Thursday, December 26, 2013

*taps mic*

ETA: That moment when a day later you realize that you used the wrong 'mike' in your title. *hides in shame* English is my ONLY LANGUAGE AND I CANNOT USE IT CORRECTLY!

Sheesh this place is dusty.

Okay, gonna try and be a good blogger (or any kind of blogger at all really) and get going again for the new year.

I've been busy at work with the new job, so that's awesome. Nearly got myself fired once (well, I *feel* like I nearly should have been fired because I made a huge mistake but no one was like, 'If you do this again...*cutting motions over throat*' but I felt super shitty about it)

My best friend is pregnant. Again. Funnily, she's due the same week her first baby (Evesdottir) was born. So that should be fun. Also I've been asked to be a Labor Assistant or some slightly longer title which I translate to, 'Hold my hand while I scream and see things you never wanted to see!' but also I get to see Baby Bakin' (2nd childs nickname which we are all never, never, EVER telling Eve, okay?) being born and that will be awesome.

And possibly traumatising.

I have been crowned the Queen of the Bad Words because I accidentally said 'Fuck' in front of a ten year old.

Who proceeded to rat me out to my mother. (She works at the school he attends.)

Yet I still have no crown. Which is sad.

Nothing much has changed except that I might have a Lego problem. I started with one tiny set and um...they may have taken over.

I regret nothing.

My grandmother is in the hospital and we're just sort of waiting to see what happens. According to the doctors she either has an infection, which they can treat, or she has cancer which they may or may not be able to treat. So it's wait and see at this point. They have to biopsy the masses in her chest and stomach and they're going to do that this weekend, possibly, if they can get her liver and kidneys to where they need to be (she has other health problems with those organs that have nothing to do with the masses - she's 83 and not in superb health).

I have seen the Hobbit far more times than is healthy and I would see it again and again.


  1. Yay!!! Great post except for the part about your grandmother. I hope it is nothing serious. And, well, saying THAT WORD in front of a kid... :)

    Hey, Baby Bakin' is a cute nickname. How neat that you were asked to be there for the delivery!

    Legos are cool. Michael likes them a lot!

    I enjoyed hearing from you! Thanks for catching us up on what's going on in your world. :)

    1. Yes, the grandma thing is less than good. But they're doing an MRI this morning and an endoscopy early this afternoon and they'll be able to take biopsies with the endoscope if they need to. The sooner we know what it is the better, though with my grandmother's attitude the nurses may kill her first.

      She is not a good patient.

      In my defense, I had forgotten that the boy was in the room and I was having a very frustrating time with the computer.

      I have a terrible potty mouth. I'm working on it. :)

      On the Lego front, when I buy them the cashier's are always asking me who they're for, how old, etc. and I just have to confess that they're for me. MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! :D

  2. Glad to see you blog again. I feel all bloggers I used to read stopped blogging for some reason.
    Since you think The Hobbit is that good I am going to watch it this weekend.
    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope it is not a major thing.
    Please do blog again.

    1. I guess we all decided to take a blog vacation at the same time? Hive mind!

      Things you should know before taking my word about the Hobbit:

      I am a fangirl. Which means that my love may not be entirely rational. It's a good movie, yes. Will most people see it three times in the theatre and buy the extended edition when it comes out on bluray for the four hour version and all the behind the scenes things? Probably not. But I will. Because I love Tolkien's Middle Earth and I love Peter Jackson's version of that Middle Earth.

      I will stay up until all hours of the night arguing with people over the smallest points in relation to these stories.

      So please, see the movie, it's a fun movie and I think you'll enjoy it. But keep in mind that I'm probably a little crazy and you're not expected to like The Hobbit as much as I do.

      Also...did you see the first one?

      Thank you. We all hope that it's the infection that they can treat with my grandmother, but honestly she's smoked her entire life and we're trying to prepare for the worst.

    2. Samer watched the Hobbit in Germany a week or so ago, and he really liked it. He had planned to go back and see it again.

      Malik will have to let us know what he thinks of it. :)

    3. Not watching the first one is what made me hesitant to go and watch this one. But I think I will take my chance and go watch it anyway :)

      You don't have to say it, all your FB friends already know how much you love The Hobbit :)

      Keep us updated about your grandmother.

    4. I think that you'll be able to get the gist of the plot even without having seen the first one. But if you have any questions you know where to find me. :) And you have to let us know what you thought once you've seen it.

      I will keep you all updated. We know some more, but we're waiting for some final test results which we won't have until Monday.

  3. YAY Blogging. Hope your grandmother doesn't have anything too serious.

    I enjoyed Hobbit 1, hopefully I'll get to Hobbit 2 before its gone.

  4. I vote for traumatizing. *shudder*

    Also realized what a slack-tastic blogger I am. smh I seriously need to do more than a handful of posts in a year.


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