Thursday, March 8, 2012

General Post of Generalness

Just a quick little post. Been busy around here lately, sorry. :) Nothing special, just busy which happens sometimes.


I had an 'interesting' conversation with a co-worker the other day. We were discussing religion for some reason...I think she'd asked me about some televangelist and I expressed my distaste for the entire breed. Anyway.  The whole conversation wound up boiling down to the fact that she a) could not believe that I was not a Christian any longer (in the sense that, she insists that I *must* still be a Christian. Secretly or something. So secretly that my conscious mind is unaware of it...) b) if I wasn't a Christian any longer (though how that works with her assertion that I simply *must* still be a super secret squirrel Christian) then that meant that I had never read the Bible/attended the 'right' Bible studies/churches/whatever and c) since I insisted on being not a Christian (again, there's a failure of logic with her other opinions) then my opinion couldn't be trusted because I didn't understand anything about Christianity.

*side-eyes people* Leaving aside all the other things that are wrong and annoying with this conversation, how does it make sense to just reject someones understanding and opinion based on the fact that they're not a member of the group you're discussing? I understand plenty about Christianity and several other religions. Not everything, no, but I've never made that claim. That doesn't mean that I can't hold a reasonably intelligent conversation on the topic. 


Then again, this is a woman who finds jokes about going to hell to be *terribly* inappropriate and offensive, so she's possibly a little uptight in general.


Moving on...

I was doing my morning rune reading and while I was shuffling the deck three cards fell out. So here's the spread as they fell:

Sowulo (Sun)

Letter: S

Victory; Success or other favourable circumstances.

Perthro (Lot-cup)

Letter: P
Concealed; Something unknown, or not yet revealed; a mystery in the same sense that an unborn child is a mystery.

Gebo (Gift)

Letter: G
Generosity; All matters relating to exchanges, including contracts and sacrifice.

I think that these cards apply to several situations in my life, all of which are going really well. I wish I had deep thoughts to lay out here but I really don't. It's just nice. :)

Oh! And Evesdottir is due to be born March 20th, the first day of Spring. :)


  1. That is some interesting logic there. Does she at least follow her own standard and not make statements or judgments about other religions, since she's not a member of them?

    Hurray for the happy reading! :) And the really cool birth date for the baby.

  2. Good to read an update from you! Glad things are going well. :)

  3. Gah, your co-worker sounds.... interesting. I have a hard time dealing with people like that :P

  4. Tagged you on my blog:

  5. I finally got to reading the post. My husband was/is like that with me. Before I converted, I wasn't allowed to ask questions (even though he wanted me to convert) and now that I have, I'm understanding things wrong if they aren't the same as what he believes in!

    Good thing is that he has learned to use phrases like, "I respect your opinion." or "I understand what you're trying to say." but I can kind of tell it's a bit forced. The effort is there at least... But definitely lots of people are like that about their religions...


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