Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oh, hey, it's March. How'd that happen?

I suck at posting on anything like a reliable schedule.

I think we should all embrace reality and accept this.

By 'we' I mostly mean me since I'm the one with delusions of responsibility.

I am assuming that you all don't want to listen to me talk about the gorgeous cinematography in Hannibal (or my fangirl squeeing about Mads Mikkelson and how I should probably not find a serial killing cannibal so fascinating even if he is a fictional character) or how Non-Stop (the movie I saw today) was basically a locked room murder mystery but how it was nice to see the one Muslim Arab character *not* be the bad guy or in any way connected.

So I'll be back when I have something interesting to say.

Hopefully soon.


  1. I actually laughed yesterday when I realized it was March 1, and you hadn't posted more than half the days in February. Hah! But I've been reading Sarah Vowell books, and she sounds SO MUCH like you, so I feel like I've been reading stuff from you. :)

    Happy March!

  2. Hurray! for a not Muslim terrorist movie :)
    Speaking of Mads Mikkelson I hope you watched "After the Wedding." It is a Danish movie and you can find it on Netflix. It is a wonderful movie. I loved it. Those Danish know Drama.


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