Sunday, April 6, 2014

No Longer Bakin'...

My friend Eve had her son Friday night.

He was born around 6 pm, with a very good set of lungs on him. :D

I was lucky enough to be in the delivery room with her and her husband and while I am sure labour is very hard it is also a beautiful thing.

So Baby Bakin' is no longer baking and has been dubbed Bilbo due to a confused brain over breakfast the next morning. This is, of course, not his real name.

Which we will not discuss because I don't like his real name. But he's not my kid, right?

While I've said this before, I'm going to try and get back into the swing of posting.

I'll try and come up with more interesting things to talk about than baby Bilbo.


  1. Bilbo? Ha...cute! I want to know his name. I like names. Tell me! :-P

    No really...congrats! That's awesome that you were there. Did I tell you Zach's mom is pregnant? I think he and Cora are nearly the same age or she's a bit younger.

    I like that Bilbo was born on 4-4-14. Cool birthday.

    1. Argh! I somehow missed your comment! *pokes computer with stick*

      Bilbo's real name is Russell Bradford. That's first and middle. Which is...I'm not a fan. I'd prefer Thomas Bradford, personally, but that's fine. My real problem is that they decided ahead of time that they're going to call him 'Ford' which is just so, so redneck I can't even begin to deal with it.

      But my real issue is that Eve's mother has declared she will never call him 'Ford' and so I have to accept Ford as his name because I can't be on the same side of an argument as Eve's mother. *is doomed*

      Yes, I was really happy to have been there. It was beautiful, really, even with all the waiting and the pain and the (slight) grossness. And I totally didn't cry, I don't care what anyone says.

      No, I didn't know that! Tell her congratulations from me, okay? That's awesome! I think Zach's a little older than Cora. She just turned 2 at the end of May.

      We were kind of hoping he'd show up at like 4 pm on 4/4 just for the fun of it but nope. He arrived a couple of minutes before 6 pm. Kids. They just do whatever they want. :D

    2. *March*, not May. *headdesk* Cora's birthday is in March. Vacations, they suck the brains right out of me.

  2. Yes, why was Ford so stubborn that he didn't come at 4 PM. Haha! Thanks for sharing all this...sweet. And I love hearing what you think of his name. :D

  3. They should've just kept Bilbo ;)


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