Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Short rambling about kids

I don't know that I have much to say tonight, but I'm at work for another 2 hours so babble I shall!

The night shift girl took today off because it's her birthday and I can't really fault her since I do my best to take the whole week off for my birthday every year. :D

I've been thinking about kids, recently.

You all remember my friend Eve and her daughter Evesdottir. Who is my 'goddaughter', though what that means with a child that is unchurched, a father that was Seventh Day Adventist and a mother who was Methodist and a woman who bounces mentally back and forth between traditional Christianity (as seen in Catholicism and Orthodoxy) and Islam is something we've yet to really have to explore.

I look at her and sometimes I think, 'I want one. I want a dozen.' and then I think about a husband and a family and my own home and it's all nice and good and then I remember that I don't fall in love and that my life would be much easier if someone would just arrange a marriage for me. :p

And then I look at her and I hear stories of Eve staying up all night because Evesdottir was sick (she's fine) and having to clean up the mess (it was a *BIG* mess, poor baby) and I'm happy that I don't have one or a dozen because Evesdottir loves books and she was over at my house the other day and that's all well and good except she's only a year and a half and sometimes she still wants to put the book in her mouth and give Auntie Amber a heart attack.

And then I look at her and I think that if anything ever happened to her I'd fuck up the universe to make it right or get justice and I worry about what I would do if I had my own children because apparently kicking the shit out of other parents is frowned upon or something, I don't know.

And this is all a part of the reasons why it's probably good that I don't have kids.

Aside from the whole I don't believe in lying to them so my children would be full of terrible, 'non age appropriate' knowledge.

Like death. Why do we lie to kids about death? It's a hard concept, sure, but it's hard for adults too. What happens when someone or something (a pet) dies? They cease to be *here*, but what does that mean? Isn't that what religion is supposed to answer? If a parent has faith, why can't they just embrace that with their child in this instance?

And don't get me started on those parents who don't teach their kids the proper names for certain body parts. Ugh.

Kids are complicated and wonderful and I think they make the universe a little more bearable by their existence.


  1. Kids truly ARE sweet. :) I love your rambling-at-work posts! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. "And don't get me started on those parents who don't teach their kids the proper names for certain body parts. Ugh." This drives me NUTS.

    Yeah I'm still pretty much no kids for a variety of reasons. But mine has a lot to do with the fact that I work with disabled children and if I become an OT will continue to do so. I don't know if I want to work with kids all day to come home and work with a kid during my down time. Not to mention the irrational fear I have of having a disabled child myself. Once you work with disabled children, you really see a whole new world of child rearing. Most of it not pleasant at all.

    1. I know plenty of people who have decided not to have children for one reason or another. I know that kids don't mesh with everyones lives and that's fine. I've just not come down on one side or the other for forever in my life.

      Then again, I don't know what I'd do if I had a disabled child.

    2. I can't say I'm 100% one way or the other either. But I do know I'm terrified of having a disabled child. And the older I get, the more likely that possibility becomes.

  3. I know the reason for not giving body parts the right name. as 1 they find it terribly funny and will start shouting it out to get attention. This normally happens in church, the supermarket a funeral. etc. they cant help themselves.

    and 2, other parents really freak out about the REAL word. Kids are told don't say this or are told the facts. and then tell every other child in the class.

    I remember one girl at school saying if you sit on a toilet when you are over 20 a baby falls out. My mum loved that one. I went home freaked out. And my mum still says about it. apparently she walked in on a birthing video where they used to use the birthing stools.

    I have no children and I have been told lots of times you can tell I don't. and the reason is I don't look my age. I think that is due to the less amount of stress. another lady I work with is 40 and she also doesn't have any babies. And she looks younger that me. Her skin is amazing.

    Then I have another friend who has 6. and she says she would never be with out them

    I would probably only want one. I think I might find it traumatic.

    have you ever seen the film idiocracy


    its people like us who worry about it that probably would make quite good parents.

    1. Oh, I know the reasons I just don't agree with them.

      1. There should be nothing embarrassing about the word vagina or penis. Nothing. I'd much rather a daughter of mine tell me about something happening with her vagina, or shouting the word, than thinking that it's something to be embarrassed about or calling it her 'sunshine'. :(

      2. If I do have kids, my kids will be the ones educating the rest of the class. I won't even bother to tell them not to tell the other kids because you're right and kids can't keep their mouths shut. That's fine. The other parents will just have to deal.

      LOL. I think most kids have that story where they think that kissing makes babies or something. Because we don't tell kids the truth.

      Personally I can't imagine just having one. If you have at least two then they can entertain each other.


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