

      I think the American women category just shows that American men are whiny. 'American women are so *hard* to deal with...Imma marry me one of them foreign chicks who knows her place!'

      My favorite is Southern women are God's gift :)

      We are. ;)

  2. You know most men I've talked to want women shorter than them. And surprise! Men actually do prefer a woman with a little curve. Its just our media that is a bit messed up!

    This was hilarious btw.

    1. And most women want men taller than them. This should be a win-win.

      I have, in the past, dated a man that was shorter than me. It was weird and I don't recommend it. I think once a man realizes that his girlfriend is taller that short man syndrome can kick in. Given that I'm only 5'7", finding a man that's taller (or at least my height) shouldn't be a problem.

      And yet.

      Maybe I should just admit that I don't date because I'm too strange for most people to deal with...


  3. Loved this, Amber. I especially loved your commentary on what google suggests especially the one about curvy women. :)

    Thanks for doing this and sharing your results!


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