Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Need a Mature, Adult Opinion. Or Five.

The 'mature' clearly leaves my own opinion out of the running.

So, Avengers. I may be obsessed. You may have noticed.

It's being released on disc on September 25th. I already have it preordered.

Also coming out of September 25th is the Phase One set.

Which looks like this:

It's a Tesseract!!!!!!!!!!!! With EXTRA THINGS! *rolls around in nerdiness*

*takes deep, calming breaths*

So here's the thing. The Avengers bluray is like...$25.

The shiny collection of shininess and all things wonderful, my god, give it to me *noooowwwwwwwwwww* is $140. And I already own all the movies except for the Avengers, and whatever is on the extra disk.

The THING OF AWESOME is in my cart on Amazon. The bluray is already preordered.

I need someone to talk me down from buying the THING OF AWESOME that I don't really need.


  1. as awesome as it is if you already have all the movies then its a bit of a waste of money. Plus I doubt it looks nearly that cool in person.

    Have you looked for like a tesseract model instead? LOL

    1. Are you trying to tell me that if I buy this the Tesseract will not open a doorway to another universe/dimension/other side of reality? Because in that case, I call foul! I want the Tesseract I saw in the movie! *stomps foot*

      Actually, I could care almost less about the whole briefcase full of Tesseract portion. It's the extra disc with 'secret files' and the other things laying there that make my little nerd heart beat. Which is not to say that I wouldn't carry that briefcase around in order to whip out the Tesseract at random moments. Because I totally would.

      And no one could blame me. No one.

      However, you raise a good point. I doubt that whatever is on that extra disc is worth $100 more money...

  2.'re so funny! Love this post. :)

    1. Nerding is *never* funny! It's very serious business! :p

    2. I won't. But I am putting it on my Christmas list. Just in case. :D

  3. I must agree with LK, those things often disappoint.

    But at the end of the day it's your decision and your money :P

    1. Yes, but I am clearly not responsible when confronted with certain nerdy things. I don't *need* this, and I really don't need to spend the money. On the other hand, I *want* it. *makes grabby hands at it* Which is why I need a responsible adult!

  4. EXTRA THINGS. :D There is no way I could afford this, but I do have to say the covers are SHINY and I want them. If maybe just they were sold that way individually, since I only have them in DVD format, I would think it was worth it to start buying them and selling my DVDs. But the whole shiny expensive set...yeah, probably not worth it. To me, anyways.

    1. Oh, you sell your DVDs? See, I'd just give them to people. I'm too lazy to try and make money off of them...

      Yes, see, it's the covers and the extra stuff and if I could just find out what's going to be on the SHIELD disc I could know whether I NEED this or not. Because the Tesseract thing...I look at that and wonder where I would even keep it. Just one more thing to dust. On the other might open a gateway to another dimension. In spite of what LK seems to think, it might happen.

    2. I have given some away, and I would do the same with these if I had anyone who wanted them. But all my friends are as (at least) as geeky as me and already have them all. Conveniently, as I've been unpacking and noticing all the things Mr Sanil and I both had, I've been putting duplicates in boxes for a possible garage sale at some point. And if no one wants them then, they go to Goodwill or something.

      Hey, it might! You can't know until you try. :D

  5. 1, can you pay for them with cash?
    2, have you read the reviews, has anyone seen the extra bits?
    3, are all your bills paid?

    if you say yes to all the above, then you can buy with no guilt.

    1. 1. Yes (theoretically - Amazon doesn't take cash)
      2. No. No one has seen the extra bits, that I'm aware of.
      3. Nooooooooooo....*pouts* Car pmt, cc pmt, etc. etc.

      I shouldn't buy it, I know. I'm not going to buy it. I'm not. *puts on her adult hat*

  6. Well the nerd in me says buy them and sod everything. They have their own shiny case, for crying out loud.

    So heres the compromise. Pay that $140 off of your CC. And then in september see if you have the money?

    Cant say fairer than that? and because you will have waited you will feel so much better about it!

    Delayed satisfaction.


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