Sunday, September 16, 2012

so then this all happened

I went to lunch with Eve and Evesdottir today. First, hey, Evesdottir is 6 months old and she is simultaneously so *big* and so *tiny*. Babies are little living paradoxes.

So we're sitting there and a larger group is seated to our left in a little nook that's raised over the rest of the floor. And Eve and I are talking about how I'm kind of annoyed that my Speech professor keeps referencing the Bible and Christian examples of whatever she's talking about.

Well the group next to us (and the restaurant was mostly empty and quiet so we could all hear one anothers' conversations) starts singing 'This is the day that the Lord made'. Eve and I share a look and then she says, 'Well that's all your fault right there.' laughing.

And I'm like, 'These are the days I wish I still wore my scarves. Just to see what they'd do.'

Which led us into a discussion about why I don't wear the scarves any more which led to us discussing Islam and that 'movie' that's been in the news recently and the protests and everything about that. All while the group next to us keeps singing and then segues into their own conversation about the same topics. So Eve and I have moved on to (or circled back around to) Islam itself and how the religion is unjustly blamed for so many things. And how you can make fun of Jesus and no one riots. Which led into a discussion of Christian privilege and how no one is running around saying that Christ was a cult leader luring attractive young men into his group to wander around in the desert with him. (Which, of course, I am certain someone has said at some point. I'm just saying it's not something you hear every day.) Unlike how people are always throwing out, 'Well Mohammed was a pedophile.' Which I feel is just an unjust accusation and shows how people don't even bother to try and understand what they're talking about. (Of course none of this excuses the deaths that have happened in Libya, no matter what the truth behind that attack is.)

And we were talking about religion and our relationships with it and have you ever had one of those sentences that comes out of your mouth without checking in with your brain first? And then once it's out you realize, well yes, I didn't *mean* to say that, I didn't plan on it, but it's true so I'm leaving it out there. I have those sometimes only they're usually sarcastic commentary. Anyway. My mouth busts out with, 'If I was going to be religious I'd be a Muslim.' As I sipped on my cocktail.

So there's that.


  1. I wonder what keeps attracting you to Islam. The scarves? The structured life? I know you seem to enjoy rules for everything. Right? :)

    Do you think of Christian privilege only in relation to this country or do you mean the world in general? Because I really don't think of it in every country. Or maybe you associate Christianity with white people and you think of white privilege worldwide? Obviously I try to analyze your thinking too much!

    And why does your Speech teacher annoy you by referencing Christian things? Maybe it's what she knows best and what comes to mind first when she need examples? Or is it too too much?

    And I bet Eve's baby girl is adorably cute! Six months already? Wow!

    1. I don't know! If I knew, maybe I could factor it into my life without the religion! It's not the scarves, though I do still like them. I don't believe that they're necessarily obligatory and if I wanted to wear a scarf I wouldn't need to be Muslim to do it. And rules...*waggles hand*. It depends on the rule. I'm apparently not so hot at following rules I don't like, no matter who/what supposedly handed them down. *hoards her bacon*

      We were talking about Christian privilege in America. Neither of us has enough experience of Christianity outside of America to speak sensibly on the topic.

      It's that it's her *only* frame of reference. So far. We've only had three classes, so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. I have a hard time believing that she's been to all the places she says she's been to, gone to school where she's gone to school, and can't think of any other examples. But it's not enough for me to complain officially or anything, and I honestly like her as a teacher. So far. I can see it being what she knows best though, she's done missionary work and everything so it's obviously a big part of her life.

      I know! She's getting so big! She'll be in college soon. She's talking, sort of, though everyone is DaDa. :)

  2. I find it interesting that you keep being drawn back towards Islam too. :) Personally, it's not for me, but I sometimes long for the community I see there. I think because western religions are so privileged around here (Christians more than others, but I think other religions too), there's more of a feeling of connection and solidarity among Muslims. Because of both the easy visible signs (like the headscarf) and the fear and hostility Muslims face, there's more of a need for solidarity and a tendency to reach out and support each other. Even as a Christian wearing a headscarf and modest clothing, I was welcomed and instantly treated as a friend by Muslims in the area. I've never seen that anywhere else, not really. Go to a new church and people will be friendly towards you, but not really treat you like a friend. You know you're not part of the group yet, you have to sort of do your time and earn your place. They don't mean to be judgmental or exclusive, it's just hard to create a real connection with someone you don't know if you don't have that sort of experience of being an outsider in common.

    1. There's a lot about it that makes me back off, apart from the whole not even being sure that I believe in a god in the first place. But there's obviously something about it that resonates, I just which I knew precisely what it was.

      I don't even know that it's a sense of community, since my local Muslim community seems to be very insular and...not unfriendly, but not outgoing. For which I can't blame them. This is a small, Southern town. So...yeah.


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