Friday, August 1, 2008

Inaugural Post

Okay, first post. First blog, as a matter of fact.

I guess I have to admit that this blog is really for me, as I can't picture other people wanting to read it. It's an opportunity for me to put down the thoughts that I have, the things that I learn as I convert to Catholicism. There's so much to it, even though the decision, the moment when I knew that the Church was the true church and that I needed to be there was almost a non-moment. There wasn't anything flashy, no heart wrenching realization, just a moment when I knew that it was true. But after that comes the reality.

My life was not, and is not, what it should be. I know that, and I'm working to make the changes that need to be made. But it's hard, coming from the place where I was, to the place where I know that I need to be, that God wants me to be.

I try now to listen to the hints that have been there all along, but coming from someone who used to mock people who said that 'God told them' that they needed to do something, it's a bit of a bitter pill to swallow. Oddly enough, the easiest thing in the world has been something that most people don't get. While I know that it is not a requirement of the faith, and I know that the Church does not require women to cover when in the church any longer, it is something that I felt compelled to do. But not just in church. The explanation, to me, for why women would cover in church was to honor Christ as the head of the church, and His very real presence there. And to honor the angels, and God, who were all there, present. However, God is everywhere, all the time. Why should I just honor Him in one place? For me, I know that it is right to cover, all the time. And I have been, for about two months.

It is, as I said, the easiest thing in the world. I feel right about it, and I can't imagine not covering anymore. And, as I said, just in case someone does stumble over this, I know that it's not a requirement of the faith. Nor is it forbidden. I don't cover in the manner of another religion, and it is something that I truly feel that God has told me to do.

And I fully admit that I am a novice at this, I know so very little, but I yearn to learn and grow, and any mistakes, misconceptions that I have, I know that they will be corrected as I go.

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  1. May God continually guide your steps - sending you the letter to the Philippians, with prayers and joy. Thanks for the encouragement, just by posting your thoughts. :)


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