Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm only technically an adult

Pie for breakfast.

And I'm seriously considering (by which I mean I'm absolutely) buying these:

It comes with a Lego DUM-E. I don't know how anyone could expect me to not buy this.

They'll look good right next to my Avengos.

ps, toy makers: you should maybe be more careful about spoiling things in your packaging. Much love, me. Not that we didn't all suspect or anything.


  1. One of the blogs I read is by a mom whose son loves Monster High dolls. I'd never heard of them before so I stopped to look at them when I was doing my grocery shopping one day and now I want all of them. Oops. Compared to that I think legos are fairly grown-up toys. :D

    What spoilers are you talking about? The only ones I see have already been mentioned in articles about the film and don't really give away much plot, but I probably missed something.

    1. Those girl-y monster dolls? I've seen those. Not my thing, but pretty neat. :)

      Extremis, basically. Like I said, not that we hadn't already guessed about it from even the very first trailer, but still. Right there on the package.

  2. "A technicality that will shortly be remedied."
    (sorry...I couldn't help myself with the Princess Bride quote)

    My roommate has turned me into a bit of a Pegasister. I'm not sure which was a stranger holiday experience: talking to my grandpa about Medicare or my 14 year-old boy cousin about My Little Pony.

    1. One should never resist a Princess Bride quote. :D

      I used to love My Little Pony! I haven't been paying attention to the new version though.

    2. There is nothing wrong with love for MLP Friendship is Magic. If you have Netflix I suggest checking it out. But you will get hooked. Pinkie Pie is the best.

      They've already alluded to the fact that there will be an absurd amount of Iron Men in this movie. Like every suit that has ever existed ever (except Spiderman's from Civil War of course). Are these already on the shelves? Cause that movie isn't out until May. Which means that yes, packaging has spoilers.

    3. I say nothing against the current MLP. My one cousin is a deeply committed Brony. But then, he's a special flower and I love him for it. :D

      Yeah...the last sequence in the trailer shows a butt ton of Iron Men suits. Including a Hulk Buster. So...HULK BUSTER! Sorry. Yes, these are already on shelves. If I wanted I could go pick up all three sets at our local Toys R Us after work. Which I might still do. I haven't decided if I'm going to buy them now or wait a little bit for them to hit Target - they're a little cheaper than TRU.

    4. @LK: you are absolutely right! Pinkie Pie is the best! My roommate and I have discovered that there's an episode of Ponies for every problem that could possibly need solving.


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