Monday, March 25, 2013

*mad giggling*

Iron Man 3 spoilers ahoy!

Seriously, if you're the kind of person who doesn't like even the smallest thing spoiled, look away.

Though, to be honest, I don't understand how that works.

When it gets close to the time of the movie release, do you disconnect from the net?

Do you crawl into a spoiler proof bunker?

Because even the *toys* are full of spoilers lately.

Though we're not going to talk about the Halloween costume I've seen based on this, because UGH.

And here, a nice picture of a bunny so the vid isn't the first thing to show up on a reader:

Cute bunny doesn't understand how you live spoiler free either. She respects you, but she doesn't understand.

And now:



Iron Pep!

*descends into squeaking noises of glee*

I'll just be...over here.

In my bunk.


  1. Ah, good. I'd seen pics of other people suited up, and I'd heard that Pepper would be too. But I hadn't seen any pics yet, and there aren't any action figures of her on the shelves yet. I was getting worried!

    1. No, there aren't any action figures, yet, but the Lego set with the Malibu mansion has the option of putting Pepper or Tony in the Iron Man suit. I was doing my best not to read too much into that though. :)

  2. Rescue, of course. Why wouldn't they do Pepper's suit? They did everyone else LOL

    1. Though its more than a suit but I'm sure they'll cover that.

    2. Yep just re-read geek flag is flying lol

    3. Damn skippy Pepper gets her suit! Rescueeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

      They haven't done *everyone* else. They haven't covered the AU where Steve gets a suit.


      Then again, Tony's too busy imagining Steve in his dress uniform to concentrate on building him his suit.

  3. I am off to see The Host film tomorrow. I squealed and clapped in the middle of the MBK centre in Bangkok, when I saw the trailer. I am already picking holes in it. as in the book Wanda is described differently from the person that is in the trailer. I hate that.

    1. You'll have to tell me how it is. I haven't read the book hate Twilight and I was not impressed with Meyers' skills as an author so I didn't waste my time with this book.

      It's kind of funny, when we first saw the preview for the Host in the theater, you could see the entire theater getting interested in it and then Stephanie Meyers' name came on the screen and there was an audible groan as everyone lost interest.

      Admittedly this was a midnight viewing of The Hobbit, so it was a dedicatedly nerdy crowd.

  4. it was awful. other than the girl, Melanie, didn't look how she was described in the book.... in the first 2 minutes they failed as they showed her jumping out the window to kill herself. Where in the book she actually falls/jumps down and lift/elevator shaft. Grrr things like that naff me off. nil point

    1. You're a purist, huh?

      Maybe they were going for the visual by having her jump out of the window? It seems to be echoed later (in the previews) when she jumps into a pool to escape.

    2. wasn't worth the petrol to get there. let alone the price of the tickets. absolutely awful

    3. :( Awww...sorry. Into each life a few bad movies must fall.


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