Sunday, July 14, 2013

7 PM ramblings and Ramadan 'project'

I'm here at work for my new job, so you guys get a post. It'll be a short one though.

Mostly you're getting this because I have no schedule to check and see if I'm expecting any more jobs to come through (we do commercial printing and we rotate coming in for a couple of hours on Sunday nights to do the few products that print first thing Monday morning) and I've done the one that I had the files for. So I need to stay until 8 pm, just in case there is something else coming in.

I've got an hour to kill.

I hate not having work to do right now, but that's the nature of the beast. :(


Last night was kind of a mentally stabbity night for me. There was someone that I work with on my FB, telling me that we shouldn't voice our opinions about things that we don't have ALL the details on. Which is just asinine and I'm not saying it's me, but if superglue somehow gets on his chair tomorrow morning, well. Like I said, I admit nothing.

...just kidding. I won't superglue him to his chair.

He'd just take his pants off and that's something no one needs to see.

And I was reading a chapter by chapter review of the latest Anita Blake 'book' (I use that term SO, SO loosely in this case). That always makes me want to start a bonfire with the power of my rage. These are among the few books that I would burn in an instant if I came to universal power. Probably part of that is due to the fact that I used to like them. Not that they were ever high literature by any stretch of the imagination, but they were decent. There is nothing redeeming about them now.


I've been doing some sort of half-fast for the last week, like a training exercise. Probably this is something that I should have done before Ramadan started, but I'm not Muslim, so I do what I want.

Which is basically my life philosophy, if you drop the 'not Muslim' part of it.

But the plan is for me to do a correct Islamic fast starting tomorrow. I intend to do the entire week, but I'm not sure if I'll make it.

I was thinking about journaling/live blogging the fast (any thoughts that I have, not whining about how I would really like some food right now, thank you very much), and only posting the post after iftar. But I don't know if that would be appropriate. I know in Christian circles you're not supposed to draw attention to your fasts, but I'm not sure what the standard is in Muslim circles.


  1. I think my friend said it pretty fairly, in Muslim circles you are *supposed to be fasting* during Ramadan so it's pretty much a given that most people will be fasting. It's not like in Christianity where you aren't supposed to draw attention to yourself. I see HuffPo articles about Muslims reflecting on the fast so I think you can do your live journal.Sounds interesting really.

    Oh, I saw your coworkers replies on FB. Haha. I didn't know how he knew you, but I didn't realize you had to work with him. Superglue, yeah. :)

    By the way, I was just pointing out that you have bad prosecutors in Florida (or it seems in the televised cases that you do.) I did not watch the trials so I can't say if GZ were guilty or not. I don't even have much of an opinion about it except I find it oddly amusing that many white people of a conservative bent were gungho for a Latino when they are often the ones talking about them so badly in the immigration debates. People are weird.

    I'm glad you had an hour break. It's great hearing from you!

  2. Also, sorry for the bad books in your life right now.

  3. I identify myself as a Christian, and I think that one often gains clarity when fasting. That being said, I don't think it's inappropriate (again, speaking as a Christian since I'm no more Muslim than you are) to talk about what you learn as a result of fasting.

  4. Since this is also part of a learning experience for you I would think that it would be appropriate to express your thoughts and feelings.

  5. In Muslim circles, everyone assumes everyone else is fasting, but you actually aren't supposed to ask someone if they're fasting. There are many reasons people wouldn't fast, so I think it's a way of not calling others out and/or possibly looking down on them if they weren't able to fast. Should we look down on others? Nope. Does it happen (especially during Ramadan, ironically)? YEP. smh


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