Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm still working my way through the Qur'an and we'll probably (hopefully) have another post about it this afternoon.

But I just feel like saying, since I read 'A Year of Biblical Womanhood' and started on Pope Benedict XVI's first volume in his Jesus of Nazareth trilogy (first published, actually, but the second chronologically in the events recounted within the books) that I'm really starting to miss church.


  1. I wish you could find one that fit your schedule. Or a Bible study.

    1. Well there is...sort of. I could go to confession this Saturday, do my penance and get up early to go to Sunday Mass this weekend. Their first Mass on Sunday is at 7 am. But I'm not ready for that. In order for the confession and penance to be effective, I'd have to believe in my profession of the Catholic tenets. So.

    2. You can't just GO? You have to confess first? Hmmm

    3. Sure, I could just attend, but then I wouldn't be able to receive communion.


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