Monday, September 7, 2015

So....that happened....

I got my DNA results from finally!

In spite of what my co-workers believed, it turns out that I'm not an alien. *Or* there's a huge conspiracy to cover up my alien origins and the Men in Black will be coming soon. One of those two things. :)

In the totally not a surprise category, I'm Super Super White. Super White. Like...IDK. White.

Filed under, kind of a surprise....there's a lot of Scandinavian in there. Which, to be fair, the Scandinavian DNA blob covers a chunk of Germany, as does the Eastern European DNA blob. And I know there's some Czech in the family on my Grandfather's side, so that all makes sense really.

The Irish thing is new. Though, looking at the blob, it covers Scotland which is where I was told my biological father's family is from. So that might just be a matter of genetic semantics, I guess. It thrilled my other coworker though because we've had this fun Ireland vs. Scotland thing going and now she says I have to come to her side since I'm Irish. Bah.

Jamie Fraser forever!!! LOL

I do find the Italy/Greece trace kind of interesting. I'm guessing that that's likely from my father's side as well, since my mother's side is all German/Easter European. And I keep remembering that little old lady at the Greek Orthodox church who insisted that I *had* to be Greek. Well, okay, maybe a little then. :)

The trace regions that are less than 1% I find more interesting, even though from what I read on the site they may turn up to mean nothing because they're such a low percentage. But if they *are* true genetic traces, how far back are they that they even show up at all?

All in all though, no real surprises.

The Vikings clearly Got Around though. :D

And now my Peruvian coworker (she who declared me an alien) has agreed that while I'm not an alien I must be a Viking vampire - since Romania is included in the Easter European DNA blob and Vlad Dracula is part of the little write up Ancestry does on the region.

I can work with that.


  1. Cool! I love seeing your results! Maybe one of these I'll do mine.

  2. It's really easy and interesting to see what the results are. And Ancestry has this thing where they tell you, 'hey, we think this person might be an ancestor of yours based on your DNA' and they turned up someone named Rausch which I'm pretty sure should be in the family tree. So if you're into this, it's worth it. :)

  3. I was talking to a lady who does a LOT of ancestry stuff, and I asked her about these tests. If I am understanding her correctly, these tests on a woman will only show her mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's side back. So I don't know if your results showed anything about your biological father's side if what she told me is correct.

    If you are interested in our conversation about it, see the *comments* of this post. This is blogger Bridget's mom.

    1. Interesing. I thought, from what said on their site, that you got both sides of the family. I'll have to go back and reread and look into it some more. But if what she's saying is accurate then some of my ancestors have some explaining to do.

    2. I hope Suzanne is wrong, and that they do tell more than she thinks. Let me know what you find out. At least if what she says is true, you know how much more diverse your mom's mom's mom's. etc., line is! :)

  4. Oh, I did see this. So maybe Suzanne wasn't correct after all. Hmmm


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